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Draft – Foundational Physics

As I wrote in this post, I’m studying and experimenting with science informed by many thinkers, scientists and disciplines, and attempting to cohere what I find, learn and understand here.

This is my preliminary attempt at a foundational physics statement that integrates all I am learning into one unified theory.

I recommend you read it like a movie: just scan the words and let the text wash over you, like art.

(You can see pictures of the geometry here.)

Let your subconscious do the work rather than “trying to understand it” (although some will actually cognitively understand it).

If you do understand some or all of the physics references I write about here, and especially if you are adept at higher math and physics math (trig, wave functions, etc.), I’d love to talk and possibly collaborate; I’d love to see this draft integrate the actual mathematics, and while I have leads and know where to look, I don’t have the full mathematics skill yet so I could use some help.

You can email me at mayagayam at gmail.


Space, comprised of active consciousness (historically referred to as aether), is a non-empty field of vibration and activity, whose activities tends to cohere, under the influence of rhythmic vibrations consonant with Phi, pi and sacred geometry, into ordered bodies aligning along a predictable grid lattice framework revealed by the geometry of the cube octahedron, tetrahedron, and the subsequent two-frequency geometry revealed in the 64-cubeoctahedron, also known as the Tantric Terra Prana Star, known in its 2-D form as the Sri Yantra.  

Coherence originates in the form of waves, spin / spiral and subsequent apparent toroidal and resulting spherical forms that appear at our scale of observation to be solid holonic forms (atoms, photons, phonons, particles, planets, galaxies, etc.).  However we know form to be an illusion of solidity, as we know the atom is not truly solid, nor is a galaxy a solid holon even though a picture of the galaxy might demonstrate an identifiable area of coherent activity.  

Under the influence of vibration consonant with Phi, pi and sacred geometry, basic spin and toroidal architecture dynamics cohere in predictable geometric patterns and frequencies revealed by the icosahedron, vesica pisces, and subsequently the geometry of a 2-frequency geometry (called what?) whose 2-D form is called the Seed of Life and the 3-frequency geometry (called what?) whose 2-D form is called the Flower of Life.  

All elements are made of the same fabric of space / active consciousness, cohered into varying combinations of spin and charge.  

Charge is our way of referring to various bi-polar, bi-directional field dynamics emerging from spin. Charge dynamics are properties of spin in the same way a north and south axis is an emergent property of the spin of a gyroscope.

All forms in spin carry at least four dimensional properties, which we observe as spin effects, each with a bi-polar manifestation (charges). These four dimensional properties and the related observable effects are most observable to us at 90-degree angles from each other; two in transverse wave effects and two in longitudinal wave effects.  

These four dimensional effects/properties are:

  • The Magnetic Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently toward and apparently away from, or gravity and antigravity/lift). The magnetic effect is actually made up of one activity – push – in dual directions with a neutral zone between them, occurring in transverse wave/spiral/toroidal coherences which, depending on which effect is dominant, we refer to as North, South or neutral magnetic charge (poles). We can also consider this the property of height, the x-axis.
  • The Electrical Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently positive or negative charge). The electrical effect is actually made up of one activity (thrust) in dual directions (spin up / spin down) with a neutral state (transition zone) between them, occurring in transverse wave/spiral/toroidal coherences which, depending on which activity is dominant, we refer to as positive, negative or neutral charge. We notice electricity and magnetism most visible at 90-degrees to the magnetic N/S, in other words, by way of east and west. We also call this width/breadth, the y-axis.
  • We notice electricity and magnetism most visible at 90-degrees to each other because they are actually complementary and counterbalancing twins of the transverse wave dynamic (current).

  • The Scalar Effect (which manifests as apparently dual/bipolar activities of apparently inward or outward impact). The scalar effect is actually made up of one activity (impact) with a neutral center between forward/back oscillations, which occur in longitudinal wave/spiral coherences which, depending on which activity is dominant, we call outward or inward impact. Sound is related to the scalar effect. We also refer to this dimension property as depth, or the z-axis.
  • The Time Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently before and after). The time effect is actually made up of one neutral activity, Now/infinite, with an apparent bidirectional past and future, which occurs in longitudinal wave/cyclical/spiral spin coherences which, depending on the focal point in reference, we call before and after or cause and effect.
  • We notice time effects from scalar wave experiments because they are actually complementary and counterbalancing twins of the longitudinal wave dynamic (shock wave).

