Life As an Adventure

What moves me tonight is exploring the subject of adventure…wanting an adventure…wanting to live Life As an Adventure.

I’ve spent the night exploring the question, “What do I mean by ‘adventure’? What does adventure mean to me?”

First I asked loved ones and then went online and did a google search, “What does adventure mean to you?” Some folks said “travel” or “camping” or “extreme sports”. I quickly realized that that is not what my body says is ‘adventure’. Some said, “doing new things” or “getting out of my comfort zone” or “overcoming an obstacle”. That wasn’t it either.

I spent about an hour wondering, “What the heck is my body trying to tell me it’s craving by ‘adventure’?”

What is most alive for me about adventure?

One thing I realized is that in my type of ‘adventure’, I’m feeling lots of delight and curiosity. I remembered a trip to the British Virgin Islands where we had nothing but time on our hands. On the calendar it said, “Dinner Social Tonight”. I didn’t know what that would be or what it would be about, so I felt curious. We went. I felt curious to see who would be there. I felt delighted to hear people’s stories. It was a mini-adventure. Aha, that’s part of what adventure means to me: delight and curiosity!

What else does my body mean by adventure?

Some folks talk about discovering new things as adventure. In college I used to love to learn languages and to learn ‘new things’. I loved the novelty for the novelty. I loved learning just for the sake of learning. Today that’s not so much the case.

So I kept exploring, and here’s what I found next:

For me, an ‘adventure’ also has something like a story line: there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. That’s what I love about computer adventure games. When I think of ‘adventure’ I think of something like a child’s story called, “The Epic Adventure of Captain Beardhook and His Friends”. It’s a journey, and there’s an intended destination in the journey. We embark, and eventually the journey completes. There’s curiosity about the journey and there’s delight in it. But there’s also a progression and a destination…and there’s a reward (or lots of little rewards) in it somehow.

So now in my exploration of, “What does adventure mean to me,” I have: delight, curiosity and mini-journeys with destinations in mind that reach a completion.

What I realized as I basked in my exploration of what “adventure” means to me, is that I feel very playful. There’s playfulness in me when I’m on an adventure.

So I think I mostly have it now. Delight. My curiosity alive in me. Playfulness. Mini-journeys with destinations in mind that reach a completion and give a little reward or rewards of some sort. That’s my best take on what adventure means to me at this point in my life.

I want to live my live AS an adventure.

What does it mean for me now, in this new life chapter, to live from my delight, my playfulness, with my curiosity engaged? What kind of life feels to me like lots of mini-journeys with beginnings, middles and ends with completions that give lots of little rewards?

Now that I have a better sense of what my body is craving in ‘adventure’, what kind of life do I live that feels that way?

What kind of life lives within me as living life as an adventure?


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