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Dreams of We-Space

Dreams of We-Space

What is we-space?

Excellent in revealing our own core heart and values into visibility,
we lovingly, but relentlessly,
persist in inviting the core heart and values
out from behind the thoughts, beliefs and judgments we hear.

Having mastered

I dream of a world with a we-space of communion
A world of Procession – where,
like a three-legged exercise, we walk –
all of us – together – side by side
we keep each other in the loop,
because all our needs matter
because all of our perspectives bring light to the table
because united we stand, divided we fall.


Peace Prayer for the World

For me, Prayer is an expression of Loving…it is an Experiencing (the thing we are praying for)… It is an act of Creation (alchemy).

Here’s mine:

Peace Prayer For The World

For each one of us

to enjoy Knowing that i’m loved
    and that i’m wanted
    and that i belong, here
to relish enjoying, ‘i have a stable home’
to enjoy the peace and profound joy of, “i am home”
to enjoy feeling so deeply settled
to relish feeling so deeply rested / at rest
to cherish feeling absolute peace
    that my + my loved ones’ + others needs are fully attended to
to relish having the space and peace of mind,
to be relishing engaging my self-expression, explorations and quiet joys
to bask in the joy of feeling so comfortable and so at ease
to quietly delight in sharing my love
    and to cherish having it received and enjoyed
to relish the joy and pleasure of enjoying living in space that is
    elegant, effective, efficient, beautiful, luxurious
to enjoy daily relishing nature and sunlight and quiet, peaceful space
to enjoy bonding with nature and sunlight and creatures around me – love–ing them

To enjoy the joy of LIVING on vacation

For this I pray for each of us. Amen.

Naked Yearning for a New Reality

A new reality is coming down the pike.
And we’re at the beginning edge of it.

We have the opportunity to foster that birthing into being –
to cultivate that birthing to reality.

This reality is different than anything we’ve experienced before.

It’s different personally, economically;
It’s different in our science and technology,
it’s different in our families, relationships,
in our organizations and in our governments.

And we have everything we need to make that happen.

Join me in the birthing – the realizing – of our destiny.

Right now, we live in a world where we can be conscious of (and operate consciously and consistently from) our core values.  We remember with tenderness the days of bickering over positions, beliefs, thoughts, assessments, speculations, projections, and interpretations.  Now is the day we realize the power of simple observation and asking directly for what we most deeply want – attending to our deepest core values and needs.  Because of that, our economy, government, science, and our whole world operates more fluidly and effectively.

We now live in a world where you can honor your deepest Soul-Song effortlessly and with absolute peace of mind that you are supported and that your needs are attended to.  In the new reality, we enjoy an economy that pays each one of us to be in our bliss.  We each get to choose what we will do with our “occu-passion”.  We get to live out of our bliss with absolute peace of mind that the basic costs of living (food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education) are all handled.  We contribute from our joy, in the same way a baby who is well-fed will also seek to give back and feed you back – because that is what we human beings do when we have our cups full.  We effervesce.  We contribute because it’s our joy to do it.  And because everyone does, we all live on a planet of rich, liquid abundance.  Food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education are all freely available to everyone on the planet.  It’s not a question.  It just is.  As sovereign beings, we all attend to baseline care for everyone-on-the-planet’s basic needs.  Period.

Science and Technology
In the new reality, we enjoy a mainstream scientific community that supports us all to understand the vibrational, vorticular dynamics of things.  Because we all understand the true nature of Nature, as a human race we have mainstream access to the most miraculous technology, like:
– sound healing (rife machines)
– levitation in construction (the way the egyptians or coral castle was built)
– personal transportation devices made from our levitation technology
– infinite, abundant access to energy and power sources based in zero point.

Instead of companies and governments and legislation and rules thwarting technological advancement to protect the bottom line, we all seek the most advanced, effective, system-serving technology possible, AND we serve the bottom lines in the process.

