Personal Replicators – REAL

Imagine Personal or Community-Owned REPLICATORS.

What if you could design a 3D object including moving parts, and have it PRODUCED and in your hand the SAME DAY?  

What if you could scan an object, then duplicate it – including moving parts, the same day?

I’m not joking – this is real, and it already exists today.

Check this out!

Just imagine the possibilities for bringing manufacturing back to the local level instead of sending everything out to China.

RIGHT NOW, you can get a PERSONAL 3d printer for as little as $600-$1500, with materials cartridges costing (in the ballpark of) $9 a cubic inch of material. Here’s proof.

Don’t want to do it yourself? No problem!  Did you know that RIGHT NOW, you can go online, design your 3D object in a variety of materials, have it “printed” for you and in your hands in as little as 10 days, for a cost as little as $25 or $40 (depending on the material you use)?  Think of what this means for inventors.  You can go from idea to working prototype in DAYS. Here’s just one 3D printer I found –

And they are just one of MANY 3D printer services out there. Google it, you’ll see!

You could go to the website today, create a project of your dreams, and Shapeways will even let you SELL it on their website! You even have your choice of materials – plastics, sandstone, stainless steel, even sterling silver.

This blows my mind. And it’s just the beginning of this industry. Remember how quickly color printers became a standard household item?

What if you walked over to your home replicator, looked at the menu of thousands of previously scanned tools, gadgets, appliances, objects, art, etc – simply clicked one you want, pressed “print” and there it is in your hands?

Welcome to our future, kids!



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