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– The body is made up of communities upon communities of intelligences.  A man, having had heart surgery, suffers a (very well-documented) 2-week depression.  He’s convinced it’s not “his depression” emotionally, but that it’s his body’s depression, his body’s emotional response to the damage.  Another example: we’re now learning that one of the most useful acids in the intestine, butyric acid, is a by-product of certain intestinal flora.  Feed that community properly and you lose weight and lose inflammation.  Treat that community badly and you gain weight and suffer a host of intestine-related diseases and byproducts, including heart disease.  If you suppress cravings for food or an activity, you damage your relationship with the host of communities that are your bodily system, and you will pay a price for that unkindness.  Matt (Eat For Heat) encourages honoring cravings and avoiding the stress-response that comes from ignoring cravings.  When I think about the perspective that the body has a host of communities attempting to communicate with us, I think it’s criminal how mechanized we make the body, perceiving it as an object to be ignored and driven like an obedient slave while ignoring its natural (and subtle) forms of communication.

– Many in the integral community prefer the ascended path over anything descending.  Rob McNamara says “authentic relating betrays us” because it takes us away from the ascension path.  I think that’s crap.  It’s a beautiful singular permutation of perspective, which I value, but I also think it’s crap if it’s pretending to be Integral Wisdom.  Great Order is made up of both paths, and there’s nothing to resist.  In fact, I experience very vividly how the descending path is a direct path to God, as much as ascending into meditation, witnessing and observation are a path to God.  When we become masters of relating to our own feelings and needs, we begin to discover the expression of the Face of God that is the unique manifestation that is the self.  We find the cell in the body of Creation that we are.  But if you can’t identify your own feelings and needs and attend to them, how can you ever learn to discern which sets of feelings/needs are actually a face of the Divine, and which ones are actually residue pleading for resolution and release?  More, what you can’t do yourself you can’t do with others – anyone who can’t relate masterfully to their own feelings/needs and inner community can’t possibly relate with compassion to someone else’s feelings and needs.  Anyone who can’t navigate attending to a plurality of needs on the table can’t possibly negotiate living with the plurality of simultaneous needs that is natural in a relationship, and more so in an intimate relationship.  As a woman, I have experienced God many times in profound intimate Communion with Lover, which isn’t possible with someone who is hungrily escaping into ascension or devoid of the presence that comes with personal intimacy with the emotional (subtle and physical) aspects of inner community.  Descending is as valuable as Ascending – they are both parts of Great Order and Both are paths to God…and both are part of the infinite cycle of One Voice that is Involution and Evolution.


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