In the new reality, we enjoy a connection to our true history, our true ancestry.  We realize that humanity has been on this planet far beyond 5, 10 or 15 thousand years – more like 150 thousand years.  The mainstream of humanity is awake to the documented evidence of civilizations and cities dating back 20 thousand years and beyond.  We are awake to, and celebrate, our ongoing relationship with our space relatives, as it always has been, since the time of Vimanas, the “messengers from above” we called angels, and before.

In the new reality, as a cultural norm, we enjoy communities raising children.  Children enjoy learning different typologies.  Children are supported from birth to discover, embrace, and live from their Soul Song, their own unique Self expression.

Our government is a bipartisan, cooperative, generative-thinking, win-win, solution-making government.  We govern on restorative justice.  We look on our past with retributive justice with tenderness and compassion, recognizing we needed to go through that to get where we are now.  In our new reality, everyone’s needs matter, just because.  We have gotten so good at win-win, both/and generative thinking from core values, that our families, relationships, organizations and government are all now founded on these skills and the principle of “power-with”.  Instead of leaders saying, “We’re going to deny that bill just because that’s THEIR side,”  we now live in a government that says, “We see a set of core values at hand, now how will we as leaders responsibly serve the people to feed all of these core values?”

The world of today is inherently win-win.

What gave rise to this new reality was the mastery of a handful of basic skills.

Basic Skills

  • Clean perception:  We recognize when we’re operating out of our shadow (speculation, stories, interpretation, labels, projection, diagnoses, emotional charge, fears, contractions, residue from prior unresolved pains, assumptions, etc).  We recognize these are no different than a grumbling stomach – they are simply symptoms pointing to unconscious needs that need care, need to be fed.
  • Clean release-work: When we notice shadow, we are able to discern the core value(s) giving rise to them and we are powerfully able to give care to release the emotional charge in a way that resolves it.  With our emotional and mental resources freed-up, we’re able to focus on generating win-win solutions to feed the core value(s) at hand.
  • Personal responsibility: We recognize that every single thing we would villanize or make wrong is an aspect within us that we have not yet integrated.  We recognize that beyond judgment are two sets of core values that are poking to be reconciled.
  • Clean action:  We recognize that we are allowed to meet our needs, but not at the expense of any other part of the system.  We stand up for all needs being attended to, in ways that are not at anyone else’s expense.   This is especially easy to do since we all have a baseline of being able to live out of our bliss with our basics needs taken care of; we are all free to live out of our divine energy.
  • Both/and Thinking:  We have the ability to value two perspectives.  Instead of perceiving multiple sets of values as opposing or in conflict, we are able to reconcile multiple sets of core values in less than 20 minutes.
  • Deep inner-listening:  We cultivate personal timespace for Hesychia, hearing the guidance that comes from the transpersonal.  Cultivating this space and quiet, we are better able to hear the intelligences in our children, in the plants and animals around us, in the full sea of life that we are swimming in, and beyond.
  • Clean communication:  Instead of interacting from our shadow behaviors, we now interact simply and directly – from our observations and our core values.  We’re almost always able to generate 6 effective, doable requests on-the-fly in response to any need or set of needs (core values).
  • Commitment to Procession:  Instead of fighting or banishing or jumping ship when things aren’t working, we stand together in dialogue that keeps each person in the loop, step by step.  Just as we can inhale a deep breath of space, we give space and time for for presence that is actually WITH each other.
  • Clean justice: Instead of punishing people for doing what we don’t like and making them wrong and bad for it, we’re able to recognize the benevolent innocence behind all actions and are able to stand up for the restoration, reconciliation, and increased integrity and care for we want. (Restorative Justice info here and here)

We live in a world that embraces and gives room for intensity.  Instead of the demand for the politically correct that smothers any voice of passion because intensity isn’t acceptable, we realize that intensity can be delivered as violence or intensity can be delivered as love.  We see the difference.  We call for the voice of yearning and love, even if it’s intense.  We make room for the voice of passion and yearning.  We invite those who are scared of intensity to integrate their unresolved pains. It’s when the voice of yearning is NOT being integrated that tragic disconnection and violence happens.  Violence only happens when core yearnings are not being included and attended to.

