More about “Free” Energy

If you are not yet up to speed with the surfacing studies of plasma (our ‘space’ isn’t actually an empty vacuum at all) or scalar wave science (Tesla manipulated scalar waves instead of Herz waves), then here is a good read: 

Bearden – Clean Electrical Energy from the Active Vacuum

I believe it is this scalar dynamic that was understood by people such as Ed Leedskalnin (Coral Castle), Nassim Haramein (related to vorticular dynamics and toroids), Marco Rodin (whose math shows us how to predict toroid dynamics), Walter Russell (who talked about 3, not two, factors controlling all coherent phenomena – electro-magnetic-scalar dimensions may relate), and M.T. Keshe (who is producing tangible results in food, water, health, waste management and propulsion by means of his plasma physics)..

For more information about these you can see videos on my Youtube Channel (mayagayam), you can read other posts here on my blog, or you can email me at mayagayam at gmail.



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