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The Queen of Shadow Work

Today a friend called me “The Queen of Shadow Work”.

I didn’t know what to make of that at first, and then I realized, “I could own that. I am that!”

I can see where it’s true that I dedicate my life and energies to shadow work and skills for developing the self-line:

– I have a bullshit meter a mile long that sees when people are operating out of bullshit
– I have a set of skills I practice daily toward cleaning up my own shadow and developing my own self-line – this is my life practice
– given my childhood I needed a ton of healing, shadow work, skill development and practice – so I’ve got a ton of experience doing it
– I’ve been offering my best proven practices to others in my coaching and in my Coach Certification program for over 19 years.

Would you find more freedom or power by doing shadow work?

Self-Line Self-Test

Here are 8 ways to know if you have shadow work to do:

– Is there something you want to experience but think you can’t, or think you can’t talk about?
– Do you have unresolved conflicts in your life, or relationships in your life where you choose to bite your tongue rather than speak your truth?
– Do you have some unresolved childhood or adult trauma?
– Are you keeping some big, dark secret?
– Do you ever argue with yourself or with others?
– Do you have a pain or frustration that recurs in your life?
– Are there any areas of yourself, others, culture or humanity that you avoid or stay away from?
– Do you ever have moments of emotional trigger, judgment, irritation, resistance, defensiveness, or contraction?

We ALL have more shadow work we could do, or we’d all be enlightened beings already walking on water.

If any of the list fits you, and if you want more freedom, more peace of mind, and more power in the we-space of your world, shadow work and skill development can help you.

Let’s face it, no one teaches this in school, and yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices simply are NOT enough.

Mindfulness and Meditation Aren’t Enough

Have you ever met anyone who could go do yoga, meditate at 7am every morning for an hour, and still not work out relationship issues? Have you ever met someone very skilled at mindfulness who still gets irritated and frustrated and caught up in the same issues over and over again?

For those of us who think our mindfulness and meditation will save us, that’s not enough. At best, these ascendant practices are only 1/2 the work.

At worst, they are just Spiritual Bypasses.

Sitting on a cushion isn’t enough. Sweep life under the carpet, and life will keep coming back until we address it. While we don’t practice effective we-space skills and clean up our we-space residues, we continue to carry them.

Mindfully stepping outside our issues and observing them, alone, will not free us. Observation and objectification of life is a great pattern interrupter, but like it or not, we are spirit IN A BODYMIND, so we also need to also integrate practical, daily habits that cultivate the kinds of experience we want.

The spiritual bypass of thinking “thoughts are things”, alone, will not free us. Our ability to manifest experience what we DO want is only as powerful as our practical habits to generate what we want and be free from habits that cultivate what we DON’T want.

The spiritual bypass of sitting as gurus on mountains or well-cultivated practitioners in our isolated communities is not enough and will not free our planet – we are all interconnected. World circumstances increasingly require us to wake up and pay attention to each other. Wars in other countries become our wars. Illnesses in other countries become our illnesses. Economic issues on Wall Street change what happens on Main Street, affect jobs across the nation, and impact economies around the globe.

What Next?

If we’re not doing spiritual bypass, what do we do?

In my work I offer proven practices for shadow work, for developing the self line, and for freeing ourselves from the conscious and unconscious fears that run our lives and impact our relationships.

For more information, call me at 914.882.9667 or send a blank email to mayagayam@gmail dot com with the subject line, “SUBSCRIBE” to get news about events and freebies I offer.

Maya’s Annual Update!

Hey again,

I so appreciate you reading this – being able to talk with you about the details here and knowing that you read this gives me a sense that you care and helps me feel more connected to you…and that means the world to me. Thank you so much.

So here we go –

Happy New Year!

As you may know (or not), at the end of each year I like to retreat and celebrate what the last year has been, and to reflect on what the coming year is wanting to emerge through me.

And during that time I love to share my celebration and gratitude by sending updates out to my friends.

Here it is! I hope you enjoy sharing it with me as much as I enjoy sharing and celebrating it.

Gustavo & Me

Home, Home on… the Potomac??!

It’s almost a year now that I’m here in my Fairfax, VA apartment (near D.C.), thanks to beloved Gustavo Coronel and Maria Williams. I must say I feel extremely, extremely fortunate, grounded, and satisfied here. I’m enjoying fantastically fulfilling new friendships and community (thank you Tom Goddard for amazing support to help me feel at home here in DC!!), quiet work from home (which I love), hosting small gatherings (my first time to host a Christmas evening dinner, for example), and relishing time with Molly (my Pomeranian) and Rick/Rumi (the jester/preist I’ve been incessantly gaga over for about 7 months now, and with whom I’m extraordinarily happy).

Rumi & Me

I’m hosting friends and not even scaring them away with my amateur interior decorating! Wow!

