(Language warning – if you’re sensitive to that, don’t read further.)

I’ve got to add this, because it’s got me laughing so hard…for the zillionth time.

My brain has a strange wiring (ha! yea one of many!).

This one, in particular, means that I wind up spouting phrases that I don’t even realize aren’t real phrases – at all – until I am confused at my friends falling-over-laughing….

I’ve come to realize this particular flight of brain strangness has to do with mixing metaphors. And I spout them off without realizing what I’m saying, in all seriousness…

Then when I realize what I’ve said I can’t stop laughing.

I shared this with a friend from up NorthEast, Lee, who also got to laughing…

Hope you enjoy these (as much as I embarass myself inadvertently creating them).

Do you do this too or know someone who does??? Please add yours!! I could use more good laughs!

*shaking my head*


OK, clearly not ready to sleep, I read the list. I am laughing my ass off. I will share this with Elizabeth, and with the circle of men I coach on Thursday nights. I have a theory that men partially live for the moments when women say stuff like this. I know I do!

My favorite is “What a pain in the bitch!”. I think I am going to associate that mentally with a funny line I synthesized recently and have enjoyed using: “I’m going to rip that guy a used asshole!”


At 12:15 AM 9/3/2008, you wrote:

My Mixed-Metaphors-Funny-Phrases List

– in one ear and out the window
– Gravy on the cake
– Chip off the iceburg
– at the drop of a heartbeat
– which just goes to prove a point
– cowtowing behind…
– I need a crowbar upside the back of my head
– up front and personal
– throw a canary
– tiptoeing around the bush
– uninhimbered
– Back to scratch
– Frothing at the bit
– green behind the ears
– it gets under my nerves
– swallow the bullet
– the final straw that broke the camel’s back
– Fudging in the dark
– hanker down for the winter
– Shoving a 2×4 down my throat
– It throws a really dark light over the situation…
– i’m just fishing in the dark here
– don’t make me hit you upside the back of the head
– don’t bite the hand of the horse that feeds you
– pulling teeth from a mule
– put the seed in your cap and i’ll check in with you later
– everyone under the planet
– a circle of 10 support beams of light
– my monkey mind can go ape shit
– that’s a real pain in the bitch (Thank you sister Angela for this one!!! Lee said he liked this one best!)


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