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Pre-Spring Update

Hi again,

Well, thanks to dear friend Dave Taylor out in Colorado, I wrote an update and then thought, “Hey, this would work for my blog.”

So here it is – my latest (and pre-spring) personal update…

With love,


— clip —

Let’s see… Healing has improved radically from where I was 2 years ago, so that’s good. I’m slowly regaining my endurance while my metabolism goes all over the map, so I still have some work to do but all-in-all my old symptoms have reduced and my resiliency has increased greatly.

Pet projects include an all-natural healing-and-organic-ingredients body and skincare line (lip balm, deodorant, lotion, moisturizing sunscreen, etc). I’m getting a UPC code and investigating ramping up to larger distribution venues… I also have a friend helping me to produce a screenplay draft story of a bunch of research I’ve done the last 5-ish years.

I’ve been making some income doing patent searching (I now operate a patent services firm), which suits my wonky schedule (insomnia, retreats, etc).

Meanwhile I’m still moved to offer the expertise and tools I established with my coaching school, I’m just not clear what the best format would be yet, and I don’t want to go back to doing lone-wolf projects – I want to do it with friends – so that’s not yet crystallized.

Increasing frequency of resolving personality stuff and meditative peak experiences from my 3-year ‘dark night of the soul’ means that I’m even more identified with my trans-lifetime long body spiritual aspect than I was before. So that adds an “interesting” voice to my daily life questions and decisions.

I’m still eager to land – still fantasizing of home and husband – I’m also clear that DC isn’t “home” for me but while things are what they are I don’t have clarity where to go yet. I can’t wait to land in a luxurious, lovely home full of light where I can have a sewing room and a room for the healing spa and boutique products (I have a bunch of healing furniture and want to rent out a room by the half-hour or hour as an inexpensive spa experience, where I’ll display and sell my product line too) and where I can host monthly events stirring the community pot by sharing my uncommon sensibilities (ex: community resiliency, TIA subjects, emotional intelligence subjects, spiritual topics etc).

I also went absolutely crazy lately for an a cappella group called Home Free – I can’t get enough of them. Between the youtube SingOff compilation (the individual video clips from each song are even better) and two or three other videos they published, I keep getting chills listening to them and (don’t laugh) actually had a profoundly religious experience around their version of the song “Ring of Fire”. So I often listen to them for fun.

Did I tell you I got a bike trailer / combo stroller for my dog? hehe That means that last fall, while biking 6 miles 2-3 times a week, Molly was in tow behind me… And when I wasn’t biking with her I was making a silly fool of myself pushing her around the neighborhood in the stroller-combination for my mile-long walks… I call her ‘sweet baby dog’ and now my neighbors probably think I’m the insane hermit woman who pushes her dog around in a stroller….

I’ve abandoned the dating scene (freakishly scary lack of emotional intelligence and maturity of we-space skills out here in DC) but I’m happy enough with phone calls with friends while I finish my healing transition. I want to reach out again soon into the world but we’ll see.

And in my free time I’ve been sewing and cooking more than ever, in between movies, surfing the net, writing journal entries and occasional binges on Baldur’s Gate or Wizard101.

So there you go.

Tag, you’re it!

Your Unique Face of Spirit

Distortions and Faces of Love

(pre-requisites – needs consciousness, griefwork and releasework, aptitude to discern resolution vs residue, aptitude to discern strategies and core values)

Love – Needs

Attending to underlying needs is a path to reveal the true Face of Spirit.

(Not “meeting” the needs – Attending to them. Paying attention. Being with them.)

God is in the asshole; the needs are the face of One’s Divinity.

The needs are the path to the Face of Spirit.
Not the needs that are rooted in unresolved residue – those are distortions. Attend to them long enough, without diversion, and the residue will release and resolve.

The needs are the path to the Face of Spirit.
Not the needs that are unconsciously a means for other needs. I learned to contribute and be accomplishing and effective; unbeknownst to me that was a means FOR my needs for belonging and security. The “sin” (off center, off Truth) of expressing the accomplishing and effectiveness nearly killed me. The authentic expression of the yearning for belonging and security is, in this case, universal and Holy.

Attending to needs is the decendant path to freedom.

Decendant path to freedom

Residing with the need – attending to the need
sitting on the curb with it
that is Love’s expression

With Love’s expression, the need evaporates
there’s a fractional ego-death
and we become a more accurate expression of the Face of Love
we become No One (without ego)

Attending to the needs is a fractional form of re-membering

(We are not human beings having a spiritual awakening.  We are spiritual beings having a human awakening.)

And with a daily practice of fractional remembering,
the ego purifies;
This is spiritual hygiene.

When all is said and done, you will walk on water too.

Thank you Love!

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