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Our Still-and-Vibrating Universe

In this post I said that I would make a central list of all of my posts related to this thing – whatever we’ll finally call it – that I call “vibrational dynamics”. Some call it “new physics”, some call it “zero point”, some call it “wave science”, whatever works!

Soon I’ll be uploading basic points to understand it.

And you need NO experience, technical knowledge, or math skills to use it.

The subject interests me because when you understand it, you understand Nature, how Creation happens and how our universe works.  Just like the era when we all taught and “knew” that the world was flat, while physicists have known better for generations, no one teaches this yet in schools or in mainstream science.

When you do get it, however , you have access to “miracles” like:

  • speed-healing and tools (physical and psychic)
  • understanding your true nature and how to live your Soul Song most effortlessly
  • the power to Create as Creator (some call this “deliberate creation”, I call it “alchemy”)
  • unlimited free energy (power generation)
  • understanding anti-gravity and levitation technologies (locomotion!)
  • understanding telepathy, telekinesis, and other related phenomena
  • the “missing link” of mankind’s evolution, and how the Bible syncs with science
  • the truths behind world-wide myths and legends, and our real ancestry
  • the nature of “consciousness” and the collective unconscious
  • …and much more**.

If you think this sounds far-fetched, I trust you’ll go on ahead to find something more up your alley elsewhere.

For me, this is a powerful subject, and it yields great power.

It’s a part of my daily life – the left-brained complement to the right-brained aspects of my work in whole health (currently still called, “The Integrated Approach”).

I hope you will join (and you enjoy) the conversation as much as I do!

** Our distant cousins used this awareness to build the pyramids.  Long before the Egyptians, we watched the stars (ex: the Mayan calendar) because we once had this wisdom.  The ancients tried to pass the information along in the original communication we now call the QBL (Qabala, Qabalah, Kabbalah, Cabala).  Cities (now underwater) have been discovered around the world dating as old as 150,000 years – proof refuting the current mainstream story that mankind is only about 15,000 years old.  If we understood our true history and the true nature of things, there’d be obvious connection between the perspectives of the Evolutionists and the Creationists.  Like children playing with blocks trying to learn how to be architects, the US Military has been using blocks of this wisdom to actually create sonic weaponry, accidental electro-magnetic time-space anomalies, and aircraft meant to look like (and operate like) supposedly alien UFOs.  But I digress…  Back to the basics!

Middle Pillar Meditation

As part of my retreat**, I just completed a short Middle Pillar Meditation. Wowie!! (Here’s a short PDF teaching how to do it. Today I started tingling just on the first part of the five spheres.)

This specific meditation is based on 5 points, correlating with the elements instead of the chakras, and I get a big bang every time I do it. No wonder, it’s rooted in pre-Kabbalah practice and has a long history of being used by priests and priestesses, so it’s got some serious thud-factor.


** Each year I unplug (or mostly unplug) for an annual two-week meditation, reflection, end-of-year review and New Year preview retreat.

Who Are We?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Thank you Love!

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