Personal New Year's Update

Hi again. 🙂 How are you?

Well I’m writing this post because I’ve not written a post in a while…because I’ve not returned most emails or phone calls in a while…because I wanted to share what’s new….all of the above…. 😉

It’s been a trying last year for me.  As you may know, I was struggling with fibroids so debilitating that my cycles lasted 15 days every month and about a week of that with such severe blood loss that I literally could not get out of bed from exhaustion; walking the 12 feet to my bathroom would make me dizzy; lifting my arms took effort.  I worried I’d start needing transfusions.  The osteopath I went to told me I had several deficiencies – of course anemia, with my hemoglobin stores down to 4 out of 11, B-12, vitamin D, vitamin A, etc etc etc…  The iron supplements and multi-vitamins I took to combat the drain on my system made me nauseous, as did the Chinese herbs I was taking to try to reduce the fibroids, so when I was not in bed exhausted I was almost constantly nauseous.  To top it off, insomnia plays a huge part of my day-to-day life – which really messes me up both in mental clarity and in emotional stability.  And did I mention my RLS had gotten worse?

Thank goodness I think I’m finally coming out of this very long freefall I’ve been in.  The Chinese herbs seem to be having an affect and I suffer less nausea.  The last 2 months have been progressively improving (slightly reduced blood loss).  The last 2 months my cycle dropped from 15 days to 13.  This month Rumi and I even went out one night!

For any women who may be reading – estrogen dominance really messed up my system – be careful!  For me the result was fibroids, uterine cysts, cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer), hot flashes (the result of suddenly plummeting estrogen when estrogen was too high previously), complications with adrenal fatigue and spiking cortisol levels (which contributed to the insomnia and made my RLS worse).  Turns out it’s also a factor in breast cancer, uterine cancers, enlarged prostates, weight gain (estrogen binds to salt and increases water retention) – it’s bad, and I’m mortified that western medicine doesn’t have a better handle on this yet.

I’m finally beginning to get a handle on it it seems, but it’s taken acupressure, daily yoga, 2 kinds of Chinese herbs, changes in my diet, changing all soap products (no SLS), and several daily tinctures to begin to make a difference.

Finally now I can see the results of my estrogen levels stabilizing to ‘more normal’ (as long as I stay on my regimens religiously).

No surprise, all of this coincided with me going through a kind of mid-life crisis, a kind of ego-death devastating most of how I used to operate.  Thank goodness.  I came from a world of trying to be independent, highly competent, so smart and skilled and talented that I’d be loved and wanted and worthwhile to people around me.  Hard gig.  😉

Now I’m letting go, and letting Be. Thank goodness.  It’s easier.  And I’m experiencing more settled in my body, more softness, more ease.

The results of the change have included me deciding that I will ‘retire’ my coaching practice and my coach certification business.  This was a hard decision for me, given that this baby of mine has been the main purpose poking me every day and keeping me structured for … well, for my entire adult life.  Who am I without TIA or my coaching business?  Who am I when I’m not trying to make the world a better place that I can feel safe in and feel like I belong in?

This has been part of the discovery process of this last many months.  I’m still learning.

I don’t think any of this is only about biochemistry or about a cycle of human development.  I think it’s about the way fear has been the foundational underpinning of my life until now, showing up as body bracing so severe that it created stagnation in my uterus.  I think it’s about the way my entire family constellation may be suffering the wound of not feeling loved for the love that each of us are.

And I think it’s about the Ascension process that I believe is a part of humanity’s evolution that is beginning to take a strong hold on all of us right now, ever more each day.

I think this ‘time’ is about a cleaning process.  I’m cleaning out biochemically, emotionally, and in my daily life tasks.  I’m not able to push anything anymore, I’m being forced to live more and more from Love.  What is next?  What Love moves me now?  What do I not really Love that needs to transition out of my life?  What Love have I not expressed or cultivated that wants to express through me right now?

Are you experiencing any of this?  Is your appetite changing, literally or metaphorically?  Are you noticing any cleansing or purging happening in your life?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what the new chapter will look like.  I hope that reading this will help you understand why I’ve been so out of touch and out of sight.

And I hope it may contribute to your clarity for what you or someone you know may be going through.

For me, for now, I’m going to wrap this up and see what calls me next.

Many blessings for a holy, easier New Year to you.

With love,



4 Responses to “Personal New Year's Update”

  1. 1 Nicole Oxendine February 7, 2012 at 6:30 am

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been through the wringer BeautifulOne… and I trust deeply that the journey leads us where we will best serve and be served… and it sounds like new adventures are opening for you! Blessings and your courageous endings and bountiful new beginnings… ox, Nicole

    • 2 Gail (Maya-G) Taylor February 10, 2012 at 3:09 pm

      Thank you so much dear Heart 🙂 Sometimes the wringer can be freeing, it’s just not such an easy part of the journey to walk. I trust that there’s always a new beginning each morning, and keep feeling into deep guidance for what step moves me this next moment. Blessings to you too and to the girls – Miss you all!! Love, M-g

  2. 3 Monty Ruhter August 9, 2012 at 1:17 am

    Iron supplements are great specially if you have anemia caused by depletion of iron. be advised that iron supplements can cause black stools. ‘`’,.

    Kind regards

    • 4 Gail (Maya-G) Taylor August 9, 2012 at 1:11 pm

      Thank you @Monty. I’ve had anemia on and off for as long as I can remember, so I’m familiar with iron supplements. In fact I *just* learned that elemental iron is only 8% bioavailable, while chelated forms of iron (and any supplement) tend to be more absorbable by the body.

      This last two months, while discovering that all of my symptoms (including my fibroids) are related to Adrenal Exhaustion, I’ve gone on a new custom protocol which included going on a low-carb diet (hugely clearing, surprisingly), taking colloidal iodine to support my thyroid, taking very specific quantities of many supplements to stabilize my adrenal/cortisol activity, and taking varying quantities of turmeric to oppose estrogen dominance that lead to my fibroids in the first place. For the primary learning I got about the OAT axis imbalance (Ovarian, Adrenal, Thyroid) I must thank

      I’ve been on my custom protocol 3 weeks now, and have already experienced radical shifts in my body’s behavior – fewer and less severe hypoglycemic episodes, reduced menstrual bleeding (related to adrenal and cortisol spikes because of the hypoglycemia, as well as reduced clotting from high-level estrogen), increased energy (from the low-carb diet; also the daily supplements and high-dose vit c helped with this, although one should be careful about stimulating the body with vit c if they have adrenal fatigue), fewer hypoglycemic mood swings (I’m even feeling hungry before blood sugar crashes again, which was not true the last two months), and more.

      Anyway, all of this to say “Thank you” for your care and recommendation.

      Hopefully the update here (from fibroids to Adrenal Exhaustion, and Dr. Lam’s site) will help others who are also suffering from fibroids, estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion.

      Blessings to you,

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