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Economic Crash? 9 Ways to Thrive Despite it

If you find all this talk about recession, increasing unemployment and the crashed housing market depressing, I hope you’ll enjoy this article.

In it, you’ll find 9 ways to thrive despite our current economic situation. If you like it, pass it on.

With loving blessings,
Maya Gail Taylor

9 Ways to (Get By? No. Survive? No!)
Thrive in the Current Economic Climate

When it rains, it pours, and today’s economic issues can feel like a downpour of depressing news. Talk of lay-offs, government overspending, and the increasing costs of living can feel dishearteningly heavy at best.

But you can find shelter in the storm. Use these 9 tips to make the best use of your internal and external resources, and thrive despite the current economic climate.

When you tap the power of your higher, middle, and lower self, as well as the power of the environment around you, you can experience fewer headaches, less stress, and get more done with less effort.

Lower Self – Shadow work: fear, worry and judgment

Worry, fear and judgment drain energy and take you out of your most resourceful state. To stay rooted in your power:

1. Do release work to mourn the gap between what is and what you envision possible.
2. Notice any moments you feel reservation, worry or fear and look for the core value trying to be heard in it.
3. Investigate your judgments about yourself and others. Judgments are parts of you trying to reveal your core values that still need to be integrated.

Middle Self – Generating Positive Outcomes

Thinking positive isn’t enough, you also need to take right action. How do you find the smallest effort that will generate the most positive outcomes?

1. Listen for the “do wants” in the “don’t wants”. Make a list of what you don’t like and don’t want. What does it reveal that you do want?
2. Make your desires measurable. How much? By when? For example, “By the end of this week I want a routine hour a day to relax” is better than, “I want more time to myself”.
3. Find practical win-win steps to feed your needs. If you can’t think of any, ask 3 friends what they would do in your shoes. “I want more time to myself. What would you do?”

Higher Self – Beyond The Personal

We think we’re separate, when really we’re part of an infinite network of infinite resources. Don’t believe it? Think about the “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. You’re also part of an ocean of atoms that are all entwined and interconnected. How can that infinite network support you?

1. Connect to Nature (or anything larger than yourself). Take a walk in the woods, meditate, pray or lay on the ground and feel how gravity pulls you into the Earth in this massive expansive universe. Whatever it takes, remind yourself that you’re part of an infinitely large system of interacting parts. Feel it, and feel the power that is available for you to tap into. Find one thing you can appreciate and feel grateful for right now.
2. Do Alchemy. When you combine a clear focused desire with the emotional experience of already having been there, and then take right action, you set highly powerful conscious, unconscious, and transpersonal forces in motion. What would it take for your desire to get a more clear, laser-like focus? What would it take for you to feel as if you’re already there?
3. Remember who you Are. You are more than your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Who are you, most deeply? When you remember who you most deeply Are, you find your personal connection to the infinite, and you’ll discover the ability to create any experience you want.

Now it’s time to customize these 9 tips to your specific life and your unique situation. Take charge; get help if you need to. Maybe even try a life coach! A quality life coach can offer step-by-step assistance and can even guarantee you results. You’ll know if you’re with the right practitioner if you experience movement in 90 minutes or less.

The tips above come from my Integrated Coaching model, and this month I’m offering a limited-time coaching sale. If you want more info about it, call me and let’s schedule a free hour-long consultation for you. I can be reached at 1.877.535.5438.

When it rains, you can get frustrated and depressed or you can find a way to play in the rain. Don’t let the economic climate get you down. Take 20 minutes to try these tips today.

Communities That Work 2012

In addition to my last post, which focused on interiors, here’s a breath of what supports resilient community exteriors:

“Rebuilding local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production, rethinking healthcare, rediscovering local building materials in the context of zero energy building, rethinking how we manage waste, all build resilience and offer the potential of an extraordinary renaissance – economic, cultural and spiritual.” Rob Hopkins – The Transition Handbook

Communities That Work 2012 part 2

In addition to my last post about Communities That Work, which focuses on community interiors, here’s a breath of what supports resilient community exteriors:

“Rebuilding local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production, rethinking healthcare, rediscovering local building materials in the context of zero energy building, rethinking how we manage waste, all build resilience and offer the potential of an extraordinary renaissance – economic, cultural and spiritual.”

Rob Hopkins – The Transition Handbook

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams – Prayer

“Dear Archangels, angels, spirit guides,
benevolent spirits acting on my behalf,
and In the name of I Am That I Am,
In sync with divine order,
please help me to experience a life
even better than I can imagine for myself.
To have a life of joy and fulfillment,
even beyond what I can think to ask for,
even beyond my wildest dreams.

Please help us all to experience a life
even better than we can imagine.
To live a life of joy and fulfillment,
even beyond what we can think to ask for,
even beyond our wildest dreams.”

Community That Works

Here’s a modified clip I just sent to beloved Rumi and to dear friend Cherie Beck, who, like me, are keen on topics related to community development, especially the future of community development.

How do we participate in and assist growing communities that work?

If you are interested in this too, I hope these thoughts will contribute to your thinking as much as talking with Cherie and Rumi contributes to mine!



— clip —
I haven’t seen much rubber-to-the road yet around how interiors contribute to the exteriors…of course this particular subject is my own life practice (and a key part of the TIA Coach Certification Program) so of course it interests me.  I’d be curious to contribute to those conversations.

I can see examples of these conversations based on simple topics that would assist ANY level of community development.


– Context 1 – What we do as individuals, couples, and families, we will perpetuate in our groups, organizations, cities, cultures, and countries.

– Context 2 – all communities – including the future of 2nd Tier (and above) culture growth – will surface whatever center of gravity exists around I-space and We-space embodiment – including shadow, how we deal with shadow, and how we deal with meeting needs in a way that accounts for the system at large.

– Specific Practices – while I do practice a selection of specific practices around these topics, I’m not practice-prejudiced.  I would like to engage others in practices that work, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not the specific method itself that matters but the results that many quality practices share – and it’s not just about ascendant “equanimity” and witnessing.

In my opinion, quality I-space and We-space practices generate BOTH powerful WITNESS and powerful WITHness.

How do we know when there’s both Witness and WITHness?

Here are a few thoughts:

1. We experience a felt-sense of space (to sit in the unknown, to receive input from other and from Source, and to feel/hear/see/discover emergent properties around us)

2. We experience effortless and simple communication (hearing in ways the other experiences as being heard, and expressing in ways that result in feedback reflecting accurate understanding)

3. Within as little as 3 breaths or a 20-minute conversation we can quickly and easily reveal the roots that fear and shadow are trying to reveal, and integrate those root values into individual healing and/or into integrated practical generative actions (which impacts collaboration).

((( addendum – 4 – We experience our day-to-day in a greater context – ex: the greater context of emergent consciousness – so we see the value of each experience as part of the larger field of evolution, which adds some space )))

In short, the practices that work result in effective we-space and value-based collaboration / co-creation.  Personally, I’ve worked on collecting a catalogue of practices so that we are at full choice in any moment, we can tailor practice to any psychograph and type preference.

I hope this lubricates some of what you’re thinking about (and for Marilyn too) and helps name the parts of  the conversation that most call me.


Maya (Gail Taylor)

Addendum – a single breath on what supports community exteriors, here.

Thank you Love!

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