Rant-page: The Rush Ann Bullying

Slowly I’m getting moved in, unpacked, and starting to regain my normal daily routines.  It’s revealing (about my own character weaknesses) that *this* is the first new blog post I’m moved to post…

Last night I saw a clip on the CNN website of Ann Coulter “speaking” with Joy Behar.  I say “speaking” because this conversation illustrated to me how intensely we as a country are being run, manipulated, and bullied by ill-mannered, immature children.

What do I mean by that?

Children are in-part defined by their capacity for emotional self-control, their capacity to “play well” with others (even those with whom they disagree), and their ability to speak respectfully to their peers.  Those other little brats who tell lies, name-call, and speak sarcastically as seen as inflammatory rugrats, pulled by the scruff and corrected.

As a country, what are we DOING??   Criminy, even DOGS have pack behavior correction.

I routinely see this demonstration of basic human decency missing from Rush Limbaugh behavior and Ann Coulter behavior.  Apparently this is missing from the awareness of at least half of our American population, as demonstrated by the popularity and behavior visible in the drama-nonsense called the Jerry Springer show.

Don’t we typically outgrow this sort of nonsense around the age of, oh, 12?

As a rule, but dear Heaven even just ONCE, I’d love to see an arena where people like this are invited into point-based debates where they can be measured and ranked, like boxers are, on the skill of their behavior.  Based on tracking the measurable aspects of truth and the ability to present a point of view with pursuasiveness AND maturity, who is the winner?  Who are the top 10 debators?

I’d like to see Rush and Ann brought to a debate where they’re NOT ALLOWED to behave with immaturity, where they are CALLED on their sh*t.

Here are examples of what I mean:

“I’m sorry Mr. Limbaugh, name-calling is not allowed.  Minus 5 points.”

In her conversation with Joy, Ann routinely says “No no no,” with a nasty, sarcastic tone.  Minus 4 points for each episode, Ann.  (And in pack-correction, I would have loved to hear Joy say, “Ann, can you say that without sarcasm?”)

In our public sport of pundit debate, I want to see points added for verifiable fact, and subtracted for unsubstantiated spin and lies.  Winners can be determined after 24 hours.  For example, in her interview with Joy, Ann claims blatantly false facts about the Bush administration’s debt, conveniently forgetting the original surplus.  Minus 10 points, Ann.

I’m sick of the propaganda, name-calling, and fear-mongering of the Right Wing.  When are we as a country going to grow out of this?

Points would be detracted for simple-to-identify measures like volume (“Stop shouting and use your words”), spin, rudeness of tone, lack of consideration and compassion.

I’ve got to hand it to them, and people like them.  Rush and Ann are gifted with speed and wit – they’re fast and furious in their ability to lash out.

I sure don’t have that skill!

I wonder how popular they’d be if they were REQUIRED to behave with decency, respect, and self-control, instead of the emotional sh*t-flinging of a gradeschool bully.  F***ing delinquents.

Where are the responsible, awake Republicans?  (I know that’s not an oxymoron!)  Where are the responsible Republicans standing up for the decency of your party?

Don’t you care about the image of your party?  Why doesn’t someone stand up and correct these mongrels?  “Rush, can you say that without belittling the other side?”

This isn’t asking a lot – it’s asking for maturity.  Can you state your case without an abusive tone?  Can you do it while also honoring the other perspective and respecting their boundaries?  Can you find your power in your truth instead of in your sarcasm?

This isn’t about sensitivity and being too thin-skinned, it’s about setting a minimum bar for basic American decency in the actions of our leaders, public figures, celebrities and pundits.  I believe that doing this would make us a stronger country, and strengthen the Republican party – for once I’d like to hear a Republican who has ideas that logically sequence, someone with class and a demeanor of gratitude and respect;  I’d like to hear the voice of validity in the base of the Party lines, rather than continually seeing all the smoke and mirrors!

Where’s the American, professional, intelligent call to ethical behavior?  How difficult is it to stand up for emotional self-control, respectful tone and words, and the embodiment of seeing and respecting the other’s perspective?

