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Dragon Insight

“True alchemy follows naturally from the ‘cultivation’ of thoroughly accommodating ourSelves.”

— pg. 99, Dragon’s Play by Charles Belyea and Steven Tainer

Want more love?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the
barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

Taboos? Tom Robbins Quote

*Taboos were superstitions with fangs on them, and if not transcended, they
punctured the brain and drained the spirit. A taboo was a crystallized knot
of societal fear and must be unraveled, cut through, or smashed if a people
were to set themselves free.* Tom Robbins

The Importance of Core Values

The importance of honoring core values  –
Extends to all levels –
Individuals who do not practice caring for all core values
within themselves,
Engage in power-over choices –

They choose in favor of one set of needs
While disregarding and not giving care to the other(s).

Individuals who do this to themselves,
Become partners who do it to each other,
Who become parents who do it to their children,
Who become members of organizations who do it to their colleagues and employees,
Who become leaders of corporations who do it to employees, society, and the environment,
Who become global leaders who do it to their countries,
Who are made up of individuals
who can’t see that they’re quietly sitting by
in a cancerous system,
not producing antibodies to fight the cancer
that profits at the expense of the very system it is feeding from,
by not honoring the fact
that all needs matter.

Parenting routinely includes a “do what I say, because I said it” attitude.
Cheating spouses honor their needs at the cost of their partners’.
Our corporations routinely embody a policy to maximize profits
Regardless of social or economic costs.

Meeting one set of needs at the expense of another,
is no different,
than when a man takes his pleasure
at the cost of a woman.
We call this rape.
When a thief takes possessions
at the cost of the owner,
we call it a crime.

Each time you, or I,
or any individual, pair, group, organization or country
don’t honor the fact
that all needs matter,
we cultivate a cancer
whose only possible outcome,
is sure and systemic death; the demise of everyone:
As we continue to engage power-over,
we feed off our planet,
seeking profit and gain
regardless of the cost of the system.
The consequence of the needs we’ve ignored,
is that now even our planet is failing.

We must interrupt this insidious habit,
And refuse participation in any system that engages the habit,
Of profiting regardless of the cost to others, society, or the environment.

The only way we will all survive,
is through a relentless practice
to abide ONLY
strategies and solutions
that account for all needs on the table,
and to adjust those strategies and solutions to account
for unforeseen needs that surface.

There *are* simple ways to honor all sets of needs.
It takes practice.
It takes patience.
It takes receptivity to ingenuity.
The capacity to honor all needs,
At the expense of NONE,
is absolutely available to us.

The key to our survival
Lies in a simple commitment to this:

“I relentlessly hold
That all core values (needs) matter,
and all get accounted for and attended to –
I will choose ONLY strategies or solutions
That honor this.”

The key to our survival
Lies in each one of us being willing
To relentlessly live
Only in line with strategies
That honor all needs at all levels.

This is the only way the inhabitants of spaceship Earth
will ever be free to thrive, or even to just SURVIVE,
Not as slave laborers in perpetual debt,
Not as silent witnesses to the degradation of the Great Mother that feeds us,
But as partners to ourselves, each other,
And the Cosmos.

“What activities am I knowingly engaging in, now, today,
that operate at the expense of some other need?
What can I choose instead that would honor them both?
Who can I ask for ideas?”

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