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WARNING – Dark Sense Of Humor Required

This is a comedy clip done by one of Conin O’Brian’s staffers, about a place in Chicago.

Before you watch — you should know that this is NOT FOR CHILDREN. People with a sensitivity to cursing or insults should also not watch, you will be offended.

This is a hot-dog vendor in Chicago where, like the Soup Nazi, the sport of buying food there includes unrestricted insults in both directions. THIS VIDEO IS UNCENSORED.

And what the staffer does with the place is hugely, hugely funny. Humor trumps hostility, b’s.


Clip here.

Allowing Me = Care for Capital-S Self

This last week I’ve experienced such deep calm, confidence, and “having myself” fluidly and easily. One of my practices that came forward this week I wrote in my journal like this:

“Standing in what my body “knows” (in other words, Having Me, allowing me), from the inner simplicity of “matter-of-fact”ness, is one of the ways I take care of MySelf.”

This is a huge difference in me compared to my old habits of self-doubt and self-denial (not allowing myself actions or experiences that actually my heart or my body yearned for).

I’m feeling such open, such calm.

How about you? How is your week?
With loving blessings,

Tools that Build Themselves

Custom tools, tools that build themselves? What?

Oh so so much fun…—articles/articles/manufacturing—processing/custom-tool-kit-of-the-future


Respectful Mastery with Nature

I absolutely love this video – a TED Talk where he shows how a man in Spain works with nature – and gets more and better out – because of his choices:


Gentler Perspective on Jealousy

Today I saw a post someone wrote – an ad – saying, “Jealousy is the inability to appreciate what we have.”

I invite us to this kinder, more compassionate perspective –

Jealousy is the pain we feel when we have not yet acknowledged and resolved the ache of a deep unfulfilled yearning we have inside.

With releaseful self-empathy (mourning the gap between what we want and where we are currently), we get relief from the ache of unfulfillment, and our ability to be grateful and have Compersion (joy for others’ joy) naturally surfaces.

Jealousy is a symptom that there is something in US that WE have not yet cared for and fed properly.

With love and blessings,

Thank you Love!

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