The TIA(tm) Path

2008 Sept 24th – The TIA(tm) Path

– We’re ultimate creators. Everything we experience is a holographic product of our inner world.

– Address issues internally and external “reality” shape shifts.

– The formula for Change, Transformation, Evolution, Self-Actualization, Enlightenment, World Peace:

Bodymind Contractions … Resistence … Fear
Authentically Addressed … Evaporated … Resolved
Degree of Change, Transformation, Evolution,
Self-Actualization, Enlightenment,
World Peace

– The portal to resolution is “needs consciousness”.

– The steps to resolution can be found in type dynamics and “3-Breath Work”

– We need community of practice to go deeper and see deeper than we can see / go by ourselves. The eyeball can’t see itself. Threshholds of challenge beyond our skill require others holding the container while we do the work.

– Bodywork is critical for enhancing release. Listening to the body locates release opportunities.

– We are all Face of Spirit, the expression of It more or less contorted through ego / personality / bodymind contractions. For purer expression of Spirit, resolve / attend to contractions.

– As purer Spirit, we gain access to 3 bodies of awareness, influence and guidance.

– At birth we have a “dharma”, a set of bodymind challenges, a set of natural inclinations to contract. With life experiences we can gather more, especially if in painful experiences we recycled pain rather than released it.

– To see your contractions:
……..look to your recurring issues / challenges
……..look to your rules / contractions
……..look to your type preferences / spiral center of gravity / birth number, etc.
……..look to your discontents / unfulfilled dreams

– Thoughts reveal emotion. Emotion is an indicator of health, a symptom of resolution or the need for resolution.

– Through best practices on 7 aspects we can consciously peel away our own bodymind blocks to Show As Spirit and shine as the Lights We Most Deeply Are.

– Even as contraction, even as the unconscious playing out of dharma, we are teachers and angels for each other.

– The fuel for the hard work of Change, Transformation, Evolution, Self-Actualization, Enlightenment, World Peace – is Gratitude and Celebration.

– All reality is a liquid dream, a holographic representation of contraction and resolution. With skill you can transform “reality” overnight.

– This can be easy. It takes action, it takes commitment, but it can be easy. When we’re on track, even release that feels “hard” feels like “sweet pain”.

– All the challenges we face personally, interpersonally, culturally and globally come back to Spirit reaching toward evolution, and producing symptoms to show where there is contraction. We have everything we need to resolve all world issues. All we experience today globally – wars, starvation, economic crises, all come back to Spirit Emergent trying to resolve contraction.

If this inspires and/or confuses you, and you want to learn more, please email or call me.

If this makes sense to you and you want to collaborate toward change, transformation, evolution, and enlightenment in yourself, your relationships, community, or on the planet, please email or call me.

Humbly yours
and in Sacred Service,
— Gail

Copyright 2008 Gail Taylor. Copy permission granted to fully in-tact, unmodified copies of this post that include reference to Gail Taylor and


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