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The Butler On Joy – The Butler's Journey

Witness: What’s the Butler’s take on Joy?

Butler: At best, it’s Risky. At worst, it’s a Diversion. If things get too good, that’s right when the other shoe’s gonna drop. Keep your eye on the ball!

Witness: What’s the ball?

Butler: Whatever it takes to provide protection and safety for myself and those I love.

Witness: (No wonder I’m so scatter-y and pace-y – desperation!)

Butler: As the Butler, I’m sad to realize I’m panicked and in desperation.

(releasing grief)

Butler: I’m scared that if I’m not vigilant – working hard – being hard – everything’ll fall apart. We’ll lose everything that makes everyone in here so happy.

Witness: (That’s my father’s voice there.)

Butler: (Trying a mantra – )
I’m willing to consider the possibility
that providing protection and safety and providing for joy
(provisions providing for joy)
can come easily and joyfully.

Butler: My job is to provide for EVERYONE ELSE’s joy! It’s ok if I don’t have it, I provide so that THEY ALL get to have it.

Witness: (That’s my father’s voice there too.)

Butler: I’m willing to consider the possibility
provisions providing for those I care about
can come easily and joyfully.

Butler: What occurs to me, is that the best we have HAS come
easily and joyfully…my work, the apartment, food, our relationships…so much more…

Butler: What occurs to me, is that I don’t have to be hard
to care for the provider piece.

Witness: (This moves me from Hard, to a space of more opening)

Butler: I realize and acknowledge that the BEST provisions
providing for myself and my loved ones
HAVE come to me easily and joyfully.

I’m willing to entertain the idea
that provisions providing for me and my loved ones
DO come to me easily and joyfully.

The joy that I most deeply am isn’t visible / surfacing
ONLY because I’m worried about providing.
When I’m at peace about the provider part,
then the natural joy and well-being that I Am and that my loved ones Are
naturally surfaces.

Butler: What occurs to me,
is that I’ve been worried about providing for Joy, safety and well-being
which is what we all most deeply Are.
That’s funny.
Like worrying about breathing.
The worry itself makes my breath shallow – cuts me off
from the breathing I naturally do.

Butler: What I realize, is that
ONLY WORRYING about providing
from the joy, safety and well-being that naturally is Me and my loved ones.

Butler: What would I do / be differently
in a world where I’m at peace
about the provider thing?

I’d play more with my loved ones.
I’d play more, period.
I’d walk my dog more.
I’d do more things I love more often.

Butler: I realize and acknowledge
that the BEST provisions
providing for myself and my loved ones
DO and HAVE come to me
easily and joyfully

clients – apartment – molly – rumi – pickle jar – so much more

I realize that
only my worrying about providing
pinches me off from the joy I most deeply Am.

I realize that
when I’m at peace about THAT
then the natural joy that I Am
naturally surfaces – the joy takes care of itself.

What About Loving?

Personal Love – I love (him/her/it) Because…

Transpersonal Love – I love (him/her/it) Just Because.


I love loving.

Sending you love,

Event! CSL this Saturday, Falls Church DC

Making Good Trouble

Maya Gail Taylor, founder of the, TIA™ Coach Certification Program , and will facilitate us in movement, individual reflection and group interaction to:

  • delve into energies and archetypes we shy away from or reject
  • embrace and include voices of what we don’t like and don’t want to reveal what we do want
  • see the Spirit revealed everywhere in our core values
  • discover generative win/win solutions to the conflicts we face in our daily lives.

Where would you like more love, freedom, ease, and fewer headaches?

Come make good trouble with us, y’all.

Saturday, 4pm to 6pm, August 7.
Falls Church, VA

Then….Join in at 6pm for our community potluck.  BRING A DISH FOR 8 PEOPLE (main dish, salad, side dish, bread & beverage, or dessert).  Food — Music — Dance — Good conversation!

Please note that a donation of $10 is requested.