Any equations attempting to describe fundamental physics while omitting one or more of these dimensions is inherently incomplete and flawed at best, misleading at worst.  

There are other properties/effects belonging to local coherent bodies, such as temperature.

There are other environmentally-related properties as well, including (speed of rotation) and (speed of) revolution, which are inversely proportional to each other, and can be predicted and calculated in relationship to distance.

Energy is the manifest result of these dynamic effects.  

Mass is merely the perceptive illusion of solidity comprised of complex coherences of these 4 effects.

Each local coherence/body (apparent mass) expresses in predictable, apparently finite gradients determined by the cumulative effect of its coherence and its interaction with neighboring activities, but whose scalar dimension communicates its information instantly and infinitely through time.

A complete understanding of these fundamental topics, as is now emerging, allows for predictable and replicable frequency-based manipulation of formerly impossible topics such as anti-gravity/levitation, matter transformation, matter transmutation, local element generation and free energy (where free energy is defined by work performed by scalar wave dynamics previously unknown to the mainstream, but studied under such labels as zero point, dark energy, energy from the vacuum, etc.).

Furthermore, mastery of these fundamental physics reveals great power relative to spiritual, personal, interpersonal, and creative topics. Thoughts are things, specifically, vibrational things with the same properties of all wave forms (coherence or lack thereof, magnetic effect or repulsion, polarity where others may take opposite positions, communicative impact – scalar – effects or lack thereof, and relationship to sequence and time).

Where we are geometrically (Phi) consonant emergent properties of the rhythmic “thinking” of consciousness, we are given free will in that we have the capacity to choose to create out of what is not consonant with the perfection and order of sacred geometry, so that we may enjoy the fullness of Experience in all its permutations, informing consciousness itself, before we dissolve again into the fabric of Great Order. In this we are organs of Creation, perceiving experience and digesting it for use by the morphogenic field.

More spectacularly, we are truly hands of the Creator, in that we are capable of thought and emotion, and all thought and emotion are comprised of vibration, and all vibration impacts the field.

For example, emotions consonant with sacred geometry include love, bliss, and gratitude/appreciation. Meditation and resolving pain are acts that allow these natural emotional and subtle states to arise in us. Research shows that actions and creation performed from these resonant frequencies influence the environment in ways that contribute to life’s harmony and thriving.

Emotions inconsonant with sacred geometry include distain, disrespect and loathing. These are most often the product of unresolved pain and related anger, which pinches us off from the other more normally dominant states (children are not born disdainful, cynical or angry). Research shows that actions and creation performed from these disrupted frequencies influence the environment in ways that contribute to life being unbalanced, in disharmony, distorted, disrupted, or terminated.

Ultimately, our understanding of whole physics can seed a population tangibly informed as to how our choices as Creators impact and contribute to the reality we experience.

With this conscious awareness, we are empowered with the Divine opportunity, and choice, to partner with Creation itself.

Today’s Practice: Loving – Surrendering my Contain-er

Surrendering my Contain-er…as if my love were within me, contained, to be dolled out only in the right circumstances and to the right people…surrendering she who controls and meters out the when and the how much…surrendering my Contain-er.

My new Practice – similar to ‘random acts of kindness’ – a kind of deliberate, willful mischief of infusing random moments and random passers-by with heart, love, inspiration, invitations to play in the moment…asking people their stories until their light shines…hugging random strangers who look lonely…inviting a solitary person to join us at our table or movie seat…surprising people with a depth of loving kindness beyond what they imagined socially available…making good trouble…deliberate, willful mischievous acts of loving.

