Woof and the Universe

I posted these comments on my last post, then realized they got buried (as a comment! go figure!)

So I’m copying them here in deep gratitude and celebration…



Holy Cats.

Holographic Universe, Batman.

No sooner did I post this post, than did I receive (thank you Universe) a Sacred and Rattling and Mind-obliterating set of responses.

Mind obliterating. Just what I needed.
By the way, if you’ve ever heard of Millman’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and haven’t yet stumbled on his, “The Life You Were Born To Live”, I highly recommend it. As another type-dynamics construct goes, I’m nonetheless having my socks blown off by it.

Exactly what I needed.

Exactly what I asked for.
Thank you, Universe…and the Gods and Goddesses that let It through.

– Gail

PS: to be more specific, my bodymind fear and insecurities are being pulled apart by the seams, more deeply than ever before. Something along these lines:

worry/insecurity/fear = wanting safety

oh right, as The Eternal, there is no such thing as unsafe.
And together they danced, my fear and The Eternal Through Me,

over and over

and i saw legions of layers of me doing fear

and i cried, exploded, melted, collapsed

i held the practice, “accepting trust”

and opening into surrender,

and watched more layers of fear collapse into It.

i’m still collapsing

into the void of


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