As lovers, parents, teachers, psychologists, life coaches, wellness practitioners, business consultants, educators, politicians, civil servants, and religious leaders, we realize that one of our most important roles is to support development in ourselves and in those around us.

We work toward healthy growth, change, and transformation. We want to make a difference, to make the world a better place.  We support evolution and fulfillment for all of humanity.  We want to create a new future together, one with greater freedom, greater power, love, ease and Grace.

IFG is here to convey the Transmission of Grace and to foster and support community around what it is to experience and re-Member Grace and wholeness.

The practices and structures we use reflect these underlying principles:

1. We live in a vibrational universe.

2. Its simple geometry isn’t yet taught in mainstream science. Correctly understanding it would empower us.

3. We are of It, with It, and It.  In other words, we are created, we are also Creators.

4. A simple fractal system can describe us, and all scales of being.

5. At each scale, each system reaches for its own wholeness, and its own differentiation.  Each reaches to express its Highest Self.

6. The bridge to our wholeness (Highest Self) is in our core values.  So all core values matter; they all need to get included and attended to – at all scales.

7. Our fears, beliefs and triggers are opportunities to realize our core values.  They also reflect the greater whole.

8.  There are simple practices that can help us realize Highest Self through counter-balancing, full self-expression, integration, and giving the system more of itSelf.

9.  These principles apply, and can be tailored to, any scale of the system.

Our practices aren’t chosen to conform to these principles.  We just notice that what we practice reflects them.

Playing here, we learn and grow together.  We play together.  We celebrate together.  We cry together.  We exchange resources to support each other’s fulfillment.  We cross-pollenate and lubricate each other, and together, we’re building culture for integral living.  We are the seeds for the possibility of a new human culture.

At IFG we know that no matter what road you take, all paths of mastery eventually lead to the Rome of greater freedom, power, love, ease and Grace.

So in service to human development, we honor and integrate perspectives, practices, and principles from many different traditions.

When you know that all roads eventually lead to Grace, and when you cross-pollenate from many traditions, you build the capacity to meet any moment exactly where it is and still elicit more freedom, more power, more love, ease and Grace.

When you live this as a lifestyle of practice, you become able to work this magic at any level:  for yourself, for your relationships, for others, for your community, your country, for humanity at large.

Not all of us have had the level of freedom, power, love, ease and Grace that we want, or that we instinctively know is possible.

What sometimes keeps us from that greater freedom, power, love, ease and Grace, is that we have a part of the system that has not been fully integrated.  When you effectively pay attention to your entire system, you naturally emerge the freedom, power, love, ease and Grace that you most naturally are.

To that end – IFG supports members with tested, proven principles and practices including those of TIA – The Integrated Approach™ (  The online community and resource exchange center for IFG is located at .

For those interested in the work and community around IFG, TIA™, human development, personal development, or the evolution of consciousness, we’re looking for:

  • fellow practitioners
  • sponsors
  • joint venture partners
  • niche experts
  • people wanting to be consultants, coaches, healers, etc.
  • cross-disciplined psychotherapists wanting to use TIA™ methods in their practice
  • people who want to host TIA™ conversations locally – salon coordinators, regional leaders, etc.

What about you? Where would you like fewer headaches?

Where would you like to see more ease, freedom, power, love or Grace?

Where would you like to see more growth, change, transformation, or evolution?

What would you like to experience more of?

To get involved with the IFG team, email gail@integratedcoaches dot com .

Gail Taylor, TIA and IFG Founder and very tall person.

By using our website you agree to our terms:

All content Copyright © 2009 Gail Taylor.  Copyright © 2010 Lifestyle and Prosperity, LLC.  2007 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.  You may copy, distribute, and display articles from this site for free on condition that you attribute Gail Taylor and and do not modify the content in any way.  For info call toll-free 1.877.535.5438 or go to or .


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