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NotesPlus App V3 for iPad – Review

As some of you know I’ve been beta-testing the NotesPlusApp V3+ (Viet Tran’s app).

If you have an iPad – NotesPlus is Amazing. Get it. Period. Why? Details below.

This app replaces pen/paper for me for everything I do.

Yes, it still has bugs, but they pale in comparison to everything this app does well:

– handwriting recognition, search on handwritten text
– drawing, shapes, automatic shape recognition
– takes images in from camera, from browser, or from photo roll
– image manipulation – rotate images, ‘send to back’ layering, scale, change aspect ratio
– recordings on note pages, also viewable in library
– PDF import and annotation – PDF export (to email, more)
– dual-panels – view PDF or browser on the left, edit notebook (or annotate the same PDF different page) on right
– collaboration using webarchive format – email your notebook to another NP3 user for updates.
– view webarchive (notebooks) in web browser
– insert shapes – rectangles, circles, hexagons, etc.
– copy/paste clipboard to paste any object between pages/books
– page naming so you can search pages like a table of contents
– page manipulation – renaming, moving, copying between notebooks, delete, insert…
– keyboard / typing friendly – I use my bluetooth keyboard for fast full-page typing
– close-up and auto-advance for handwriting precision
– palm protection
– *** left-hand writing support
– *** right-to-left writing support
– scribble out words to delete them
– circle items to select them

There is more. And the team is already in beta-testing v3.0.1 for quick release. Hugely responsive customer support website.

But that isn’t the big plus –

How many apps do you know that do PDF annotation AND recording AND image manipulation AND handwriting-recognition AND let you crop and copy bits of webpages to your document AND do document-sharing/collaboration with others?

At the very least, this app is 5 apps in one. Some flaws? Yes. Worth it? Holy Cow yes.

Yes I do think the dev team could use better organization, testing and roll-out practices.

But this app is quickly becoming my holy grail note-taking app anyway.

Looking forward to the v3.0.1 upgrades (and beyond).


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