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HOLY!!! Have you SEEN this??

The origin of Christian bloodshed and religious fraud –
The origin of our global economic issues –
Have you SEEN this???  Have you passed it around??

This doesn’t invalidate Spirit/God/ the existence of the Divine
as an experiential phenomomena
but it does show HOW to separate out the horrors humanity has perpetrated
in the name of God
from the possibility of allowing us to be our Best Selves.

Separate doctrine / dogma – from experience and experiment –
and what we’re talking about is very, very different from “religion”.

PS:  Extra points if you’re Christian or fundamentalist and can requote the Thomas Payne quote from the middle of this movie.  Even our founding father’s knew.


Where has our integration of known intelligence gone?  Political manipulation?

What would our world look like with a cashless economy?  With alternative currencies entirely independent of banking institutions, and interest-free?

How does the contraction of fear and desire for control contort, distort, and contaminate the experience of this smorgasbord sandbox for play and experimentation that we call life?

(For more, see Holy Cr** 2 !!


“Hey, don’t worry.  Don’t be afraid ever.  Because it’s just a ride.”
“It’s just a ride, and we can change it any time we want.
No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money.
It’s just a choice right now between fear and love.”
— Zeitgeist, The Movie – Remastered / Final Edition

So curious to hear what you think after you watch this!

Last few days' chaos

Woof..what a last few days it’s been.  and “ugh” for my behavior during it.  ah well.

In the form of a sorta-recap, here are notes someone added (and asked me to add) to my facebook page:

Status: Gail is moved with deep gratitude and humility for having received divine guidance.

From Parenthesis Eye: What’s the divine guidance about?

My Reply: 3 bits –

First, I discovered that my lifelong striving for financial independance was rooted in resisting my childhood home ex: “can’t go back there” – a place where my needs weren’t met or accounted for. Liberating the grief of this wound, I feel free of fears I’ve had my whole life.

Second, I found that I don’t have to resist my self-doubt – it’s part of my ego-death — embracing that I and my friends will always fail me (in the ultimate – we’ll die one day!) — and in this embrace I am left with no choice but to allow myself to dissolve in sweet surrender to That which Lives me – giving myself over more fully than before to Listening to The Universe (or whatever you want to call it).

Third, I realized that my behavior of the last 4-5 days was a return to old habits (choosing action out of my mind’s intentions – and fear) rather than the practice I’ve held rigorously for 45 days now – a commitment to only act from That Which I Am Most Deeply Called To.

From Parenthesis Eye: Wow… That’s big.

I’m wondering – regarding this last part mentioned – how do you switch *back* to how you want to be acting?

My Reply: Mmmm…it’s already happening…a recommitment to choosing to sit and listen, and to discern when i’m acting out of the state of ‘deep guidance and equanimity’ or when i’m taking action out of ego/thoughts/fear. I’m also happily recommitted to trusting/remembering that whatever action i take out of that ‘deep guidance’ will take care of me (always has).

Chuck's Cards and Expression

Hi. I know, I’ve not written in a bit. Ahhhh, changes changes…..

Brian, my business coach, says my homework assignment this week is to express myself more.  Only, I’m on a 2mth vacation from work (the core of my habitual expression the last mannnnny years) and without it, I’m not quite sure what is the next best direction for myself.

Thus, contemplative silence.

More about that later. For now, here’s this – it’s lifting my otherwise stirred spirits today.


From Chuck Lorre –


Once again, I’m sitting in an impossibly bad mood. This one’s gone beyond the normal mental stew of fear, depression and resentment, and has morphed into a nasty physical sensation encompassing my entire body. The reason for the mood is almost besides the point. To the best of my knowledge, I have no power to change the conditions which brought it about. Which leaves me where? Well, as far as I can tell, it leaves me with nothing but these ugly feelings, a desire to be free of them, and the knowledge that I have never been able to lift myself out of my emotional state through the force of my will (the force of bourbon, sure — but the force of my will, never). The only thing I have even the vaguest control over is my attitude which preceded the precipitating, bad mood-causing event. That attitude could best be described as a fiercely held conviction that people are supposed to behave in a Chuck-approved manner. When they don’t, Chuck immediately becomes the organic repository for the aforementioned bad mood. Now one might deduce that my only escape from these foul states of mind is to discard my fiercely held conviction. But to do that, I’d have to lovingly accept a world that infrequently lives up to my expectations. In other words, I’d have to be somewhat God-like (assuming an all-forgiving God). Which means that in vanity card #78 I’ll have to start working on a plan ‘B’.

Thank you Love!

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