Conversation with Polly

I just had this conversation with sweet friend Polly van der Linde, which inspired me to share it here….


My facebook entry today:

Gail feels relieved and liberated, having successfully peeled away yet another layer of fear.

Polly: What fears do you have? I can’t imagine you having them? Didn’t know you had any vulnerabilities. You hide them well. you’re like me.

Gail:  You’re so cute. This layer of fear was fear about sharing with a group of my colleagues that my savings is running out. I was afraid they’d see me as unqualified to work with them because of this. I felt shame for not having better succeeded at generating infinite wealth that would account for my sustainability while launching The Institute For Grace Un-Church. Now I feel more peaceful, my shame is gone. I can say, “Yes, I was off-track in my previous ventures, and it resulted in me not having as much of a cushion as I’d like now. But I’m clear that this is what I’m meant to be doing next. And it’s going to take time to restore my foundation. I don’t know how that will happen. I don’t know what IFG is going to look like. But I’d like your help with it.”

Curious what you think, reading this!!

Today at 3:32pm
please tell me more about IFG. I totally get your “shame” thing. Chat with me now and I’ll tell you how I let my hair down similiarly
Today at 3:37pm

I can only tell you 3 short things about IFG –

A few weeks ago, during a meditation on, “what am I most meant to do with this lifetime?” the phrase came to me, “I’m here to (do my best to) live as a face of the Divine – as a face of Spirit.”

I know what “live as a face of the Divine” means to me – 3 things specifically…but I thought, “huh?! what does that mean for career and income?”

The next day this phrase came out of my meditation, “The Institute For Grace Un-Church”. I was taken by a day of writing that drove through me, not from my thinking or from my mind, but that generated itself (if you know that experience).

This was part of it:

“The purpose for The Institute For Grace Unchurch is to create community (opptys to meet like-minded friends), co-resourcing, and practice opportunities for people who want to Live Life as a Sacred Practice.”

That’s pretty much all I know right now. I’m talking to friends to see what they think. I’m clear this is what’s meant for me to create next (or to help emerge, co-created with others).

That’s all I know (so far).

What do you think?


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