Secret Things

If you know what I mean by the Bird Tribe, Egyptian Sibling Spousal Gods/Goddesses, Gnostic Archons, Sumerian History and it’s relation to Power Families and their relationship to The Light Bringer’s Annunaki, NWO and 3D/4D matrix reality, and if you’re capable of seeing the innocence of All Creation, then I recommend Jean-Claude Brisseau’s movie Secret Things (Choses Secrètes) – streaming on Netflix – as a Must See. Holy! Truth…under our noses…coming out more every day. Now I need to run another cycle between that movie and my Remembering – – woof.

— post addition —
I’ve now watched the film twice, rewinding certain scenes because of the detail in the dialogue, lighting and shadow effects. Stunning. Meanwhile, I can find nothing online that sees what I see in Brisseau’s film. If he meant the film’s meaning to be as literal and pedestrian as people think, then why would he have included the scenes with the bird, the rampant Egyptian symbolism, or the deep monologues about Creation? This is a deeply spiritual re-telling of the story of Creation itself, as it was known by the ancients – casting our Brunette (goddess) as the force of pro-human Light who decends to teach our fair and innocent Blonde (human), and their rise together to encounter (and ultimately defeat) the embodied-Luciferian Christophe (the Fallen Angel who sees life both as its hedonistic pleasures and as more terribly cruel than the Divinity from which we came). He even refers to us specifically as Divinity Bound in a Body – Asleep to our Freedom, Bound by Fear. He makes deeply spiritual commentary about our existence as an untrue illusion in a realm where we will never cease to exist. In one scene our Blonde (human) even tells her corporate boss that she knows she is his wage slave – and when he questions her about her communion with (spiritual awakening) the Brunette, our Blonde (human) declares that she is Free. More, our Luciferian Christophe declares that he hoped Blonde (human) would stand beside him as he regulated the affairs of Humanity (large scale manipulation of people). This awareness is NWO resistance conversation – This story is perfectly timed for the awakening happening now… Even the lighting and shadows along critical scenes shows so much!! I hope Brisseau knows that someone saw the depth of detail and metaphor he so painstakingly included in his work!


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