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Geometry Teaching Me

So it’s been a while now that I’ve been meditating on geometric forms, and getting ‘downloads’ about the nature of nature. Of course this relates to my study of Nassim Haramein, Marco Rodin, Walter Russell, and many others.

However today my body learned something new – Thanks to friend Jim Hausman, I have the tools I need to build a tangible 3D model of …well, anything I want – and now I’m learning a TON about the nature of nature – I understand the fabric of the Etheric Field and how Matter Coheres within It. Yowie! Thank you Jim!!

When you take a 3D Icosahedron, and build it out – it first turns Vesica Pisces, then the Tree of Life, then it literally becomes a 3D version of the Flower Of Life.

Aha. This is the way matter coheres in space time (this assumes you already know or remember that the fabric of space-time can be described in geometry of a cube octahedron built out through a tetragrammaton oops, I mean a tetrahedron, and then through the star tetrahedron (both polarities m/f occupying the same space) and then built out even more through the tantric terra prana star – which if you turn it in a particular angle reveals itself as a kind of square shape, but is not in its nature founded on squares).

Yes, I said it – I believe I’m coming to greater and greater understanding of the fabric of the Etheric Field and how Matter Coheres within It.

I know this will only make sense to those in the know.

I’m just hoping that by posting this – a.) theme in the know will find me and b.) I might get some companionship in celebrating my learning from everyone else even if you don’t understand the details.

Ever closer to understanding the dynamics of Creation,
and reaching for Etheric Free Energy from within that grokking of Nature’s nature,


Free Energy ala Marco Rodin

Ages back I posted a post about Rodin’s math and how his insights into the torus and vorticular dynamics related to free energy, cymatics, creation, engineering, and the nature of The Universe Herself.

Well now I’m not so alone in understanding the value of this technology:

TED Talk On Rodin’s Vortex Math


And he wants to open-source it – just as I would.

It’s Coming! Can you feel it can you feel it?

Today's Practice – Living There Now

Today’s Practice – Why is my personality waiting for some “Golden Age” or change of circumstances to happen?

Consciously or unconsciously We Are Divine Children, capable of first (I), second (He), and third-person (It) relationships to God. I know these in my body. I also know my first-person capacity as Conscious Creator. I remember my First Choice. So I hereby remember and retake my Sovereignty. I re-member my alchemical Leverage. And as Creator in the experience of Maya-G –

I choose to stand, now, in the life I wish to live.

Today's Practice – Self Trust

I trust my Self and stand in my “No.”

Easy Change

“There’s nothing in a caterpillar that tells you that it’s going to be a butterfly.” “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

Also posted on my Facebook Page, here:

Temp FAQ for

UPDATE: As of Dec 2012, still needs cooperative collaboration. I can’t do it alone. If you’d like to collaborate on it, please email me at mayagayam at gmail.


As you may or may not know, last week or so I started inviting ecstatic friends to join me in launching an online gift economy hub, and progress is going wonderfully! For more information (or to be included in the conversation) you can click “Like!” on our Facebook Page or you can see the temporary design template at .

Meanwhile several people have said, “Tell me more.”

So I’m posting this temporary FAQ page until the actual page on the site is created by our group.

Hope you enjoy!

Gift Economy FAQ 
(Written by Maya GailTaylor.  2012 Creative Commons License - Edited or Unedited copies of this FAQ may be distributed provided that you acknowledge my contribution and include a link back to

What is Gift Economy?

Gift Economy is a supplement to our monetary-based economy; for more and more of us it's a living alternative.  In a gift economy, each one of us practices gifting.  Often.  Monthly.  Weekly.  Daily.

So you mean I give away everything I have?

No, you gift from your extra, and you give from your joy.  Receiving is the mate to gifting.  Sometimes, you might ask for things you need or want to receive.

So basically it's an exchange?

No, actually. Gift Economy creates an infinite and richly abundant network of circulating goods, services and time available for whoever needs it.

The simple 1-to-1 of exchange, barter, or time-banking is limited in reach and can sometimes result in resentment when one person feels they received less value than they gave.

In a Gift Economy, most of us give more than we need to receive (ex: one gift weekly, no matter how big or small).  This creates a wide network - like the Internet - that explodes to a level of circulation and abundance that we couldn't possibly think up, plan or make happen.

