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Principles of Grace

The practices and structures we use reflect these underlying principles:

1. We live in a vibrational universe.

2. Its simple geometry isn’t yet taught in mainstream science. Correctly understanding it would empower us.

3. We are of It, with It, and It.  In other words, we are created, we are also Creators.

4. A simple fractal system can describe us, and all scales of being.

5. At each scale, each system reaches for its own wholeness, and its own differentiation.  Each reaches to express its Highest Self.

6. The bridge to our wholeness (Highest Self) is in our core values.  So all core values matter; they all need to get included and attended to – at all scales.

7. Our fears, beliefs and triggers are opportunities to realize our core values.  They also reflect the greater whole.

8.  There are simple practices that can help us realize Highest Self through counter-balancing, full self-expression, integration, and giving the system more of itSelf.

9.  These principles apply, and can be tailored to, any scale of the system.

Receiving For Bestowing

This week I’m contemplating the idea that making clear, doable requests can be a gift to others (in direction and ways to contribute) and to Creation (in closing the loop with appreciation).

Then I found this passage, which I totally love, from Frater Achad, “Melchizidek Truth Principles”.

With loving blessings,

“Knock beloved, the door shall be opened.  Seek! Ye shall find!  Ask and it shall be granted unto you, for the Great Oversoul of the Universe shall never place in your hand a serpent instead of a fish and neither shall the Great Oversoul of the Universe place in your hand a stone instead of bread.

“Within your consciousness is the well of Living Waters.  You have but to drink of it.  Truly it shall become the wine of Life unto your Souls.  Remember you are the Christ of God incarnate in the flesh.  You are the honored guest at the wedding of Cana.  Turn the water into wine, dear hearts.  Drink of it freely, for it shall cause the marrow of your bones to become rich, and the fiber of your body to become strong.

“Fear not to ask of the Great Creative Power man has learned to call God.  If you ask in small measure, in a small measure you shall receive.  Ask in abundance and abundance you shall receive. “

Event! DC Tues July 6th – Ken Wilber Meetup

Tuesday July 6th The Washington Ken Wilber Meetup @ Vie De France!

The DC KW Meetup core group have enjoyed reviewing the feedback you gave to the survey a few weeks ago, and the sticky-notes some of you posted at our last Meetup – Thank You!

So far, here’s part of what we learned:

– 87% of you would like more around Integral Life Practice: Body Mind Shadow Spirit
– 77% of you would like Applied Practice for integral embodiment
– 72% of you would like to work specifically on Personal Development
– 55% of you would like presenters teaching from their professional expertise

So – for:

Applied Practice toward
Integral Personal Development (embodied) and
A bit of presentation from professional expertise,
With your voice and wisdom included…

We invite you to join us for our post 4th of July Ken Wilber Meetup:

**** What Is Freedom? ****
Applying efficient and effective practices to living in our greatest freedom.

Time & Date:
July 6th – 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Location: Vie De France, 600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024 (back room near the bar).

You’ll get a chance to:

Integrate diverse perspectives answering the question, “What Is Freedom?” – including using AQAL and Spiral Dynamics frameworks (no prior AQAL or SD knowledge necessary, just come and give
your thoughts)

Share actual personal, interpersonal and professional examples of “not-freedom” as practice opportunities for all of us

Collect a list of practices you can use (and people who can help you use them) to foster more freedom for yourself, others, culture and “the field”, and see how they complement each other

Cultivate greater freedom personally, interpersonally, professionally and more – right there on the spot – using 2 proven practices

See more of the fun and free aspects of each other

Bring your sense of humor, your ability to find beauty in whatever you see and hear, your authentic vulnerability, and your willingness to support the evolution of human consciousness by participating in
group-body work.

Your feedback and comments before, during, and after this session are welcome!  Feel free to contribute your thoughts or see conversation about this MeetUp right here (comment publically or anonymously below).

The session will be facilitated by Maya Gail Taylor, founder of TIA – The Integrated Approach ™ and the TIA(tm) Coach Certification Program.  Use her AQAL-informed, 19-years tested and proven TIA(tm) system if you want to develop the Self-line in practical ways at all levels (personal, interpersonal, group, community and culture).  Geared for experienced and measurable results, Maya’s system works with Higher Self, middle self (personality and habits) and lower self (release work, fear and shadow work), integrates best practices from across numerous traditions, and has been endorsed by Ken Wilber.  She has also worked directly with David Deida, Marshall Rosenberg, Fred Kofman, and a variety of other powerful teachers.  How might we all more deeply embody (re-Member) the wholeness and Grace that we all most deeply Are?  For a Free Coaching Consultation, call toll-free 1(877)535-5438 or check out .

Community that Applies Practices for Real Results? Save the Dates

Download a Flyer /   Register for a Weekend Taste

Do you ever meditate, do yoga, or try to sometimes eat right and exercise?

Are you a lover, a parent, a teacher, a psychologist, a life coach, community leader, or a wellness practitioner, business consultant, educator, politician, civil servant, spiritual seeker or religious leader?

If so, then you probably realize that one of your most important jobs is to support development in yourself and in those around you. You may even work deliberately and consciously toward healthy growth, change, and transformation. Maybe you want to make a difference, to make the world a better place.  Maybe you want to support evolution and fulfillment for all of humanity.  Maybe you want to be the change that helps to create a new future, one with greater freedom, greater power, love, ease and Grace.

Have you wanted a community of practice that doesn’t just talk,
but that actually APPLIES proven practice to resolve real issues?

Then I highly recommend this year-long applied practice program – the Integrated Self Master Practitioner Program.  If you’re not sure, try one of the Weekend Tastes.

  • Enjoy fewer headaches and less drama
  • Get more of the experience you want in life – more love, more freedom, more ease, power, joy and Grace
  • Realize any level of greater ease and effectiveness that you wish (individual, interpersonal, relationship, family, group, organization, or community)
  • Cultivate levels of thriving, joy, fulfillment and ease that most people imagine impossible
  • Meet kindred spirits in collaboration, exchange, play and mutual support.

Unlike many other programs, this one is system-awake, includes dozens of proven practices, and has been successfully used by individuals, couples, families, groups and professionals for over 19 years.

The program also focuses on real use, embodiment and integration, so you don’t sit around talking and then walk away with yet another bunch of tools to forget or put on the shelf to collect dust.

(It’s also packed with fun activities!)

However, since the program is customized to the specific applications of each participant, only a few can be accepted each cycle.

To be considered for the program, apply before Nov. 1st, 2010.  Applications will be reviewed and participants will be selected from November 1 – December 9, 2010.  You can request an Application by sending an email to mayagayam@gmail dot com with your name and the subject line “ISMPP APP REQUEST”.

If you want a preview before you apply, get a brief overview of the year-long program by registering for one of the Weekend Tastes:

  • Labor Day Weekend – September 3-5, 2010
  • Fall Weekend Taste – October 8-10, 2010

In any case, be prepared for an eye-opening, sometimes challenging but incredibly freeing experience in the company of like-minded souls in a small group, intimate setting.

For more info –
Download the Flyer

Or, click here to
Register for a Weekend Taste.

Or, Request an Application to the year-long program by sending an email to mayagayam@gmail dot com with your name and the subject line “ISMPP APP REQUEST”.

Thank you Love!

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