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On Grace

I’m putting up these sections in hopes to inspire general contemplation about the nature of Grace. Scroll down for more, and please add your comments!


Ken Wilber on Grace, Surrender, Action and Personal Power

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Webpages discussing Grace

  • “Grace is defined in Scripture as something that teaches us how to live!” The page continues, saying, “Doesn’t sound like the traditional definition of grace? However, it is the Scriptural definition. Titus 2:11-12″…”This divine influence is a gift or favor of God. When God’s grace is truly working in a person’s life it will be obvious.” As a divine influence, where have you experienced Grace in your life?
  • “The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another…” This page has 27 different definitions for the word, “Grace”.

Experiencing Grace; living Grace as a state of being

What meaning do you make of these phrases?

  • An act of Grace
  • I was touched by Grace
  • the state of one who is under such divine influence

What does “Grace” mean to you?


Xmas Gift For You – Downloads

I found this great resource and got all happy to share it!

So as an end-of-the-year Thank You and Xmas gift,

may I offer you these

25 Gift Downloads.


From Deepak and Dyer to Abraham-Hicks and Tolle

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With love, gratitude, and wishes for happy holidays,

Conversation with Polly

I just had this conversation with sweet friend Polly van der Linde, which inspired me to share it here….


My facebook entry today:

Gail feels relieved and liberated, having successfully peeled away yet another layer of fear.

Polly: What fears do you have? I can’t imagine you having them? Didn’t know you had any vulnerabilities. You hide them well. you’re like me.

Gail:  You’re so cute. This layer of fear was fear about sharing with a group of my colleagues that my savings is running out. I was afraid they’d see me as unqualified to work with them because of this. I felt shame for not having better succeeded at generating infinite wealth that would account for my sustainability while launching The Institute For Grace Un-Church. Now I feel more peaceful, my shame is gone. I can say, “Yes, I was off-track in my previous ventures, and it resulted in me not having as much of a cushion as I’d like now. But I’m clear that this is what I’m meant to be doing next. And it’s going to take time to restore my foundation. I don’t know how that will happen. I don’t know what IFG is going to look like. But I’d like your help with it.”

Curious what you think, reading this!!

Today at 3:32pm
please tell me more about IFG. I totally get your “shame” thing. Chat with me now and I’ll tell you how I let my hair down similiarly
Today at 3:37pm

I can only tell you 3 short things about IFG –

A few weeks ago, during a meditation on, “what am I most meant to do with this lifetime?” the phrase came to me, “I’m here to (do my best to) live as a face of the Divine – as a face of Spirit.”

I know what “live as a face of the Divine” means to me – 3 things specifically…but I thought, “huh?! what does that mean for career and income?”

The next day this phrase came out of my meditation, “The Institute For Grace Un-Church”. I was taken by a day of writing that drove through me, not from my thinking or from my mind, but that generated itself (if you know that experience).

This was part of it:

“The purpose for The Institute For Grace Unchurch is to create community (opptys to meet like-minded friends), co-resourcing, and practice opportunities for people who want to Live Life as a Sacred Practice.”

That’s pretty much all I know right now. I’m talking to friends to see what they think. I’m clear this is what’s meant for me to create next (or to help emerge, co-created with others).

That’s all I know (so far).

What do you think?

Thank you Love!

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