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On Pride and Cynicism

Pride is one of Fear’s children. 😉

Cynicism is disappointment dressed up as intelligence. 😉

Savoring the blessing of us all seeing through the veil more each day,
and savoring Light, Love and Life.

Food Replicators – Happening Now

Are you aware of 3D Printers printing food? It’s now Open Source! Ex:


It’s just a matter of time before this technology cross-pollenates with the technology of 3D printing like the links in this post:

Personal Replicators Real!

That would mean we could have 3D machines with multiple “toner cartridges” where each “toner cartridge” contains a specific building block material and then the software can combine quantities and locations of material to produce a more appealing, edible food output. Imagine a “toner cartridge” of something sweet (agave syrup), another of salty (sea salt), something protein (ex: the gluten-based goop called Satan, only liquified), a carb (any starch will do), and now have the software combine, cook, and boom you have printed food.

The real thing to remember here, is the difference in 3D printers. The printers mentioned in my Personal Replicators post take a base building-block material like plastic or silver and form it into usable objects like a toy with moving parts or a working wrench. The food 3D printers, however, take food you can eat (like turkey or chocolate), liquifying it and re-shaping it into other forms. The real genius of this market will occur when we are taking base building blocks and making edible food. Have you heard about the research producing “meat” “growing” in a petri dish? Or about the seaweed “production” businesses? In these cases we’re counting only on cell-division to create base building blocks, which then could be put in the “toner cartridges” and combined into a “food product”.

Meanwhile I’m totally jazzed this is happening in Open Source!

Wow. What a wild era to live in!

I Am

Our Human Destiny is to fulfill, “On Earth as it is in Heaven” – an expression of the Divine, consciously awake, here in physical forms. It is Love. This Love expresses as all colors and shades and flavors and paths. All of It is an expression of Divine Heart. All paths have core values they are yearning to Express and Experience. There are no “bad” or “wrong” core values, only things we like or don’t like. When we mourn the gap between what we like and don’t like, we have more room to see the value in things we previously didn’t like. Then we may attend to all core values in ways we DO like. This integration gives us a fuller and fuller expression of the true face of Love – a fuller and fuller Experiencing – more and more Heaven on Earth. It’s happening right now. Even on #OccupyWallStreet. Can you feel it?

Last iOS App Version Pls!

As a somewhat-newbie-mac-user, I found this / posted this as helpful for folks wanting to revert iOS apps back to prior versions…

Why am I posting this here?

Well it’s dawned on me that I’ve not shared, here, the wide range of things I have as hobbies… I’m learning to sew now, I’m considering taking on a 30-day study in iOS app dev next month on my Mac OS X, and why not share my diversity here…?

Plus it gives me a quick way to find this link again in the future.

Playful wink,

Personal Replicators – REAL

Imagine Personal or Community-Owned REPLICATORS.

What if you could design a 3D object including moving parts, and have it PRODUCED and in your hand the SAME DAY?  

What if you could scan an object, then duplicate it – including moving parts, the same day?

I’m not joking – this is real, and it already exists today.

Check this out!

Just imagine the possibilities for bringing manufacturing back to the local level instead of sending everything out to China.

RIGHT NOW, you can get a PERSONAL 3d printer for as little as $600-$1500, with materials cartridges costing (in the ballpark of) $9 a cubic inch of material. Here’s proof.

Don’t want to do it yourself? No problem!  Did you know that RIGHT NOW, you can go online, design your 3D object in a variety of materials, have it “printed” for you and in your hands in as little as 10 days, for a cost as little as $25 or $40 (depending on the material you use)?  Think of what this means for inventors.  You can go from idea to working prototype in DAYS. Here’s just one 3D printer I found –

And they are just one of MANY 3D printer services out there. Google it, you’ll see!

You could go to the website today, create a project of your dreams, and Shapeways will even let you SELL it on their website! You even have your choice of materials – plastics, sandstone, stainless steel, even sterling silver.

This blows my mind. And it’s just the beginning of this industry. Remember how quickly color printers became a standard household item?