Invite along a friend if you like.  Can’t make it at 4pm? – then just stop in at 6pm for the potluck!  No Need to RSVP – DIRECTIONS are below, as is info on OTHER EVENTS.

(for the CSL/Shalom DC organizing committee:  Roger Telschow, Frances Gatz, Tom Goddard, and Barra Kahn).

*** Next month’s First Saturday gathering will be September 4. ***

~ ~ ~ ~


Respectful Confrontation

How do you ask for what you want, take care of your needs, and really be heard? How do you assert yourself in both loving and aggressive situations? How do you express vulnerability and sensitivity and stay in your own power? Joe Weston’s “Respectful Confrontation” experiential workshops offer an opportunity for you to create greater inner peace, deeper relationships and intimacy, improved effectiveness and influence at work, and resolution of misunderstandings and increased trust. Come to a “Taste of RC” August 14 or a one-day workshop on August 15. Click here for more info and to register. Call Tom Goddard (703-879-8357) with questions.


Core Energetics

Barra Kahn, a CSL founder, is a certified practitioner of Core Energetics, offering individual, couples, and group sessions. Core is a powerful modality for moving energy blocks and freeing up the body to live a fuller, richer life.  Email Barra or call 703-786-7065.  More info.

Shalom Mountain Retreat & Study Center

Many of us have experienced this wonderful, healing place.  Located in the Catskills of New York State, Shalom Mountain offers a wide variety of transformational retreats. Click here or call 845-482-5421.  Pick up a Shalom calendar at CSL Saturday.

Sacred Touch Workshop

Receive sacred, caring touch in a safe, loving, supportive environment. Practice boundary setting, trust, overcoming body issues; or simply share terrific six-handed massage.  Aug. 7, 2pm-8:30pm.  With David E. & Amy S. More info.

Family Constellation Therapy and more

Offered to the community by Randy Goldberg, who is also a Craniosacral therapist and astrologer.  Contact Randy here or call 202-518-0442.

The Capitol Creativity Network

meets the second Wednesday of each month for experiential explorations of applied creativity in life, work and business. All are welcome. For more information go here or email founder Michelle James.

Purposeful Business Circles

Monthly session for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners ready to evolve themselves and their businesses/work to a higher level — to make a greater difference and at the same time a substantial return. Email Patricia DiVecchio, see her website, or call 703-200-3447

Monthly group massage and potluck

Esalen-style, non-sexual, nurturing touch.  Held in the homes of members of the Stroking Community DC chapter.  Email Heidi Garrett.

Getting Real and Trance Dance

Join Michael Smith in honest communication and trance dancing in two supportive groups.  Learn to be in the moment in practical ways. More info and newsletter sign up here or 301-996-8372.

Sandbox Explorations

A community of people dedicated to being more present and accountable in their lives. The group includes many from the DC-Balto area hosting events from meditation to dinners to sensual massage. Join by emailing David Egan.

Yes! Circle

Margarita Rozenfeld leads visionary retreats and other gatherings for entrepreneurs to expand their dreams. Visit her calendar, or email her.

Cellular Expansion & Healing
Renny Sherrow uses this hands-on healing method to help cells release and re-organize so that uncontrolled patterns are shifted into desired experiences.  It provides loving support to nurture deepening trust in one’s life.  Click here, or contact Renny at 724-331-6616.



to our meeting place:
The home of Barra Kahn

6438 Lily Dhu Lane | Falls Church | VA | 22044

From the beltway (I-495), take Arlington Blvd. (US 50) eastbound toward Falls Church/Arlington.  in about 2 miles you will pass a McDonald’s (it’s off on the right on the service road).  Turn right at the next light, Annandale Rd.  Go 7/10 mile and turn left at the second light (Kerns Road).  Take Kerns through the light at Sleepy Hollow.  In a couple of blocks Kerns becomes Lily Dhu Lane.  Continue past the “dead end” sign.  The house, 6438 Lily Dhu Lane, is a few houses past that sign on your left.  Barra’s phone # is 703-786-7065.

Thank you Love!

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