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10 Areas for Holistic Life Improvement

Today I answered a question from someone about Homeopathy and Holistic Living.

Then it occurred to me that this may help someone else too.

So I share my reply with you.  I hope you find it helpful!

With loving blessings,


Well darling Finally here I am – ready to start to answer your question about Homeopathy.

Did you know that I’m trained 23+ years in Homeopathy, Holistic Healing and life improvement methods?

Part of what kept me from replying sooner, is that there’ are so many ways to get healing and relief that I didn’t know where to start for you!

So here’s a start. Tell me what you think and I’ll give you more as we talk over multiple emails. Ok?

Ok the first step is for you to understand more fully who you are. You, your life and your body are like a car – there are lots of systems. If you put gas in your car but ignore the tires, eventually they will fail.

You, your life and your body are the same way. You can “take something” homeopathic (a homeopathic remedy, for example). But if you ignore the other systems your life, situations won’t change. In fact they may even get worse.

So here are 10 areas for you to think about.

Each one is important. The best idea is to melt the ice cube from all sides, but you need to start somewhere.

Look over these 7 areas and then tell me what you think about my questions below.

1. Mind – if you want your life to change, your thoughts have to change. If you want things to get better, your mental habits have to get better. A great example of this is negative self-talk. “I’m worthless, things will never work out.” Many kinds of mental habits are unconsciously self-sabataging. There are many ways I can support you to improve your mental habits.

2. Body – We are chemical and electrical. If you want your mood to improve, correct nutrition and body care make a huge difference. Here’s an example. Did you know that some depression can be traced back to a Vitamin D deficiency? We get that from sunlight, but if we don’t get enough, we feel lethargic and sad. There are many nutrients that, if you’re deficient, will impact your energy, mood and attitude. Did you know that too much estrogen can make you moody and short tempered? There are many things I could tell you about homeopathic remedies for the physical body and how supplements can change your life.

3. Spirit – You are not just a personality. You are a divine spark of God’s light in a physical body. The more we human beings wake up to our transpersonal experience, the less we suffer. There is much I can share with you about exploring the experience of your spirituality and your transpersonal Self so that you suffer less.

4. Heart – Whatever pain is not resolved, recycles. “He did this to me, she did that to me.” All of those stories are pain that never got released, resolved and healed. I have spent much of my life doing release work and helping other people do releasework. Emotional stories that play over and over can be permanently resolved in 90 minutes or less.  Emotional triggers can be resolved in as little as 3 breaths.  On the other hand, it’s pretty hard to focus on our joy when we are carrying the weight of a lifetime of pain and frustration on our shoulders. The more you resolve and release, the freer you will be to find peace.

5. Gut – How good are you at replacing blame with non-violent expressions of your core values and needs? How good are you at making clear, doable requests to feed those needs? How good are you at feeding your own needs when others cannot? While name-calling, finger-pointing and blaming others can feel satisfying, it does not solve a thing. If you want to find more peace and joy in your life, it’s vital that you get better at naming your feelings, needs and requests to meet your needs.

6. Action – Nothing changes until you take personal responsibility for change and take action. How good are you at making measurable goals to have the kind of life you want? How good are you at finding multiple strategies to meet your needs and goals? How good are you at doing things to care for yourself instead of blaming others for your misery? There are many ways I help people learn how to coach themselves toward a better life.

7. Interaction and Your Environment – Here’s where other people and the greater world around you come into play. You told me you want to make choices in your environment to help you find peace. That’s great. When our relationships are dramatic, traumatic and full of upheaval, we feel unsettled, anxious and upset. Addressing relationship issues, resolving them or choosing out of them can often make or break your joy. Sometimes it’s best to fight for resolution. Sometimes it’s best to get out of pain’s way. But if you don’t resolve your environment issues, you will continue to find upheaval every day you spend with those situations.

8. Lower Self – What unconscious factors contribute to your unhappy experience?  What shadow work is begging to be done, revealing itself in the face of your frustrations and discontents?  What we resist, persists; by integrating shadow aspects we not only find increased peace with ourselves, we find increased peace, clarity, and right action with the world around us.  Each bit of shadow, ignored, saps a part of our energy.  By revealing and integrating the gift of the shadow, we reclaim psychological and physical resources we often never even imagine possible.

9. Middle Self – What narratives do you hold relative to reality?  Where are your circles of concern, and how do you relate to them?  To what degree do you experience the multi-dimensional being that you are?  While most of us are utterly preoccupied with work and survival, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to escape the hamster wheel of overwork, beta-brain monkey mind chatter, fear-focus and jitters that modern society tends to encourage.  Deepening your active attention to your multi-dimensional self can yield a gentler, simpler and more rewarding life experience.

