Yesterday’s Honeycomb Hits

This post is made available for those doing breakthrough energy research and builds.  Enjoy!  – Maya

negative charge changes (improves) the structural coherence of matter; forming structures, when bathed in negative charge, are vastly improved/strengthened.

diatomaceous earth is negatively charged (negative ions)
honeycombs (hexagonal structures) structurally go hand-in-hand with negative charge the way parallel walls go with casimir force, the way pyramidal shapes channel double-helix energy streams.
the reason grebennikov’s headache machine works is because it generates negative ions and negative charge coherence
grebennikov’s levitation was negative charge interacting with planetary electromagnetics
according to these links, honeycombs are dialectric – that is to say – electromagnetically shielding / insulating:

2 Responses to “Yesterday’s Honeycomb Hits”

  1. 1 Andy February 5, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Those honeycombs aren’t necessarily dielectric.

    In the case of the Sun microsystems presentation, the author describes dielectric properties of air in a regular metallic honeycomb. There, the shielding effect comes about because the metallic honeycomb is earthed and forms a Faraday cage. The hexagonal perforations provide a path out of the machine for cooling air, but not for electromagnetic energy at specific wavelengths.

    The China paper is less clear, because I can’t read it, but I suspect that the hexagons described might be manufactured from insulating materials. The author talks about stealth materials and these are commonly honeycomb composites. Usually those materials are chosen for lightness and strength. Their honeycomb geometric properties may have an impact on radar stealth, but I think only when implemented in carbon composites which are not strictly dielectric.

    Most cavity resonators are manufactured in conductive materials, and like stealth materials they generally depend on diffraction and reflection.

    Insulating materials tend not to interact with photons actively and are associated with refraction or absorption.

    The thing that makes carbon composites particularly interesting as stealth materials is that their resistivity can be accurately controlled. Not only are carbon composites strong and light in hexagonal honeycombs, they also have controllable resistivity which gives options for managing incident radiation from radar sources, which include all of diffraction reflection refraction and absorption.

    At the same time, a carbon composite airframe can be conductive to provide an electrical path from the engine to the wing tip, to achieve plasma stealth effects in supersonic aircraft. Such effects help with both military defence (radar stealth) and aerodynamic efficiency. Plasma stealth will help to make a plane fly faster with less fuel.

    Carbon composite is currently probably the most appropriate material for manufacturing a vehicle capable of transit from ordinary flight to earth orbit. That goal remains the most pressing challenge for human engineers. If we discovered a new energy source or technology on another planet or an asteroid, the whole fate of the planet could change at a stroke.

    Notably the space shuttle leading wing edges were made from carbon composite. When they failed, due to their brittle nature, the whole shuttle was compromised.

    In nature, birds have the most astounding capability of flight. They are light and delicate, but they are also vulnerable, and have the shortest of lifespans. We should not expect that travel to the stars will be without risk, but it is reasonable to assume that it could come with reward too.

    I digress!

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