It’s All For You

To see reality transform and to see your power bloom, revisit and create the truth that everything you experience is in your favor.

A woodpecker woke me at 6am, hammering away at my chimney. I am SO not a morning person. So, no surprise, I was *not* a happy girl. Twenty minutes after burning paper in my fireplace in hopes of smoking the feathered brat …erm…friend….out of my morning space, I was still awake, my mind full of chatter and things to do. I finally gave in, got back out of bed, and scratched a nuggets from the chatter into my journal.

Habitually a morning like this would have lead me to a routine of answering, “How was your day today?” with, “Oh a woodpecker woke me up early so I lost 3 hours of sleep this morning.” Not pretty.

Then I remembered a friend who has a curious outlook on life. He’s from the D/s community and says, “A true Dominant knows that everything is in his favor.”

The thought crossed my mind…so I tried on the coat.

Yes, the woodpecker woke me….but what’s also true is that during the hours I normally would have been sleeping, I learned about blogging, I learned how to do streaming audio on my website, I fetched groceries for the month, and wrote 3 new entries for one of my new books. Pretty good morning!

So now my new framing for the morning is, “Oh clearly the Muse wanted me up this morning – I’ve had a wonderfully productive day – totally unexpected.”

Thank you, Michael, for helping me turn losses into gains! How much richer my life is now, and all the while nothing outside me has changed.

3-Minute Invitation: try an experiment – think about a “loss” you’ve recently suffered and then spend 3 minutes with the question, “How is this actually in my favor?”

Funny what I discovered. How about you?

I’d love to hear what you wind up with!

Curiouser and Curiouser,

Invitation: Start with the belief that, “Everything happens for the best,” and “Everything happens for a reason.” Looking at a circumstance that apparently failed you, or that was apparently a loss, or that you don’t like. Where is it true that this was ultimately “for the best”, “happened for a good reason”, and/or was “in your favor”?


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