…sending out ripples of this energy into the pool of Great Order…

There’s no where to go, nowhere to be, nothing to get done. Why not give this kind of love? I give up my Contain-er. If once upon a time my Observer watched and felt sad at what I saw, this is my Observer standing as Creator, sending ripples of mischievous Love into the field.

What else is there better to do with a lifetime?

Highly Recommended – Movie

Highly Recommended Movie – 80 min –
About the Wisdom Age we are now entering:

Common Threads in New Science

What you’re about to read are topics I have gathered from my research and studies – and found in common – among many mainstream scientists, military experts, thinkers, and lineages including: quantum physics, string theory, Cymatics, Steven Hawking, Electric Universe theory, Marco Rodin, Ed Leedskalnin, Nassim Haramein, John Hutchinson, Tesla, Paul LaViolette, Walter Russell, rexresearch, “free energy” builds, Dr. Thomas Valone, pre-Sumerian history and ancient texts like the Book of Enoch and The Kybalion, the Qabala, sacred geometry, Viktor Grebennikov, Royal Rife, plasma physics and most recently Rupert Sheldrake, Viktor Schauberger, M.T. Keshe and Tom Bearden. (Note: 2014 I’ve added Keppe Motors and David Yurth’s work to my studies, as well as the speakers from the Breakthrough Energy Movement gatherings – BEM – in Colorado.)

1. The universe is not an empty “vacuum” as we previously thought.

Activity is happening beneath our current scale of observation, but that we are now beginning to discover. Actually the universe is more like a frothing ocean of furiously bubbling activity. That furiously bubbling activity often spins together into coherences that we recognize just as water spins together to make whirlpools or air spins together to make tornados. Coherent activities we witness at our scale include sound, light, other subatomic particles, atoms, and then more complex coherences such as particles and elements. Elements cluster together to form increasing complex stellar bodies; stellar bodies spin and whirl together into cosmic phenomena such as galaxies and quasars. Like breath, where the inhale is the spin bringing a coherence together, the exhale of the universe is dissolution, radiation, expansion, disappearing to our observation. End the spinning and the whirlpool dissipates back into the greater body. Electrons appear and disappear, previously coherent suns ultimately dissolve back into the Source. What we perceive as ‘solid’, in fact all bodies we can perceive at our scale, are made up of the stuff of cosmic ocean in the same way a whirlpool is made up of the body of water it resides in. This cosmic ocean stuff is referred to by many names: aether, zero point, plasma, ain, etc. Think about Einstein’s reference to the “fabric” of spacetime. What stuff is that “fabric” made of?

2. To understand new science, start thinking in terms of vibration, spin, polarity, waves and donuts.

Vibration, spin, polarity and the resulting toroid and wave dynamics happening within this cosmic ocean stuff (plasma, aether, zero point, etc.) are at the heart of the new emerging scientific awakening.

3. There are things that operate (at least 10 times) faster than the speed of light, and now we’re beginning to discover them.

By evidence of this: we only observe light when it comes into contact with some other coherent matter which slows it down (R.L. Poole). Light is the result of coherent plasma in friction with its surrounding environment of coherences (like atmosphere or air) (M.T. Keshe). This is why space looks dark, and not full of light. We know the size of our expanding universe; when you calculate the speed needed for “the fabric” of space to have expanded to that distance, it calculates to about 10 times the speed of light. Something is able to travel faster than light, or our known universe would be about 10 times smaller.

4. Gravity is the same activity as magnetism, only in its reverse polarity.

(Leedskalnin, Russell, Keshe, Bearden). While it’s useful to talk about gravity as a unique phenomena, remove magnetic polarity (and spin) and you remove the phenomena; there is no stand-alone gravitational force. Gravity depends on magnetism. Gravity is to magnetism what East is to West, or negative electricity charges (ions) are to positive charges (anions). Imagine a city, where all of the cars from the suburbs cohere during work hours. If you were a giant watching the cars, you might think that space time had bent and that all the cars were gravitated to the center, when in reality each car is simply moving forward to a destination matching the charge of the driver. At dinner time all of the cars will repel out of the city back toward the suburbs again, but again it’s still the forward motion of the cars in response to the charge of the driver. Likewise, coherent bodies only move forward (we call this magnetism). When they are moving forward toward each other we name the behavior “gravity”, and when the cars are going away from each other we call the repulsion force “magnetism”.