Seriously though, I’m not exaggerating when I say I find myself almost daily in tears of gratitude and appreciation for my life. Of course it’s not all roses, but it does seem very true to me that the more I appreciate what I can, the more to appreciate shows up…and even *that* I’m grateful for.

Personal Health Care – Chocolate and Tequilla?

While I feel pretty healthy for 40 (all things considered), my health could be a bit better. I’m in regular conversation with RLS (restless leg syndrome) which enjoys keeping me up nights. Do you know any powerful remedies for this? And my exercise and endurance are way lower than I like. I’m considering getting bodywork (massage) to reduce muscle tension which I hope will lessen the RLS symptoms, and Rumi’s been encouraging me to more and more movement (gotta love that buddy system!).

Meanwhile thanks to Rumi loving to cook, I’m also eating even better than before. Of course, then there’s his whole love of chocolate (he’s also a chocolatier), and me eating the chocolate he makes, which I suppose counters the whole “healthy eating” thing (hehe)…

But my decadence knows no bounds – thanks to dear friend Omar in Canada I’ve also been enjoying a mean Tequilla – the smoothest, sneakiest tequilla I’ve ever met. Result – I’ve gained somewhat of a name for bringing tequilla to parties. Tequilla as the new healthfood? Ok, thank goodness that Rumi has gotten me hooked on kamboucha and herbal teas!

Omar (Evil Tequilla Man)

A New Year’s Vision

I’m also feeling celebratory this week for other reasons. I’m just now finishing a very very sweetly restful and rejeuvenating end-of-year 3-week “sabbatical”/retreat. I do one of these every year; I spend 2-weeks mostly unplugged from emails, TV and the telephone, meditating and doing a process where I appreciate what I cherish about the previous year and listen deeply to discover more about what I’d like to do and be and live in the coming year. This year I took an additional week so that I could get my taxes done early without having to file an extension this year (for a change) and I got that done too wooo hoooo!

My retreat has given me even more clarity this year than years prior. My focus will narrow this year as I live into my highest values in these ways:

New Year’s vision – Living Into “Maya”

– helping release fears (toward greater freedom)
– helping system thinking (toward easier experiences)
– learning and sharing info about “standing-wave physics” (toward supporting human evolution and thriving)

Here’s what I mean by those lines:

For living into my highest self even more fully, and as a reminder/call into that space, while I continue using my work as a life practice (I call my work TIA(tm), pronounced “TEE-ah”, short for “The Integrated Approach” – it’s a catalogue and collection of hundreds of best practices), I’m also thinking of using the name Maya or Maya-G sometimes. Hearing the name reminds me of my deepest self. What do you think of that?


About the “releasing fear” thing — both for myself and also so that I can contribute to others, I practice two right-brained methods for doing shadow-work / reducing stress / releasing tension and frustrations. One is a 5-step integrated method I call, “SORTTing It Out ™”. The other is an integrated process I call “TIA(tm) Release/Healing work”.

In case you’re curious, I’ve listed a bunch of topics below where I and other people use these embodiment practices.

About the system-thinking thing, I like sharing TIA(tm) with others to help empower them and make life simpler. The combination of best practices + releasing tension and stress is really powerful, and can really beef up your attention and energy.

Living and offering this is how I fulfill the Boddhisattva vow I made when I was 12.

Meanwhile, something new is also calling me really madly. (“No I’m not joking, and don’t call me Madly.”)

No, this new calling clearly is not a great ability to tell jokes.

Sacred Geometry

What’s calling me is a study of a set of principles related to standing waves (3D waves), vibration, sound, sacred geometry, ancient civilizations, and physics – it’s all about how vibration relates to matter and our universe.

Some people get all glassy-eyed when I say “physics”, but really it’s not all difficult like that! And I’m excited about how much it relates to.

This stuff gives verrrrrry simple answers to all sorts of questions like, “what is the nature of reality?” and “what is the nature of Consciousness?” and “how can we prove mathematically that all things are interconnected and that our thoughts and emotions and fear directly create our reality?”

More practically, it relates to non-invasive healing using sound, electro-magnetism, power generation, propulsion, and levitation (using wave principles). Since it’s all about how matter relates to wave forms (how matter is created) it also relates to transmutation, alchemy, and deliberately creating the kind of experiences we desire. Powerful stuff!

In the scientific community this stuff gives us the ever-sought-after unified field theory. However, very much like our twisted history, science is taking it’s time to learn that the earth is neither flat nor is it the center of the universe. So you won’t hear a lot about this stuff in the news – at least not yet.

Sometimes I all of this, “new physics” and sometimes I call it, “standing-wave physics”. See my Still And Vibrating Universe for more info.