10. Higher Self – Who are you, most deeply?  Who are you beyond this lifetime?  Even if you don’t believe in life-after-death or souls or reincarnation, nonetheless there is a part of your lifetime that effects the lives that will remain after you die.  Trash you throw away will sit in landfills for generations.  What aspects of your day-to-day practice reflect your experience of your Highest Self and the long-body of Human Being?  What day-to-day practices do you cultivate to connect to and hear your Highest Self and that Inner Guidance each of us has available to us?  What practices do you share in communion with others to cultivate and express the voice of Highest Self?  Exploring this area not only enriches our lives, it can help us find light in very dark moments.

You may or may not find the peace and relief you want by doing just one or two things in one or two areas. You may need to pay attention and attend to things in many areas of the system that you are.  You may even need a system overhaul, and that takes commitment. It’s not easy. And sometimes it can be horribly uncomfortable and downright painful, like trying to do a yoga stretch you’ve never done before. But I can tell you from personal experience, it’s worth it. At the other side you get to enjoy more peace, joy and more fulfillment than you ever imagined possible.

So now the question is:

What would you most like from me next?

I can work with you to cultivate and explore these 10 areas to help you find the life-changing results that you want.  Or you can choose to go somewhere else entirely.  You have all the choice in the world.

What would you most like next, love?


Life As an Adventure

What moves me tonight is exploring the subject of adventure…wanting an adventure…wanting to live Life As an Adventure.

I’ve spent the night exploring the question, “What do I mean by ‘adventure’? What does adventure mean to me?”

First I asked loved ones and then went online and did a google search, “What does adventure mean to you?” Some folks said “travel” or “camping” or “extreme sports”. I quickly realized that that is not what my body says is ‘adventure’. Some said, “doing new things” or “getting out of my comfort zone” or “overcoming an obstacle”. That wasn’t it either.

I spent about an hour wondering, “What the heck is my body trying to tell me it’s craving by ‘adventure’?”

What is most alive for me about adventure?

One thing I realized is that in my type of ‘adventure’, I’m feeling lots of delight and curiosity. I remembered a trip to the British Virgin Islands where we had nothing but time on our hands. On the calendar it said, “Dinner Social Tonight”. I didn’t know what that would be or what it would be about, so I felt curious. We went. I felt curious to see who would be there. I felt delighted to hear people’s stories. It was a mini-adventure. Aha, that’s part of what adventure means to me: delight and curiosity!

What else does my body mean by adventure?

Some folks talk about discovering new things as adventure. In college I used to love to learn languages and to learn ‘new things’. I loved the novelty for the novelty. I loved learning just for the sake of learning. Today that’s not so much the case.

So I kept exploring, and here’s what I found next:

For me, an ‘adventure’ also has something like a story line: there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. That’s what I love about computer adventure games. When I think of ‘adventure’ I think of something like a child’s story called, “The Epic Adventure of Captain Beardhook and His Friends”. It’s a journey, and there’s an intended destination in the journey. We embark, and eventually the journey completes. There’s curiosity about the journey and there’s delight in it. But there’s also a progression and a destination…and there’s a reward (or lots of little rewards) in it somehow.

So now in my exploration of, “What does adventure mean to me,” I have: delight, curiosity and mini-journeys with destinations in mind that reach a completion.

What I realized as I basked in my exploration of what “adventure” means to me, is that I feel very playful. There’s playfulness in me when I’m on an adventure.

So I think I mostly have it now. Delight. My curiosity alive in me. Playfulness. Mini-journeys with destinations in mind that reach a completion and give a little reward or rewards of some sort. That’s my best take on what adventure means to me at this point in my life.

I want to live my live AS an adventure.

What does it mean for me now, in this new life chapter, to live from my delight, my playfulness, with my curiosity engaged? What kind of life feels to me like lots of mini-journeys with beginnings, middles and ends with completions that give lots of little rewards?

Now that I have a better sense of what my body is craving in ‘adventure’, what kind of life do I live that feels that way?

What kind of life lives within me as living life as an adventure?

Peace Prayer for the World

For me, Prayer is an expression of Loving…it is an Experiencing (the thing we are praying for)… It is an act of Creation (alchemy).

Here’s mine:

Peace Prayer For The World

For each one of us

to enjoy Knowing that i’m loved
    and that i’m wanted
    and that i belong, here
to relish enjoying, ‘i have a stable home’
to enjoy the peace and profound joy of, “i am home”
to enjoy feeling so deeply settled
to relish feeling so deeply rested / at rest
to cherish feeling absolute peace
    that my + my loved ones’ + others needs are fully attended to
to relish having the space and peace of mind,
to be relishing engaging my self-expression, explorations and quiet joys
to bask in the joy of feeling so comfortable and so at ease
to quietly delight in sharing my love
    and to cherish having it received and enjoyed
to relish the joy and pleasure of enjoying living in space that is
    elegant, effective, efficient, beautiful, luxurious
to enjoy daily relishing nature and sunlight and quiet, peaceful space
to enjoy bonding with nature and sunlight and creatures around me – love–ing them

To enjoy the joy of LIVING on vacation

For this I pray for each of us. Amen.

Thank you Love!

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