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January Night School

I sometimes experience a phenomena that dear friend Michelle James calls, “Night School”.

You may know it too – it’s that experience of “learning” things when you’re in that space between deep sleep and waking consciousness. They’re not “dreams”.

I’ve learned things I treasure in “night school”.

Here’s a “night school” hit I got in January. I’ve been meaning to post it ever since.

I’m catching up. 😉

We will awaken as a culture when we realize, as a culture, that underneath anger or friction there is truly only sadness, grief, pain or fear.  The key to our ascension as a species lies in us embodying the care of loving release for fear, grief or pain while integrating and attending to the Divine core yearnings behind them.

Vibrational Dynamics – Finds!

Oh man.

I’m finding there’s a larger and larger group of people discussing and waking up to the principles I have realized myself, that I call “Vibrational Dynamics”.

Here are some amazing links:


and a new documentary is coming out about all this YES!



Now my question is – how do I get involved with these folks in a way that helps us all learn and apply the nature of Nature in ways that provide for all our practical needs while supporting our transpersonal development of Consciousness?


Thank you Love!

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