5. All coherent bodies are “magnets”.

From sub-atomic particles to the largest cosmic bodies – are coherent bodies all “magnetic” in nature (which is to say that they each carry at least three positive/negative charge polarity dynamic, made up of smaller coherences also with at least three charge polarity dynamics). Leedskalnin called the smallest coherences “magnetons”. Keshe refers to three sub-coherences of plasma (the primary whole coherence) as, “matter, dark matter, and antimatter”. Science has now successfully produced “wood magnets” and “plastic magnets”, where the particles are aligned within the substance in such a way that it attracts and repels like substances just like a magnet does. Give yourself the right electr-omagnetic-scalar charges, and you would float like helium. (Hutchinson Effect)

6. Wave dynamics can reliably be used to experiment with, and manipulate, other wave dynamics.

Strike a nail (Leedskalnin) or certain salts (Steven DuFresne) and you will produce electromagnetic effects. Use sound to resonate atoms at correct frequencies and you produce either levitation or liquification of solid matter (Hutchinson Effect). See also, acoustic levitation and cymatics; in both cases sound is used to manipulate “solid” matter (complex combinations of spin, wave, and vorticular dynamics).

10/11/12 – I’ll update this post with additional items as I continue my studies and experiments and crystalize more common threads.

10/26/12 – I’ve added a new post, titled Draft – Foundational Physics, that adds to this list and that I may break into parts for mainstream readers later.


More about “Free” Energy

If you are not yet up to speed with the surfacing studies of plasma (our ‘space’ isn’t actually an empty vacuum at all) or scalar wave science (Tesla manipulated scalar waves instead of Herz waves), then here is a good read: 

Bearden – Clean Electrical Energy from the Active Vacuum

I believe it is this scalar dynamic that was understood by people such as Ed Leedskalnin (Coral Castle), Nassim Haramein (related to vorticular dynamics and toroids), Marco Rodin (whose math shows us how to predict toroid dynamics), Walter Russell (who talked about 3, not two, factors controlling all coherent phenomena – electro-magnetic-scalar dimensions may relate), and M.T. Keshe (who is producing tangible results in food, water, health, waste management and propulsion by means of his plasma physics)..

For more information about these you can see videos on my Youtube Channel (mayagayam), you can read other posts here on my blog, or you can email me at mayagayam at gmail.


Video – Power For All via Keshe Technology

Power: The ability to easily and fluidly mobilize resources to meet needs (in a way that works for everyone and the super-system at large).

I want Power for all beings.

One of the most powerful technologies I see being applied today is the Keshe Foundation technologies. These contribute to power for all races by attending to needs for food, water, energy, waste management, propulsion/levitation, healthcare, and more.

To better understand M.T. Keshe’s advances and inventions, I’m reading his patents and books.

To share his work with others, and to find buddies to discuss and build based on his work, I’m posting videos about Keshe’s work.

In this recording you’ll hear this Keshe excerpt:

Bibliographic data: WO2008113392  (A1) ― 2008-09-25
Title: Gravitational and Energy System
Section: Abstract

You can find this patent online here:

(I occasionally corrected phrases to be slightly more congruent with colloquial Native English ways of speaking.)

For more about M.T. Keshe’s work:

– Brief Introduction –
– In-Depth Introduction –

My Keshe Video Playlist
(includes the plastic bottle reactor demo and Keshe interviews from Sept 2012):

You can purchase books published by M.T. Keshe here:

Do you want more of my recordings? Each Keshe book costs me $80 plus the time to record, edit and post videos. If you’d like more, please help – you can help me get the next book or buy me a cup of coffee or dinner or just say “thank you!” by sending paypal gifts to me at – mayagayam – at gmail dot com.


You can also see the Keshe Video Here.

Mini Rocket Stove

My first time, my first try…but here it is, the photos from my experiment to make a Mini Rocket Stove. 🙂

Thank you Love!

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