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Today’s Practice – Finding God in “Failures”

If God is in everything – then God is in things I dislike, too. Huh. How about that.

Then Guidance said, “To believe in people again – do you believe in You?”

It’s true, I’m sad about my…my behaviors…my life’s imperfections…my failures….

Then Guidance said, “If that too is God – is a perfect part of Great Order – can you find God in the imperfections? Can you find peace with the God alive in your own mistakes and imperfections?”

“Forgive your own failures – see God in all things you call failures – and you’ll find peace with other people again.”

Dreams of We-Space

Dreams of We-Space

What is we-space?

Excellent in revealing our own core heart and values into visibility,
we lovingly, but relentlessly,
persist in inviting the core heart and values
out from behind the thoughts, beliefs and judgments we hear.

Having mastered

I dream of a world with a we-space of communion
A world of Procession – where,
like a three-legged exercise, we walk –
all of us – together – side by side
we keep each other in the loop,
because all our needs matter
because all of our perspectives bring light to the table
because united we stand, divided we fall.

January 2013 Update

Hi again,

Well as you may know (or not) – in August of last year two things happened:

1.) I had proof that my new healing protocol for Adrenal Exhaustion is working like a charm, even if it will take up to 3 years to take full effect – and
2.) Rick moved to NC.

Since then I’ve:

1.) been experimenting with baking low-carb and gluten-free breads
2.) been watching “Take Home Chef” with Curtis Stone, and cooking more than ever (and enjoying it for the very most part)
3.) started ballroom dancing again (thanks to Glen Echo’s dance schedule)
4.) been experimenting with a solar/pedal-power system for emergency backup power
5.) been experimenting with a Vitamix for super healthy green smoothies (and home-made all-natural ice cream – yummmmmm)
6.) gotten off my computer more than ever
7.) hearing Divine guidance (angels, guides, Sacred Heart guidance, whatever you want to call it) more clearly and frequently than ever (thank you thank you thank you)
8.) been making longer numbered and bullet-point lists than ever too, apparently…

Of course, I’ve also been grieving the loss of a 3.5 year relationship, including losing a best friend, confidante, playmate, fellow priest and dreams for home in the process. The trajectory has been illuminating at best, messy at worst, and especially horrific around and just after New Year’s. I spend some nights feeling the vacancy enough to cry in my yearning for home and true twin flame and community constellation (partnership, procession, collaboration, co-creation).

Ah, the drama of being human. “Thank you Universe for giving me more learnings and more opportunities to open my heart better.”


(Yes, I’m still hurting. Give me a few months. What does Seinfeld day – a month for every year? I’ll be able to bask in my gratitude more completely then.)

Meanwhile I’m eating more healthily (healthily? healthy? more healthiest?) than ever, including a recipe I conjured up today that I found *very* satisfying. Let me know if you want my recipe(s).

All in all, while my New Year has had a bumpy start, I’m celebrating the opening of the new Great Year (Mayan Calendar) and feeling grateful for the way early 2013 is clearing out old energies and making way for new light, new fulfillment, and new realities that are even better than what came before.

Happy New Year.

Blessings to you for deeper fulfillment than ever in 2013,
even beyond what you can imagine,

Thank you Love!

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