The Physics of Consciousness

So I’ve just returned from Nassim Haramein‘s Delegate program (weekend event). This, after having watched his 6hr DVD “Crossing The Event Horizon” at least 5 times and having watched the Rogue Metaphysical Library 8hr presentation at least 3 times, and after having heard his 3 hour talk in Virginia.

Honestly I was quite disappointed that I paid for (and travelled so far for) a repetition of his presentation – hearing the same talk now for the 10th time, it’s landing for me as cute-but-canned and charming-but-now-repetitive — even while Nassim himself is highly engaging, has an adorable accent, and has very sweet and endearing jokes. The good news is that I did meet some amazing folks, and he did give a few new tidbits that weren’t available elsewhere.

And I’m enjoying the core content immensely. All of this study is bringing me a kind of clarity around the connection between physics and consciousness. I already have a kind of understanding about Unified Field Theory using his work, but now I’m going to do my best to start articulating what I’m understanding (hahaha).

So here’s a journal entry I just wrote attempting that little feat. Ok, it’s a draft version. But maybe you’ll follow the vibe. Especially if you were at the conference, I’d love to hear what you get out of these notes!

With deep curiosity and
In-forming the field,


How does consciousness relate to the physics of spacetime?

The structure of the universe is a liquid pool of infinite density where what we experience as “reality” and “creation” can be described simply with 3 factors:
– principles of division observable at our scale
– principles and impacts of gravity or the contracting principle
– principles and impacts of radiation or the expansive principle

Principles of the Division of Infinite Density
By what principle can we describe how the infinite density of spacetime divides itself? The universe (infinite density, the fabric of spacetime) divides itself into proportional fractals in PHI ratio octaves that we can observe and describe as in linear terms with the geometry of a 64-star-tetrahedron (cube octahedron) or that we can describe in circular terms with the geometry of the primal dot, the flower of life, or the tree of life, depending on what angle, perspective and scale of division you’re describing.

The mass of a primal dot of infinite density can be described in terms of Planc’s distance cm cubed. *** (I have the math for this but I’m not yet able to repeat it back from memory). This mass of a single primal dot, greater than all of the currently measurable mass of the universe, also obeys the conditions physicists refer to as “black holes”. Thus every point in the fabric of spacetime is a black hole with greater or lesser observable coherence in its neighborhood, depending on how fast it is spinning (which is related to the depth of stillness at the center of it). How fast it spins relates to its gravity relates to how much mass it can hold in coherence.

Principles and Impacts of Gravity
The contracting principle of the universe we call “gravity”. At all points of coherence within the fabric of spacetime there occurs a bending and a torquing of the fabric. We call this bending and torquing “gravity”, and the torque of gravity is the source of spin which we find present in all the coherent patterns we observe in our universe.

Principles of Radiation
Without gravity, there is only movement. Explosion, radiation, angular movement and momentum is determined (shaped) by “gravity”. Without sufficient gravity, coherence breaks down and composite primal dots de-form, radiating outward, recombining into other coherences. When a bit of coherent “in-formation” exists, it bends and torques space-time, thus changing movement of other primal dot coherences into the patterns of boundary conditions and orbits that we observe.

Reality – Boundary Conditions
Imagine a pool of water with a swirl of activity within it. What we recognize as ‘reality’ are swirls (shears, boundary conditions) within that pool of infinite density observable at our scale. What we see as “reality” is aspects of the fabric of spacetime (infinite density) that has spun into a coherent pattern (coherence). Another way we can refer to this infinite fabric spun into coherence is “information” – allness/nothingness “in-formation”.

The nature of how spin, gravity and radiation interact in coherent bodies within the infinite density are observable in and describable by the image of a double-torus.

Science has ineffectively attempted to describe these universal properties (spin, gravity and the resulting observable boundary conditions we call “reality”) in terms of string theory (classic physics), relativity (which forgets about torque and spin), wave dynamics, and particle dynamics (quantum mechanics).