What if you walked over to your home replicator, looked at the menu of thousands of previously scanned tools, gadgets, appliances, objects, art, etc – simply clicked one you want, pressed “print” and there it is in your hands?

Welcome to our future, kids!


The Re-Union of Body and Soul

Inspired by a post on TED talks, I wrote a response to a question asking, “What’s on your bucket list?”

Here’s the ONE thing that I would want to do:

I’d like to produce/direct an Edu-tainment Documentary series called “The Re-Union of Body and Soul” – about how newly emerging practices and perspectives related to fear, pain and core values are revealing at all scales the Highest Self (and the love) that we most deeply Are.

What would our world look like if fear didn’t so often impact our lives? What if prior pains didn’t continually disrupt possible solutions economically, socially, politically or globally? What if right-wrong and good-bad thinking (including shame, guilt and punishment) were replaced with presence, core values, integrated generative solutions, restorative justice and awareness of the personal value of others’ perspectives? How could our planet benefit? How could you benefit?

Our economy, families, politics, and businesses are no longer being sustained by power-over dynamics. Depression, divorce rates, cross-party political stalemates, disenfranchised students in our education system and dissent between Wall Street and Main Street abound. What will happen when the bottom of this last chapter in human evolution finally falls out? What is to become of our financial structures, our economies, and our communities? Are the doomsday stories of “Armageddon” really the end of the world, or just the end of the world as we have known it?

No matter what the outcome of 2012 and the next chapter of humanity, some folks are going to need a hand to move from survival-mind to thrive-mind (aka heart-mind). This technology is a part of that hand up. Additional structures, communities and technologies will arise from the center of gravity of those stepping into the new integration.

“Re-Union” is a story of both-and thinking. It’s a Love story; a story of embodied love. Where some spiritual practices advocate ascending out of the bodymind experience to realize our truest Nature and thus find equanimity, there’s an inherent division from the gifts (and integration) of the body and descendant practices. Conversely, while the body has historically focused on survival, there’s a kind of panic that separates us from the Source we most deeply are. The body craves transcendance; the soul craves Experiencing. What would come of uniting these two forces, cultivating strengths from both the ascendant and the descendant lifestyles?

In the series, viewers will experience an incremental 12-Episode List that brings awareness to (what Spiral Dynamics refers to as 2nd Tier) topics such as:

1. Core Values Awareness
2. Type Dynamics – They’re not crazy, they’re just not you.
3. Grief work / Release Work (Effective Self-Empathy)
4. Effective Expression and Do-able Requests
5. Integrative Decision-Making (ie: win-win, system-awake solutions in a multi-perspective’d world)
6. Recognizing and Integrating the Gifts Behind Shadow (fear, pain, shame, guilt, villainizing, criminal activity, etc)
7. Integrating The Core Behind Fear (and 5 specific proven practices)
8. Restorative Justice
9. Subtle and Transpersonal Field Dynamics
10. Both/And Thinking (relativism and post-relativism in a mostly conventional world)
11. Revealing Highest Self – the Face of God – at all Scales
12. Recap

Each episode, viewers would get to explore 3 components:

– The current episode Topic Overview
– Applications of the episode topic to practical situations at all scales – individual, interpersonal, organization and leadership, kids in schools, parenting, relationships, politics and legislation, healthy communities, economies, etc.
– Practical do-ables that viewers could take on TODAY toward this “reunion”

So what do you think?

What would it take to share this technology with the world, you ask?

It would take your help. We need funding, speakers, participants, staff to produce episodes, and champions to get the series shared and distributed.

What part of this conversation inspires you the most? Which parts are you the most familiar with? Where do you see this conversation benefitting you, your loved ones, your community or business, or the world from where you stand?

If this project interests you, email or call me! I’d love to hear your input and see this fly!

What Is Institute For Grace?

In 2008 I started an initiative called Institute For Grace, which closed Dec 2011.

If you’re interested, the posts have been merged into this blog, and the original main pages are here.

Thank you 🙂

Thank you Love!

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