Principles of Grace

The practices and structures we use reflect these underlying principles:

1. We live in a vibrational universe.

2. Its simple geometry isn’t yet taught in mainstream science. Correctly understanding it would empower us.

3. We are of It, with It, and It.  In other words, we are created, we are also Creators.

4. A simple fractal system can describe us, and all scales of being.

5. At each scale, each system reaches for its own wholeness, and its own differentiation.  Each reaches to express its Highest Self.

6. The bridge to our wholeness (Highest Self) is in our core values.  So all core values matter; they all need to get included and attended to – at all scales.

7. Our fears, beliefs and triggers are opportunities to realize our core values.  They also reflect the greater whole.

8.  There are simple practices that can help us realize Highest Self through counter-balancing, full self-expression, integration, and giving the system more of itSelf.

9.  These principles apply, and can be tailored to, any scale of the system.


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