Pickles. Alchemy. Alchemy Pickles.

I wanted more.

You know how that is. Don’t we all?

Anyway, *this* time I was having the, “I want more”, it was about money. I wanted more money. “And,” I thought to myself declaratively, “if all this alchemy stuff is true, then I can make it happen, right?” But it didn’t feel like a challenge, so much as it felt like play. Utter play. A delight, like a child rolling a silver ball back and forth and watching with fascination as the surface reflects glints of sparking light.

This is how it felt to play with the possibility of alchemy to generate money.

This is the way I wanted more.

So I closed my eyes and drank it in.

Suddenly I had the urge to “touch something green”. Something green…something green…where was I going to find… I looked around the room absently. Green??

“Well, I have pickles!”

I got up without hesitating, and took my pickle jar from the fridge. It was cold, almost ice cold. But it was very, very green. I looked appreciatively at the pickle juice, and the green floating lumps of warted cucumber in the green water. Do cucumbers turn into pickles from touching frogs?

Green. I went back to my living room and sat proudly on the floor looking at my pickle jar. As if it was happening without me, I felt an infusion of clarity pass through my hands into the pickle jar. Knowing passed through me into the green water. “This pickle jar represents a play of abundance. And by the time I have consumed this jar, abundance will have manifested in my bank account.” It wasn’t a thought, it wasn’t something I “created” as an image in my mind. Rather, this was what “occurred” to me as I sat delightedly playing with my pickle jar.

But the depth of focus, clarity, and absolute knowing of those moments was more strong than most of my daily life.

That was all. A few seconds of knowing into the pickle jar.

I got up and put the jar back in the fridge. The storm of intensity had passed, and with the passing storm returned the regular fog of my day.

Each time I ate a pickle from that jar, though, I’d remember. This, too, was part of my alchemy – letting abundance into me, bodily. Consuming the pickle with awareness that I was consuming the Truth of Energy Of Abundance, and infusing my body with that.

By the time the pickle jar was empty, by sheer “coincidence” a lump sum of $15,000 had found its way into my bank account. A gift.

You do follow that I don’t believe in coincidences, right?

This is one of the zillion miracles I’ve experienced.

Wanna tell me about your alchemy “coincidences”?


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