Geometry Teaching Me

So it’s been a while now that I’ve been meditating on geometric forms, and getting ‘downloads’ about the nature of nature. Of course this relates to my study of Nassim Haramein, Marco Rodin, Walter Russell, and many others.

However today my body learned something new – Thanks to friend Jim Hausman, I have the tools I need to build a tangible 3D model of …well, anything I want – and now I’m learning a TON about the nature of nature – I understand the fabric of the Etheric Field and how Matter Coheres within It. Yowie! Thank you Jim!!

When you take a 3D Icosahedron, and build it out – it first turns Vesica Pisces, then the Tree of Life, then it literally becomes a 3D version of the Flower Of Life.

Aha. This is the way matter coheres in space time (this assumes you already know or remember that the fabric of space-time can be described in geometry of a cube octahedron built out through a tetragrammaton oops, I mean a tetrahedron, and then through the star tetrahedron (both polarities m/f occupying the same space) and then built out even more through the tantric terra prana star – which if you turn it in a particular angle reveals itself as a kind of square shape, but is not in its nature founded on squares).

Yes, I said it – I believe I’m coming to greater and greater understanding of the fabric of the Etheric Field and how Matter Coheres within It.

I know this will only make sense to those in the know.

I’m just hoping that by posting this – a.) theme in the know will find me and b.) I might get some companionship in celebrating my learning from everyone else even if you don’t understand the details.

Ever closer to understanding the dynamics of Creation,
and reaching for Etheric Free Energy from within that grokking of Nature’s nature,


2 Responses to “Geometry Teaching Me”

  1. 1 Carey Mann's - The Bridge June 23, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Thanks for this blog! xx

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