Polymath HSP INFJ inspired by physics, tech, mysticism, intimacy, balance, AI, Alan Watts, shadow work, great food, tennis and simple pleasures, with many hats of C-level experience serving >10K clients and receiving >540 LinkedIn endorsements for my work in Tech/IT, Business Dev, Consulting, Leadership, Teaching, Writing, and more.

Tech/IT: cloud computing, project mgmt, custom app design and dev, webmaster, GUI testing and debugging, databases, networking, security
Leadership / Emotional Intelligence (EI): 25 years empowering Self-Actualization for individuals, entrepreneurs and couples: empathy skills, comm skills, generative problem solving, healing work. Consulted on both right-brain (soft-skills, EI, empathy, personal, interpersonal, spiritual dev, etc) and left-brain skills (IT, project mgmt, software dev, science, physics, technology, electronics, alternative energy). Ran a Coach Certification school for 8 years in my integrated EI, healing, dev and business mgmt program called TIA – The Integrated Approach™
Business Dev: 5 startups, 2 like-minded orgs; business plans, project mgmt, managed teams, outsourcing, sales, marketing, back-planning, websites. 100’s of profitable coaches
Consulting/Coaching: 10K+ clients emotional intelligence, wholistic wellness; business, life and spiritual dev
Teaching/Writing: published fiction, non-fiction, web copy, marketing copy, curriculum dev, training materials, comm and emotional intelligence how-to articles, workshops, teleclasses, blogging, ebooks, promo materials; ESL in Japan and France.
Research: technology, psychology, patent searching, content research, medical research
Holistic Healing: functional medicine, shadow work, herbs, essential oils, adaptogens

My passion is to bring my 20+ years’ proven empathy and EI processes to AI/AGI. I also love cloud computing.

Personally, I enjoy blending sensibilities from systems-thinking, business, technology, science, emotional intelligence and the mystics. For more fun I do yoga, knit, meditate, study “new” physics or Hermeticism/Gnosticism, watch stand-up comedy and occasionally dabble in breakthrough energy technologies.

I’m also quite tall.

For more info, see:
– my LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mayagailtaylor
– My Facebook page: http://facebook.com/mayagayam

I can also be reached at mayagayam at gmail dot com.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Chris January 4, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    How tall? This is just a curiosity. I follow notes plus and noticed your posts.

    I look for software to help me organize and clarify to improve myself. In my business this view is not kosher.

    How do you make a living?

  2. 4 Ron carpenter July 3, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    You have soooooooooo gotta join my “commune” {IC HAI CSL cNVC etc .org ‘s]!!! 408 five ninety4 1210 [txt & 867 ok] free _ rent at Y!

  3. 7 David Wechsler (@dwechsler) September 22, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Listing out all of your interests on your about page is a great idea – it makes it much easier to find points of connection!

    • 8 Gail (Maya-G) Taylor September 24, 2014 at 10:11 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it. I also see you’re into permaculture, NVC, and other new culture and breakthrough energy topics. I’m part of a group I think you might be interested in – world-harmony.com – with an Agriculture group and other discussions you might find interesting. Game for a conversation? If so, please email me at mayagayam @ gmail or on facebook.

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