This topic fascinates me to no end. Don’t ask me why it is calling me so strongly, or why I’m finding it so easy to learn, but while it calls me I’ll honor the call and see where it leads!

I’m so loving what I’m learning that I’m considering putting up videos about what I learn as I go, and talk about it in easy-to-understand, practical ways.

What do you think of that?

Ange (my Seeester)

Home and Family

Ange (my sister) and I are talking more often these days, which I enjoy. Even with her grumbly anti-love anti-“mushy” style, I love her low-key sense of humor (that also reminds me of my dad). I had a dream about him recently where I told him I missed him, and woke myself up crying in grief. It felt good to “see” him though. Since my sister still lives there in that house, she’s a connection for me to home, family, and the laughter we shared growing up together. I cherish her deeply.

Yes, I Work Sometimes Too

Yes, I’m still coaching (topics below), and more and more I’m coaching coaches and people who want to become coaches.

I’m really celebrating (and grateful for) the support that lead last year to my TIA(tm) Coach Certification Program (TIACCP) getting Upgraded. If you haven’t heard about it, the TIACCP is a Coach Certification course that integrates across traditions, and adds practices I’ve tested for and proven over 19+ years as a Coach.

I’m excited about the new upgrade – it makes new material and new videos available. Also, the upgrade makes the course available as a a self-paced home-study course that anyone can take whenever they want.

The only way I could offer this is because, last year, I finally found developpers who could offer me an online community platform that does exactly what I wanted. Finally!!! After the thousands of dollars I’ve spent and years and years of trying to find programmers and a good fit to work this out, I’m verrrrrry grateful to finally have a solution I love. Big huge thanks goes out to George Tran for his unparallelled vision and energy that made this possible!

So now the site is up, although I have it in Beta testing. You can see material I offer there for free, and eventually I hope you will come offer your best practices and material there as well.

If you want to check out my freebies just create a free account for yourself – here:

Poke around and please give me feedback. I’m adding more and more material every month, and am curious what you would like to see more of out there.

The End of the Gypsy/Vagabond Era?

Next, I’m MASSIVELY happy to be grounded home with NO TRAVEL until March. (Funny to hear myself say that, after moving almost every year from the age of 17.)

Facilitating “Leadership from the Core”

This last year was unexpectedly busy in the travel department. With CNVC Board meetings in Albuquerque, Nassim Harramein event in Joshua Tree CA, and 3 workshops I facilitated out of town, I was “away” far more than I expected. I’m looking forward to offering more of my work from the comfort of my sacred sanctuary (home). Wanna come hang out and share some hugely liberating and empowering life practices with me? Come visit!! I have a very cozy and lovely guest room suite – and the complex has a fantastic pool and indoor fitness center!!

One of the events I hosted at home most recently was a small gathering (11 of us) to talk about co-housing / intentional community. Over the years, I’ve wanted an alternative to living alone, but I have not enjoyed the ways I’ve seen others do it. So I wanted to start the conversation from scratch. Rather than focusing on all the things I didn’t like and don’t want, I want to get clear about what I DO want.

The conversation was inspiring for me, and got everyone revved up enough that when it was time to end, everyone wanted to open new conversations to tackle more ground and “get some legs under this thing”. I am so grateful for the people who came – big hearts, deep souls, open minds. It was absolutely delicious.

Cherie Beck & G

Cherie Beck & G

Fun and Playtime

On a final note, besides hanging out with dear friends Cherie Beck and Nicole Oxendine, for fun and play I’ve been loving stand-up comedy (ex: Steven Lynch, Jo Koy, Lisa Landry) and fun things on YouTube. Here are three examples:

Laughter 1 –
JK Wedding Video: –
Laughter 2 –

So there’s my update!

How about you? What are some things you cherished from the last year? What are you looking forward to this coming year? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions or visions?

I’d love to hear your celebrations, joys, and challenges.

Meanwhile, I’m sending love to you with hugs, and –
Cherishing you, your support and your friendship,

2010 Topics I’m Coaching and Hosting Events around:

  • For Women – Empowerment Through Releasing Fear
  • For Experienced Pracitioners – 20-Minute Shadow Work
  • For Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders –
    5 Steps to Open Productivity + Creativity
  • For Couples and Polyamorous Folks – Reducing Relationship Drama in 5 Steps
  • For NVC Friends – Freedom From Triggers with Body-based NVC
  • For Spiral Dynamics and Integral Friends – Practices for Raising the Self-Line to the 2nd Tier
  • For Nassim Haramein Friends, Walter Russell friends, or friends of the 2012 conversations: Preparing Ourselves and Humanity for the Coming Age
  • For People Seeking Healing – Easy Ways to Free Yourself from Trauma and Pain

Thank you Love!

Thank you to the friends who help keep my content flowing. To share your love with me, please Click Here to Donate. Thank you <3

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