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Torment and Inspiration

From Chuck Lorre:

I recently spoke with a man who is tormented. He thinks he is tormented because he thinks he has a tormentor. He cannot think of a scenario wherein he leaves his tormentor and thus ends his torment. He thinks his only path to serenity is to destroy his tormentor. He thinks the appropriate weapon to accomplish this task is a lawyer. This got me to thinking that perhaps thinking was the real source of his torment. But how can that be? Don’t we value thinking? Don’t we worship great thinkers? How can this God-given gift that separates us from the animals be deemed a curse? Isn’t the alternative to thinking, stupidity? Or is there another alternative? Ask yourself this question, “When I have a good idea, do I think my way to it, or does it just hit me?” Which brings me to the theme of this vanity card (finally). I’d like to suggest that we all have inspiration at our disposal at all times. How does inspiration work? How the hell would I know? I just know it’s there. Nothing else but inspiration explains a great work of art, and nothing else but thinking could be responsible for making all those “Lethal Weapon” movies. I mentioned all this to the tormented man. I told him that perhaps he could find a solution to his troubles by quitting thinking and being open to inspiration. He said he thought I was a moron and threw his shoe at me. It just hit me.

Meaning of Success

from Chuck Lorre

“It’s strange to think of one’s life as analogous to climbing a mountain. It’s even stranger to discover, after years of striving to reach the summit, that it’s the wrong mountain. This is what happened to Dave. Dave spent twenty years climbing the wrong mountain. And yet he had to consider it time well-spent. After all, no one could have told him he was relentlessly scaling the wrong pile of dirt (not that they didn’t try). Dave had to find out for himself. Which is why, in the perverse way life happily screws with us, it turned out to be exactly the right mountain. In order to see things clearly, to understand the actuality of his existence, Dave had to crawl up a treacherous incline that only led to happiness in his poorly-formed, childish dreams. There was never an alternative mountain for ol’ Dave, because he was incapable of envisioning one. So he climbed. Until one day, he looked around and saw that he’d reached the top. The pinnacle. The apex. The place where eagles crap. And that’s when he noticed the mountain he was always meant to climb far off in the distance. And he noticed something else… everyone climbing that mountain was truly happy. So Dave did the only thing a sane man could do in his situation, he sent word to those people and told them they were on the wrong mountain.”

Exercise on Increasing Joy

Here’s an exercise I offered in one of my teleclasses toward cultivating Gratitude and Celebration. In this case, the exercise is applied to self-acknowledgement. And how many of us couldn’t use a bit more acknowledement from time to time?

For me, gratitude and celebration isn’t just about feeding my high of joy – gratitude and celebration are subtle-body life blood. If our passions, our deepest purpose, and our desire to contribute are the soul that unconsciously keep us waking up in the morning, still we need to nourish our energy cup to have the strength to continue and to press on in the face of daily challenges. As I increase my frequency of letting my subtle-body fill with the impact of my gratitude and celebrations, so too do I have increased energy and capacity to move forward, to press on, to climb even to the top of the peaks of Mount Everest.

Click here to listen – it’s about 20min long.

In hopes it serves you!

Thank you Love!

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