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Love or Fear?

Here’s a poem, inspired by the work of David Deida – How are you being as you read it?

Meditation on Choosing

At All Times,

We’re always either

Doing Love

Or doing Fear

We’re always – in every moment – either


Or Closing

Being With

Or Contracting Against

What am I doing in this moment?

Am I doing love, or am I doing fear?

How about now?

How about now?

Wooooof! Quick update!

Ola Hi!

Woof what a crazy, insane, unfathomably woof last batch of months it’s been! I just got back from a week of (very intense) family-visits-roadtrip (the kind of road-trip that goes like this, “drive a few hours, stop and visit some family, drive a few more hours, stop and see other bits of family, get in the car, rinse and repeat for a week”) – which was insane – took Molly with me…

And I feel like somewhere between – oh gads – June!! – and now – my whole routine went amuck (is that a word?) with me (gratefully!!) facilitating events here and there and everywhere.

In between all that, I even managed to produce 3 videos I want to give away – need to start sending that out and about at some point or other here….have another event I’m facilitating on Oct 4 and another event the end of Oct weekend and another event for about a week in Mid Nov –

….and then i come home….close my door to travel….and hunker down for the winter. Anyone who wants to see me between November and ….freaking March….is gonna have to come to my cave, cuz after all the travel I’ve done this year, Honey, I ain’t leavin!!!


Ok, back to work…

Thank you Love!

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