And yet I know – I realize – that in MY desire to slap the sh*t out of Ann Coulter, that, “there too am I”.  I know that while I get caught up in my anger about this heartbreaking phenomena, I’m choosing to be entranced by the illusion instead of Knowing my deepest Truth.  I know that by pushing against the bullying actions of Rush and Ann, I’m choosing in this moment to push against the unhealed wounds of my childhood and my mother’s behaviors, over which I felt powerless.

So how is this page different than the Rush / Ann nonsense?

At least I have the presence of mind to confine it and call it a “rant-page”.

At least I recognize that my antagonistic anger and loathing are *my* work TOO.


When will America wake up and grow the f*** up?


3 Responses to “Rant-page: The Rush Ann Bullying”

  1. 1 Al Franken February 22, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Ah. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter… “hot buttons” for many an
    American, no doubt…

    But you know…

    At least as far as I’m concerned…

    Rush doesn’t speak to me in the same way that the Talmud does to a Jew…

    Ann doesn’t speak to me in the same way that the Bible does to a Christian…

    Rush doesn’t speak to me in the same way that the Vedas would to a Hindu…

    Ann doesn’t speak to me in the same way that Leo Buscaglia did, to
    people who love love…

    Rush doesn’t speak to me in the same way that Shel Silverstein or
    Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) did to children, via their children’s

    Ann doesn’t speak to me in the same way that Albert Einstein did, or
    how all of the self-sacrificing Nobel Prize winners in the past

    Neither one speaks to me with the simplicity, eloquence, logic,
    verifiability and predictability that Mathematics or Computer Science

    And neither one is particularly *funny* or, failing that,
    *interesting* (I tend to forgive people who aren’t funny if they can
    make up for it by being interesting in some way…)

    So, the moral to the story… the Great Books & People of the world:
    1, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter: 0.

  2. 2 Jehovah Jireh February 25, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    So you are a life coach? So you are some spiritual geru? I am unimpressed. You purpose to lecture others concerning maturity levels and growing up as a nation and yet you can’t even post an entry without “f” this and “f” that. You are one pretty sorry person and I would trust my life to you for one second…and you certainly leave a lot to be desired as far as being a coach. If you can’t speak a paragraph without one obscenity then maybe it’s you that needs to grow up and consider your own issues. By the way true sprituality is not found in some mystical, eastern religious thought where you achieve some kind of nirvanna. Gail…you really need Jesus. I know…one of those right wing religious nuts again. Only God can bring you true peace through Jesus…anything received on your own is only temporary will not work. There is only one name under heaven by which men may be saved. I hope you will one day find the truth is in Jesus.

  3. 3 Gail Taylor February 25, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Original post and continuing discussion, here:

    This post plus another from Jehovah, saying:
    “I’m sorry, but I don’t speak liberal. Can you please restate in English.” and
    “Boring….yawn.” and
    “Wow…you people are really need some help. Dr. Phil”


    Ah, writer hiding behind the name Jehovah and RushLimbaugh and GodsOwnFool,

    What a great teacher you are for me! THANK you!!!!! Keep it coming!

    In your belittling words you’ve mirrored back to me my own pain, which helped me open to it, release it and heal it.

    In your barrage of posts you’ve shown me lots of attention, and love, which helped me see how much you ache for it, and how much I do too, which gave me compassion toward you. I still think you choose jerky actions, but at least I see that you’re not a pure animal.

    In my resisting your posts you’ve shown me a path to more of my own liberation, an opportunity to free myself from the insults and attacks of others who lash out in their pain and fear. I had an image of watching the comments fall like stones at my feet. The hostility is just simply not meaningful to me.

    What a great gift you’ve given me in that one!!

    I also notice that I like it when ppl are moved in inspiration by my posts, and I haven’t liked it when they’re moved into trigger and disagreement or lashing out. Why not allow myself to enjoy ALL of it?

    Which also reminds me to notice the places where I’m not enjoying other posts – and seeing opportunities for me there too.

    Meanwhile, I hope you find the freedom and communion you seek through being intentionally sarcastic and nasty.

    I hope one day I can find the humor in being a jerk to others for the sake of inspiring them to open.

    To me, the challenge you’ve provided me is a great bringer of wisdom.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    PS: zzzzzzzzzzz

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