When’s Your Turn?

More and more each day,
our daily lives are full of the tragedies
of behaviors based in fear, pain,
and the inability to feed multiple sets of underlying needs.

Even here, in this Eden of Abundance called the U.S.A.:

  • Bi-partisan political infighting – fear, pain, inability to feed mutual needs.
  • 13 wounded, 6 dead – from the insanity that arises out of fear, pain, and the inability to feed multiple sets of needs.
  • Instability of our economic system and health care system – all rooted in fear, pain, and inability to feed multiple sets of needs.
  • Our living alone together behind our computers and smart phones – fear, pain, and inability to feed multiple sets of needs.

Even our basic desires for sex and money,
capacity and community,
the desire to be loved, and to be trusted,
are rooted in our fears, our pain,
and our inability to feed multiple sets of needs.

In our world of “it’s not my problem”,
the issue is getting bigger and bigger
until it IS your problem.

Suddenly YOU have health issues YOU can’t afford to pay for.
Or suddenly a plane flies into YOUR city and kills thousands.
Or an earthquake kills millions in your country and you don’t get aide.
Or someone in YOUR family is shot by a kid they call crazy.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In our world of the glass “half full or half empty”,
it’s time to acknowledge – It’s Both.
When we learn that, we can stop fighting over this or that,
right or wrong, good or bad, and acknowledge the glass and then fill it.

It’s time we to recognize this core,
and learn how to attend to it,
in ourselves, in our relationships,
in our families,
and in our larger political, environmental,
social and physical world.

I have a vision of what it could be like to live in a world where all our needs matter and get attended to, where we all get to live from our core gifts and our unique Self-expressions, and where our Divinity lives in practical ways.

I have managed to live this world by myself, and to make a tiny world of this in my immediate intimate environment.

But for ALL of us to live this world, to make this world for all of us, I need your help.

Please join me in living in and co-creating a New Reality.

For practical steps you can take, today, toward this New Reality, click here to subscribe to my articles (and get a free gift) or click here to join me Tuesday Nights mid-Feb through April for the “New Reality / Whole Health” teleconference series.

In mourning,
but also in loving blessings,


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