Infinite Interconnectedness
Just as when a swirl is observable in water, and yet the swirl isn’t ACTUALLY separate from the water, we just notice the boundary conditions and call it “swirl”, so too is our spacetime fabric all connected by the “void” (pool of infinite density). Within the infinite density field (the “void”, the fabric of spacetime), all things are connected.

Infinite Instant Communication
Primal dots, as they come together in coherence patterns (in-formation) change the field. For example, we observe “gravity” and “wave patterns” (products of primal dots forming in coherence and impacting the spacetime fabric). Primal dot “in-formation” happens at (roughly?) the speed of light, which at our scale and observation threshold seems to us as “instantaneous”. Coherences of primal dots “in-formation” happen at varying speeds. For example, “light” (patterns of primal dots “in-formation” in a pattern we call “light”) happen so fast that to our scale of observation it seems apparently “instantaneous”. Other forms of communication (in-formation impacting the field) happen more slowly, like sound. Historically we have observed and described this communication in terms of waves – lightwaves, sound waves, xrays, etc.

But every primal dot communicates with all other primal dots.

Since communication about activity of every primal dot (in-formation) reaches all other primal dots, like waves in an ocean, each primal dot of the fabric of spacetime both informs, and is impacted by, every other primal dot. No activity happens in isolation – a change of activity for one primal dot changes the field and impacts all other dots. In science we observe this and call it “entanglement”. All things are connected.

While every primal dot in the fabric of spacetime interacts both as “in-formation” radiating information instantaneously received by all other points of the field, each point can be described as “omnipresent”.

While every primal dot also receives instantaneous information (feedback in) about all other points within the field, every primal dot can be described as “omniscient”.

“God is in all things”
The totality of all omniscient, omnipresent primal dots in the total flux of creation, destruction, movement and activity (omnipotent) is what we call “consciousness” or “God”. Consciousness/God is primal dot. Primal dot is Consciousness/God. All things are made up of God/consciousness, and God/consciousness is in all things. This is the meaning of “God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent”.

Deliberate creation
As coherent patterns of primal dot “in-formation” in the shape of human (God created man in his image), we too obey laws of the structure of the universe. We radiate information out into the field (thought waves, for example). We take in “in-formation” from our environment (food, air, feedback from our environment).

While we are capable of adding information to the field through thought, we are capable of impacting the state of what we call “reality”. This is the root of what is called “alchemy”. In today’s world, most people are not at all conscious of or developing skills to control their thought waves consistently enough to generate enough “coherence” in the fabric of spacetime such that they can create a shift in what they observe (“reality”) around them. However, there are many who are actively consciously practicing the capacity to, with more speed and less friction, deliberately generate coherence within their own field such that “reality” “shape-shifts” around them. Meanwhile, we are also impacted by the wave forms that we are immersed in: cultural thought forms, family constellation thought forms, previous habits, etc. Thus most of us are not able to instantaneously transform reality with our thoughts, because reality (and we) are still be impacted by the “in-formation” around us. To change reality on a dime takes a greater coherence of primal dots than most of us have developed skill to generate. This is useful. We lack control over what we generate in our fields; we think negative thoughts and gruesome destructive images as easily as we think creative thoughts and life-serving images. If we had the skill to generate reality-changing coherence instantaneously, we would generate undesired coherences as easily as we would generate desired ones. If we were not part of the interconnected fabric, we would instantaneously generate each and every undesired coherence that occurred to our untrained minds.

As we develop skills to control our intention, and as we train ourselves to greater and greater alchemical ability, as “man created in the image of God” we will be more and more capable of generating reality from our thoughts with less and less time and with less and less friction.(Personally, this is part of my daily practice using exercises in

Primal dot. Fractal divisions in PHI ratio with movement, gravity, spin, and coherence. Instant communication of “in-formation” across all primal dots. Our ability (or lack of training) to connect to that “in-formation” and contribute to it.

This is the physics of consciousness.


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  1. 1 michaelshell March 16, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Very interesting. Makes a lot of sense to me. I think I’ll read it a few more times to really get it. How does the valcuum and the creation of life fit in?

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