Warning! Warning! heh

Hi… I woke up this morning with the distinct impression I’m not ‘getting it out there’ – not fast enough. I mean, “the work”. Or whatever you want to call it. That “thing” that’s been kicking at me to be born into the world. That thing I’ve been both so eager to allow forward, and at the same time so scared that if I do/did, it’d make me an instant target…

You know that feeling too, don’t you? It’s part of why you keep your head down too, I bet.

Anyway I woke up with the distinct impression that I’ve got to get more out, faster. And not just the head-stuff. The experience-stuff.

Hey! Do you know anyone who would be delighted to help me get writing ‘out’ into the world? In that “Stranger In A Strange Land” Jubal Hershaw kinda way, I need that kind of help – someone who can take my writing from my mouth (or my raw TXT files) out to the world without me getting in the way. Front!

So anyway, I’m writing this entry to warn you.

One of the “it”s that’s wanting to come out, is the stuff that isn’t expressed in TIA structure. I’m thinking of calling it “Modern Miracles”. It’s a collection of “what is possible”. Not just “possible”, but what this liquid reality yields when you stir it. There’s so much that so many of us don’t think is real, that can be real, if we are available to experience it.

You’ll see what I mean.



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