Have you heard…?

Have you heard about Nibiru, also known by many other names (Neberu, Nebiru, Planet X, 2003 UB-313, Planet Eris, Marduk, Nibirus Minoris, Wormwood and others)?

If not, you should.  This body and its many moons, during its clockwise orbit around a brown dwarf (the second star in our binary star system) has a very wide orbit that crosses through our solar system (near Jupiter) every 3600 years.  It’s said to be on the way here again, now.  By the way, it’s huge, larger than Jupiter, and passing through our solar system would magnetically attract our south pole and literally flip the planet into a 180 degree pole reversal in as little as three days.

Information about Nibiru includes:

This is not the same body as the comet Elenin, which passed last November, although some say Elenin is a satellite that lets us know Nibiru is on the way.

I wonder if the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 because that’s when Nibiru’s path visits us again, and they could not predict what impact it will have.  Noah survived it and the Sumerians were around to talk about it, so presumably it is a survivable phenomena.  However according to Sumerian texts it was also a Nibiru visit that impacted Earth (Tiamet) so dearly that it split the planet in half resulting in the Asteroid Belt and our moon.  Biblical accounts and prophesies match accounts and warnings of Nibiru.  Welcome, rosey crossing neighbor.

Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to step into the Light that we most deeply Are.  It’s time.

What will you be doing from November this year to Dec 2014?

Let’s talk!

Meanwhile, if you really want to take a walk on the “wild” side, I also liked this video synopsis about Nibiru and also liked this very coherent report also including info on the origin of Human DNA and Sumerian Texts.  Here’s a two-hour radio interview about it (including a long list of historical evidence) and a page with several ‘safe locations during pole shifts‘ videos.


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