10 Essentials For Whole Health

If you think about health only in terms of mind, body and spirit, you’re missing vital areas of the whole that is you. Worse, you’re missing opportunities for a healthier family, healthier relationships, communities, and more.

Below you’ll find a brief introduction to exploring 10 aspects of you that are absolutely vital if you want to experience more health.

Use these 10 Essentials For Whole Health to:

  • Maximize your health, healing and growth by paying attention to the entire system of who you are, not just one or two areas
  • Recognize and attend to contributing factors to get the measurable results that you want
  • Customize (tailor) your practices to your most effective health, healing and growth opportunities.

What are the 10 Keys to Whole Health?

10 Aspects of Whole Health

1. Mind – The Mental – We all know that our beliefs can make or break us. Thoughts become things; our beliefs affect our actions. Our mental chatter can be destructive, like an inner critic, or productive, like an inner supporter. You may know that it’s important to reach for a healthy mind, but what practices do you use to do that? One key practice for a wholly healthy mind: focus attention on what you actually observe, rather than just what you think, speculate, believe, or assess.  Another: cultivate conversation about the yearning you do want, and find the yearning (of what you do want) behind the things you notice you don’t want.

2. Body – The Physical – We often talk about diet and exercise. But are you aware of what it takes to have a wholly healthy body? Calm, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance all depend on each other to give us a fully resilient body. Are you working on growing in all five areas? One key practice for a wholly healthy body: consider Functional Medicine as a complement to your normal daily vitamins and your regular visits to your allopathic family doctors.

3. Spirit – The Causal – Have you ever had a peak experience where you suddenly experienced absolute, pure equanimity, resourcefulness and peace, utterly unlike your normal state of mind? If not, it’s time to meet your infinitely powerful, infinitely capable transpersonal Self. Key practices for a wholly healthy relationship to your Spiritual body abound. Try a simple walk in nature and see if you can feel your connection to the All and Everything that is bigger than just you. Or try a Big Mind or meditation practice that takes you into the experience of the Higher Self. Build a daily relationship to this part of you, and you build a path to ease, power and Grace beyond imagination.

4. Heart – The Emotional and The Subtle Body – The heart isn’t just about feelings. Did you know your body is not only physical, but also made up of energy centers? Science has measured a toroidal field of energy radiating from the heart as well as from the brain.  For a wholly healthy body, consider adding energy work like tai chi, qi gong, reiki, core energetics or cranial sacral work to your monthly massage schedule. Another key practice for a wholly healthy emotional body: increase your emotional intelligence. What core values give rise to which emotions?  Where does each emotion show up as a sensation in your physical body? Practice some form of daily “release work” that helps you quickly to attend to, instead of bypassing, conscious and unconscious emotional charge. More key practices for a wholly healthy emotional body: daily gratitude, appreciation, celebration and play.

5. Gut – The Core Values – We all have stories, beliefs, assessments and judgments. To find the power behind them, look for the core values they are trying to reveal. What are the innocent, benevolent, universal needs behind them? What are the deep yearnings, or the gift you’re trying to give yourself or others? Respond to and strategize only to feed core values, and you respond from a wholly healthy gut. One key practice for a wholly healthy gut: ask yourself, “If I got the perfect scenario I want, what would it bring me?” When you get an answer, ask the question again, “If I get that, what will it bring me?”. Eventually you’ll get to the core values. Prioritize actions that feed those.

6. Action – The Behavioral – You are not fully you until you can express yourself and what you want in practical, rubber-to-the-road ways. What does it take to have a wholly healthy body of action? Key practices include: setting measurable goals, making iterative steps toward your goals, and making doable requests in the ‘now’ to help you fulfill your core values. Make your strategies immediate, with short chains of action to get to the need being fed. If you’re not experiencing what you want in your life, work or relationships, you could probably use some help improving your “effective action” body.

7. Environment – The Interactive – No one is an island; you impact and are impacted by your friends, family, society and more. For a wholly healthy environment, look at your relationship to your physical and social environments. One key practice for a wholly healthy environment: dialogue. You may be able to voice your thoughts and concerns, but do you also remember to ask about and integrate concerns around you?

8. Higher Self Work – More Power – Make your Best, highest Self a part of your daily life. When you do, you’ll more easily overcome any issues, problems, or obstacles you face. One key practice for powerful Higher Self work: Appreciative Inquiry. Where have you succeeded before? How could that apply to what you want now? Another fun Higher Self practice: cultivate the rain dance of vividly experiencing the joyful, fulfilling experience you want, in as deeply vivid 5-senses detail as you can possibly imagine, right now, for a multiple of 17 seconds.  Just as your gentle finger on a vibrating wine glass can make it sing, watch the surprising synchronicities and “miracles” that happen when you combine vivid imagination, intense yearning, right action, Self-trust and integration of incoherences. How fast can you turn desire into reality.

9. Lower Self Work – More Release – Fear, pain, trauma, shadow, judgments and contractions all consume energy. Aspiring for health or growth is like an inhale. If you don’t exhale fear, pain, trauma, shadow, judgments and contractions, eventually your body will break down. Give care to your conscious and unconscious shadow aspects, and you not only free up subtle and emotional resources for what you really want, you also create powerful internal alignment. Three key practices for Lower Self work: SORTTing It Out(tm), 3-Column Release Work, or Crane’s Release Technique.

10. Middle Self Work – More Effective Habits – If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Do you practice connection to your multi-dimensional Self?  Do you exercise the truth that You are the creator of your experience. If you’re not getting the experience or outcomes you want, find out what you’re doing (or not doing) that contribute to that. One key practice for Middle Self work: ask, “How might I be contributing to this experience?” Or ask, “In what unconscious ways might I be trying to care for myself or others by choosing this experience I don’t want?” Another key practice: hire an integrated coach who can see perspectives and recognize practices you may not be aware of. 😉

When you cultivate practice in these 10 Essentials for Whole Health, you have a system of “what” and “how” to turn any opportunity into a fully thriving reality.

Maya Gail Taylor coaches individuals, couples, therapists, community leaders and professionals on whole health and wellness. Get measurable results! For more information, or for help to get outcomes you want, email mayagailtaylor at gmail dot com or call 1.877.535.5438 Mon-Thurs 1pmET-4pmET.


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