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"New" Physics + Reading List

Wow. So much to share with you and I’ve no clue where to begin, there’s so much!

So I’ll back up a step and start here:

Recently I’ve been intensely immersed in study around lots of this:

sacred geometry, physics, fractals, spirals, electromagnetics, ancient civilizations, egyptology, electricity, the physics of Isness (aka consciousness, or what our ancesters called ‘ether’), cymatics (the science of making sound visible – see also, how sound and vibration relates to the creation of form and *gasp* matter)…

…and other cool things like that…

Nothing complicated, right?

I’m finding it all very wild because I have always been interested in each of these independently, wanting to learn more, and “coincidentally” they all seem to converge at the same topic….

The topic – a unified understanding about how things work; how everything is connected together (Yes, everything.), and how “reality” relates to the transpersonal/mystical realm (in a way that can be shown mathematically!).

Here’s the list of who I’m studying:

– Nassim Haramein – see his Rogue Metaphysical Library presentation Part 1 and Part 2 for an amazing (visual, sometimes very startling) overview (warning, it takes 8 hours, I watched it in 1hr or 2hr chunks).
– Cymatics – I started with Evan Grant’s Ted talk and went from there to Cymascope + lots of youtube vids
– Marco Rodin, Rodin Coil, Rodin Math (I started with an intro overview here and then went on to this second introduction then lots more youtube links of coil experiments)
– Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life Vol 1 & Flower of Life Vol 2
– and the book Physics of Love – The Ultimate Universal Laws – written by Dale pond, Edgar Cayce, John Keely, Rudolph Steiner, and Nicola Tesla for cripes sake…

It’s driving me wild with delight!

When you read these guys and listen to them, you wind up coming across the same things over and over again – platonic solids, fractals, star tetrahedrons, cubeoctahedrons, vortices and vorticular dynamics, spirals, how platonic solids (and “reality”) emerge out of a dot that emerges into 2 dots then 4 dots as a tetrahedron, and polarity, and spin, and vibration, sound….light….gravity, radiation…

When you connect the dots, it’s a short jump from there to electro-magnetics and anti-gravity propulsion and electricity generation and over unity conversations etc etc which bring me to these other 2 books:

– Paul LaViolette, PhD – Secrets of Antigravity Propoulsion
– a wacky book called “Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field” by David Hatcher Childress

I’m calling this stuff “new physics”. I don’t believe it’s new. I believe our Egyptian relatives knew it and knew how to use it. I believe bits of this knowledge are scattered across the world – in the Chinese I-Ching, in Egyptian pyramids and math, in the Bible, in Hermetics and teachings of ancient mystery schools, and so much more… But since we’ve forgotten it, I’m calling it “new” to us…”new physics”…

Anyway, I’ve been trying to connect the dots and now they’re coming faster and faster…this morning 7 “bits” came to me – each could be a separate blog post…

So then I thought I might just start uploading video and recordings sharing the stuff I’m learning …even though I don’t have it all figured out yet… I thought, “Hey, maybe some bit that I’ve made sense of will help someone else, and then maybe someone will come back to me with dots they’ve connected that would help me make sense of something I’m still not clear on yet…” etc…and it all sounded really fun…

I figure this list is as good a start as any šŸ™‚

I’ll add links to my posts into this post as I put more up about what I’m learning and “getting in the downloads between sleep and awake”… Ā ((( I’ve created a central page, here. )))

You have to understand – if we can understand these basic, fundamental principles, we can do wild things like:

– healing with sound
– shaping matter with vibration (sound)
– levitation (this isn’t woo woo – here’s video proof in one of Jamie’s Rodin Coil experiments)
– generating electricity out of something as simple as making sound, or breathing, or a single crank turn, or blowing on a generator that never has to be touched again once it’s started (watch the Rodin Coil vids)
– increasing our longevity
– proving, mathematically, how our thoughts actually can, in fact, impact or change the field of vibration that results in “reality” as we experience it
– show mathematically how we’re not separate from anything – and how we’re intimately entwined with and connected to and one with “God” (ether, Source, Allah, Isness, Oneness, Consciousness, whatever you want to call it)
– …and so much more!

If we can get a clear understanding of how these dots connect, it’d strengthen so much of what we do in so many fields!

Are you into this stuff too? Let’s talk!

Anyway, here’s what I think –

I think we’re entering into a new world, folks – a new age, a new perception of what we call “reality”.

To do that, for one thing, we need far, far more effective ways to release ourselves from our fears. (I offer a 5-step embodiment practice and a doc you can download free about this on ThriveDriveOnline called SORTTing It Out ™ ).

When this stuff I’m calling “new physics” comes more mainstream, those of us stuck in our habits of fear, contractions, and judgment are never going to be able to keep up. So now’s the time to free ourselves from fear, and to support each other at facing the shadows in our unspoken worlds. To shed light; to en-lighten. To Be With each other – I mean really BE WITH…and to love through everything.

I also think that if we’re going to manage entering this new era in tact, we also need more approachable ways for everyone (yes, everyone) to be able to effortlessly see everything as an entwined, interconnected, interdependent integrated system. (I offer an option for this in my work on TheIntegratedApproach, stuff you can also download free on ThriveDriveOnline, that shows a way we can see ourselves, our relationships, our organizations, our planet and the entirety of our “reality” in terms of 7 aspects). While we are each absolutely unique and separately identifiable, we are NOT separate. Now’s our opportunity to support each other to experience the freedom and liberation and peace that comes from experiencing that reality.

System-thinking takes time, and that begs for patience. Those of us so rooted in demanding sound-bytes who can’t take a deep breath, slow down, open our hearts and minds and hear complexity and heart (see also, “both/and” thinking) are going to be lost and won’t understand what’s going on. This is an invitation, in our increasingly fast lives, to train ourselves to also be capable of a longer attention span and greater patience.

Anyway, so “new physics”. Yeah….that’s what I’m up to when I’m not working on my own fears or supporting others in the personal and interpersonal and professional success stuff.

I’ll add links to the “new physics” posts on the central page, here as I upload them.

Love and blessings to you, dear Ones,
What an exciting time…

Thank you Love!

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