Community That Works

Here’s a modified clip I just sent to beloved Rumi and to dear friend Cherie Beck, who, like me, are keen on topics related to community development, especially the future of community development.

How do we participate in and assist growing communities that work?

If you are interested in this too, I hope these thoughts will contribute to your thinking as much as talking with Cherie and Rumi contributes to mine!



— clip —
I haven’t seen much rubber-to-the road yet around how interiors contribute to the exteriors…of course this particular subject is my own life practice (and a key part of the TIA Coach Certification Program) so of course it interests me.  I’d be curious to contribute to those conversations.

I can see examples of these conversations based on simple topics that would assist ANY level of community development.


– Context 1 – What we do as individuals, couples, and families, we will perpetuate in our groups, organizations, cities, cultures, and countries.

– Context 2 – all communities – including the future of 2nd Tier (and above) culture growth – will surface whatever center of gravity exists around I-space and We-space embodiment – including shadow, how we deal with shadow, and how we deal with meeting needs in a way that accounts for the system at large.

– Specific Practices – while I do practice a selection of specific practices around these topics, I’m not practice-prejudiced.  I would like to engage others in practices that work, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not the specific method itself that matters but the results that many quality practices share – and it’s not just about ascendant “equanimity” and witnessing.

In my opinion, quality I-space and We-space practices generate BOTH powerful WITNESS and powerful WITHness.

How do we know when there’s both Witness and WITHness?

Here are a few thoughts:

1. We experience a felt-sense of space (to sit in the unknown, to receive input from other and from Source, and to feel/hear/see/discover emergent properties around us)

2. We experience effortless and simple communication (hearing in ways the other experiences as being heard, and expressing in ways that result in feedback reflecting accurate understanding)

3. Within as little as 3 breaths or a 20-minute conversation we can quickly and easily reveal the roots that fear and shadow are trying to reveal, and integrate those root values into individual healing and/or into integrated practical generative actions (which impacts collaboration).

((( addendum – 4 – We experience our day-to-day in a greater context – ex: the greater context of emergent consciousness – so we see the value of each experience as part of the larger field of evolution, which adds some space )))

In short, the practices that work result in effective we-space and value-based collaboration / co-creation.  Personally, I’ve worked on collecting a catalogue of practices so that we are at full choice in any moment, we can tailor practice to any psychograph and type preference.

I hope this lubricates some of what you’re thinking about (and for Marilyn too) and helps name the parts of  the conversation that most call me.


Maya (Gail Taylor)

Addendum – a single breath on what supports community exteriors, here.


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