Also, unlike a standard monetary economy, Gift Economy produces an upward spiral of freedom.  People sharing Gift Economy get to live what they love and give from their excitement instead of working what they "have to do" to gain income.

People are lazy, they won't do that. This won't work.

Actually, proof that people are not lazy is all around you.

Take the Internet for example.  If you need some information or need to find something to buy, you go to the 'Net and you find far, far more sources than you ever could have needed.  Most of those pages were generated in innumerable hours of effort by people who - UNpaid! - were working from their joy, their interest, and their loves.  The result is an overwhelming abundance that provides more than you or any one person could ever need.

This same paradigm is now showing up in all walks of life - in open source technology, in the Creative Commons, in the TED Talks, in time banking, in the Occupy movement, in Freeware, FreeCycle, CouchSurfing, Meetup-groups, local Gift Economy Gifting Circles, KickStarter, cooperatives, the list goes on and on.

More and more of society is realizing this truth:

When we each live from what we enjoy, we are all highly productive, eager, contributing members of society.

Gift Economy already is working.  There just hasn't been an online hub like this one until now.

Wait, so I have to come up with something to give every week?

You never "have to" do anything - do because you enjoy it.  Weekly gifting helps the network work, so we request it.  But gift monthly if you prefer.  Or gift Daily if you prefer.

Gifting is easy and fun - simply gift from your extra, and gift from your love.  We all have lots to offer.  You have far more to offer than you may realize.  Just act out of your joy, your sense of play, your delight, or your "calling".

Still stuck?  On you will find a list of gifting ideas.  Or gift in response to a request that someone else posted that moves you.  Or look at the stories and celebrations written by folks who have gifted or received and find ideas there.  Also, when you're a member of, you'll also have access to weekly gifting "challenges" and ideas;  "Missions, should you choose to accept them."  You could even make a game between you and your friends to see who can complete the weekly challenge first. 🙂

Isn't this like Marxism or Socialism or Communism?  Look at Russia - those systems don't work.

Nope.  This is different, and it already is working, you just aren't a part of it yet.

In Gift Economy, private ownership is not lost, you are still free to own whatever you own.  Next, unlike other systems, this is not imposed by some government decision - you get to join in if you "get it" and participate, and if you don't want to you get to choose something else you prefer, like the cash-based economy.  Next, you don't gift because someone "needs" it and you're obligated or because it's "for the good of all", you gift because you love it, you feel great about it, because you can gift, and because you want to.  External demand or urgency is discouraging.  Doing what you love is fun and full of delight.  Unlike the cash-based economy, this environment gives you the opportunity to live from your delight instead of "have to"s.  This increases gifting and perpetually adds more resources to the system.  Just think of how energized you are when you're doing things you like to do.

What do you mean "Gifting Is Fun"?  

It just is.  We get to show off our talents. We get to connect with other amazing people who are heart-ful, playful and talented. We get to contribute and feel valuable.  We get to feel wanted and needed. We get to be celebrated and appreciated for our gifts. We get the pleasure of joy when we receive a gift we need. We also get to see others' joy when they get what they need. This is called compersion.  Gifting is fun because it's coming out of play, no strings attached, no obligations, no demands.

But if someone else takes a gift that I want, that's less for me.

I hear you're afraid there'll be less for you, but that's not how it actually works.  Try this coat on, "It's possible that what I think, is what I get.  I'm willing to try a new way of thinking.  It's possible that there is a reality that I have not experienced yet because I didn't believe it was possible yet."

In the Gift Economy reality, more for others is more for me.  Just gift regularly, then when you need something, ask for what you need and want.

In a Gift Economy environment, we realize that:

- The more we each give from our calling (give from our love), the more everyone has.
- The more everyone else has, the more they have to give, thus the more I get to benefit.  Gift Economy benefits me, directly.
- We all live in a naturally infinite, abundant world.  When lots of us choose regular action (gifting out of joy), the natural outcome is plenty for everyone - abundance.

Just ask.

Well then, I guess I'll just sit back, take gifts and sponge off the system.

Yeah, that's not going to work.  In Gift Economy we look out for each other; we also look out for the whole body.  The way we take care of the whole body is through transparency.  You get seen and celebrated for your gifting.  You also get seen if you're taking lots more than you give.

