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Enlightenment For All

We say, “Money isn’t an issue…
Until we don’t have any,
Then money is THE issue.
People divorce, kill, and die over money.”

While we’re on that way of thinking –

In Evolution of Consciousness, Enlightenment, Awakening as a Human Race
to our Highest Potential,
Personality issues aren’t an issue –
There are many ways to Re-alize and Re-member
Who we most Deeply Are.
There are many ways to Know Love, Light, Bliss and God.
Until personality issues come up.
Then personality is THE issue
Habits of blame, shame, guilt, and finger-pointing keep us in pain and retribution.
Arguments with our loved ones keep us distracted.
Scrambling to make ends meet keep us exhausted.
Community in-fighting divides and separates.
Many still scramble and die for water and food
While 5% of the human race is fat and over-consuming, arguing over dogma.
Humanity won’t awaken to our highest potential while we are still
so unresolved at this practical, rubber-to-the-road descendant level,
that we still do “war”.

How do we deal with pain?
With fear?
With our deep, driving yearning to express our visions and capacities
as Creators?

When it’s not dealt with, Personality is THE issue.
Not only for individuals,
But also
Descendant /Personality issues within relationships.
Within families.
Within Groups. Organizations. Cultures.
For the human race at large.

If we are to realize Enlightenment as a race,
We need to get awake to,
and get skilled about dealing with,
practical, descendant issues.

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