What are the 3 Bodies?

This content is an excerpt from a conversation.

Previously in the conversation we talked about empathy, mirroring, and what a reflection is. In
this post the conversation continues.



i believe is related to an earlier discussion you and i had with
regard to what i think you spoke of as the levels/stages of reflection.

Ah…now levels/stages is a totally separate topic from empathy/ reflection.

In KW’s work, we have 3 bodies, each body has an associated “state” of consciousness.

– gross/physical body – awake state
– subtle body – dream state
– causal body – deep-sleep state.

We are capable of recognizing each of these “states of consciousness” and “3 bodies”. When we are awake, there’s a physical, tangible world. When we’re dreaming, we see images, we feel emotions, but then we wake to find that our physical body has been just laying in bed for 8 hours. In the deep-sleep state we’re utterly peaceful, expansive, in a place of ‘no-thingness’.

So now think of the 3 bodies as an ever-expanding sphere.

In the gross/physical body, we have tangibles, we have body-centric sensations (first stage – if you stump your toe, suddenly you’re entirely hijacked by the body-experience….if we’re too hungry, over-tired, when we orgasm, all of these gross-body states can overwhelm us and are more visible / more present to us than the other states).

In the subtle body, we have intangibles – emotion, chakra sensations that are not associated with a particular organ (heart-break isn’t in the physical heart; a lump in your throat isn’t an actual lump), images (close your eyes and don’t think of pink elephants)… We can “do a guided meditation”, which is to say we can “expand beyond” our “simple bodymind personality experience”, for example into an “image of a crystal clear stream winding softly through a lush forest”. The images, emotions, and organ-independant sensations in our bodies belong to the subtle-body. Ever “sense” when someone is staring at you? Subtle field. Ever “feel” an angry person from across the room without looking? Subtle body. Ever have a great night where you felt like a million bucks, and you walk into a room and the whole room turns to look at you, because your energy body radiates into the entire room? Subtle field. Enough of that…close your eyes and “go to your happy place”.

In the causal body, we “expand” beyond image, imagination, or bodymind emotions. In this “peak state”, common experiences include feeling utterly at peace, utterly infinite, feeling one with everything, feeling as if you Are Everything. Non-duality is a discussion among those who’ve had causal “peak” experiences. Ever experience feeling one with nature? Causal peak experience.

Let’s not confuse causal oneness with the non-differentiated infant who feels one with everything, though. First we are non-differentiated, then we differentiate, then we are capable of differentiation but also capable of oneness.

Likewise, Deida refers to 3 Stages – first we’re me-centric, then i differentiate others and become “we-aware”, then i become aware of something beyond “us” into something far greater. 1st, 2nd, 3rd stage. Likewise, if I’m having a “1st stage moment” i’m probably focused on the toe i stumped that hurts, or the growl in my stomach (all gross-body phenomena). If I’m having a 2nd stage moment I’m probably doing an “I’m ok, are you ok?” we-space check. If I’m having a 3rd stage moment I’m capable of tuning into and taking care of me, I’m capable of tuning into and taking care of you / other / us….and now I can – as an act of art, as full choice, as an expanded act connected into a far larger system than the personalities of you and me, make another choice that transcends you, me, or even the system of the tangible world…

1st, 2nd, 3rd.

I think we were talking about the 3 stages relative to Sasha’s growth (or yours, for that matter, in terms of your needs-consciousness). Previously, you were largely unexpressed about your needs in terms of making requests (a 1st state area of development) but you’d try to meet your needs subversively. In the 2nd stage, we get masterful at making requests to meet our own needs in a way that also is in concert with the needs of the other. In 3rd stage practice, we can now adeptly attend to our needs, attend to others’ needs, or drop needs altogether and transcend them into our Infinite Self, or we can include them and play the bodymind like an instrument and choose to attend, or refuse to attend, to needs as a face of Love, as an experiment in “What Opens Us/Other/System/Infinite more fully?”.

Ask me questions if any of this sounds fuzzy – i’ve had Pinot Noir tonight. *wink*


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