This transparency means that if your take-to-give ratio starts to grow bigger than your give-to-receive ratio, it'll show up on your profile, and people will be less inclined to give to you.  If you gift often, that shows too; we get to see you and celebrate and acknowledge you for your generosity, and your social capital grows.  If you're a leech, we see it and your social capital dies.  As your social capital dies, your ability to harvest off others' joy will die too.  Eventually, if your ratio is in the negative long enough, you will be bumped out of the system, in the same way anti-bodies bump a virus out of a healthy body.  This isn't a Take-Economy, it's a Gift-Economy.

We welcome those who contribute to the health of the whole, and we do not support those who contribute to the decline of the whole.

Wait, does that mean my bedridden Grandmother / friend / neighbor can't participate?

Of course they can participate.  Anyone who can take gifts from the community has something they can give too.  Knowledge, expertise, time, companionship by phone to someone else and writing are just a few ideas.

What if I want to retire and still take gifts?  Will I get bumped from the system?  

That depends on what social capital you've built as you start taking more support.  Even retirees have a lot to give.  If you've built a social capital that's high enough, you can receive gifts you need even if you retire or take time off. All the more reason to jump in and start gifting today!

What about old age?  What if I get Alzheimer's or something and become physically and mentally unable to gift?  Will I get bumped from the system?

For old-age security, remember that community-building and building social capital takes time, and what you put in matters.  All the more reason to jump in and start gifting today!  Meanwhile, it's also likely that you already have some support from your friends and family; others can ask for support on your behalf, and your family and friends can still provide immediate help to you as they did before your Gift Economy participation.

I'm still afraid this won't support me and my family the way what I do now supports us.

Actually, unlike current US economy failures where social security is dying, pensions are giving way to lay-offs, the top 1% benefit off the work of the many, and hoarding that means that 1% of the world's population lets 95% of the worlds resources sit around stagnating and collecting dust, Gift Economy produces true "social security" and resource circulation.

Once you're in the know, these truths become self-evident:

- The more others get what they need, the more they can give, thus the more of a safety net I have when I need something.  
- Like children, when others get what they need, they are naturally more benevolent and giving, and disinclined to harm life; this reduces crime.  
- When we all look out for each other we all benefit.  
- When there is so much abundance that everyone is taken care of - I get taken care of too.

These dynamics don't surface in a society of scarcity, labor demands and blackmail ("Do it or I'll fire you and find someone who will."), wages that do not cover the cost of living, and the despair, disenfranchisement and distrust that comes from a culture where, "each person looks out for himself".

Where the cash-and-credit economy fails by indebting its members to interest-based obligations that compound over time, benefitting the few while demanding servitude from the many, Gift Economy involves no debt, increases community trust, obsoletes obligation-based power-over structures, and produces true social security, community bonding, individual freedom of choice, freedom from fear instead of hoarding in fear, and it supports Life thriving - abundance for all.

If you're still unsure, do a bit of both.  Gift for the fun of it, and see how it goes.

Well I guess that answers my questions.

Great!  Then you're welcome to join in the fun and help us create a new world experience - a world that works for everyone, full of easy access to the resources we need to live as we wish.

How do I get started?

We're inviting ecstatic participants to help launch an online Gift Economy hub at  As of May 25, 2012, the URL has been online just one week. At the end of the month we're doing a conference call toward full site launch.  During that call we'll talk more about and offer folks specific launch and gifting opportunities.  Once the site launches, everyone will be welcome to join.

To be included in conference call and launch invitations, please click "Like" on the page at and we'll connect!

Still not quite clear? You can learn more about Gift Economy at these links:

Charles Eisenstein’s Brief Overview
So natural, A 6-yr Old Explains It
Another culture’s success – Mali’s Example
How Gift Economy Builds Connection and Community – Charles Eisenstein
37 Ways To Join The Gift Economy

Other Great Gift Economy Websites and Links – see also, Freecycle in your city in Yahoo Groups
More Gift Economy Websites
Time Banking
CouchSurfers – see also –
Women’s Share – see also here.
– Kick Starter –
Dream Connect Global – Sharing support to help each others’ dreams come true.

Templates for Local In-Person Groups doing Gift Economy
– Charles Eisenstein –

Today's Practice – Tuning In To Inner Guidance

My practice for today and many days to come I suppose –

When I notice I’m “trying” to connect to others (and the feeling nervous I get when I’m there), Remember to Tune-In to Inner Guidance, Inner Knowing, what my body knows.  It’s through That Portal that my relationship to other and to the world lives, naturally.  It (capital It) just Is.

Thank you Love!

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