Here, we live a joy, fulfillment and satisfaction that past generations would have considered utterly impossible.  We experience joy and fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams.  While past generations were so buried in jobs and rush hours and overwhelm and limited beliefs of what they could and couldn’t do that they couldn’t even conceive of joy, we now experience space, fulfillment, and thriving for all.  We live a a level of joy and fulfillment even beyond what WE dreamed possible, a dream bigger than our imagining.

Our new reality is full of miracles.  Healings happen with and without doctors, because we understand the nature of things so deeply that we’re no longer so dependant on drugs to help us get better.  We are hardly ever sick.  We tend so well to to our subtle field, emotional body, and physical body that illness almost never happens.

This reality is so easy, so accessible to us.

Right now, we are all, each one of us, everyone on the planet,
able to live from our deepest bliss, expressing our individual Soul Song
from our deepest expression,
with complete peace of mind about attending to our needs
for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education,
and the wellbeing of our loved ones.

In our world, we easily live free of pain and fear.

This is not a fantasy.  People you know are living this right now.  Just because it’s not yet mainstream doesn’t mean it’s unattainable.

WE are capable of THIS reality.

And we have the intelligence, we have the resources, and we have the technology to be living this new reality RIGHT NOW.

We CAN cultivate the space for that.

And every single person is a cell in this body called the Human Race – every single one of us.  To the degree that every one of us is not standing in a clean version of our true voice and our soul song, to the degree that each one of us is not expressing ourselves cleanly, to the degree that each one of us is asleep to our shadow, to the degree that each one of us has an internal conflict and does power-over instead of power-with, THAT CHANGES THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

WE EACH have an opportunity to be cultivating this new reality, right now. These practical, easy skills, this small handful of skills, would make that reality possible.  This handful of skills, embodied by all, would change the resonance of the cells in the body and the whole body will resonate.

We human beings are a body that’s completely capable of healing itself.  Transportation issues, war in the Middle East, our government ailments, dividing families, we have all we need to heal all of that.  Everything possibly necessary, we already have.  We’re living an amazing time in history with the internet and our transportation capacities.  Our consciousness is capable of it.

We have everything we need.

Now is the time to distribute the awareness, to stand up for the embodiment of these skills, and to invite individuals to recognize their own opportunity and to step into that opportunity.

We lived with habits of years past because we thought we had to and we thought we didn’t have a better choice.  But there IS another choice.  And it’s the integration of voices of yearning that will BIRTH this other choice.

It’s a new time.

It’s time for our divinity to be revealed.

It’s time for us to see our core values as the expression of the Divinity that they are, and doing so will open up space to make new choices.

Now is the time.

BTW: Starting in Feb (tues nights) I’ll host conference calls supporting this vision in immediate, rubber-to-the road ways.  If you’re interested, mark your calendar for Tues nights Feb-April and enter your email here so that I can keep you in the loop –

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams – Prayer

“Dear Archangels, angels, spirit guides,
benevolent spirits acting on my behalf,
and In the name of I Am That I Am,
In sync with divine order,
please help me to experience a life
even better than I can imagine for myself.
To have a life of joy and fulfillment,
even beyond what I can think to ask for,
even beyond my wildest dreams.

Please help us all to experience a life
even better than we can imagine.
To live a life of joy and fulfillment,
even beyond what we can think to ask for,
even beyond our wildest dreams.”

The Importance of Core Values

The importance of honoring core values  –
Extends to all levels –
Individuals who do not practice caring for all core values
within themselves,
Engage in power-over choices –

They choose in favor of one set of needs
While disregarding and not giving care to the other(s).

Individuals who do this to themselves,
Become partners who do it to each other,
Who become parents who do it to their children,
Who become members of organizations who do it to their colleagues and employees,
Who become leaders of corporations who do it to employees, society, and the environment,
Who become global leaders who do it to their countries,
Who are made up of individuals
who can’t see that they’re quietly sitting by
in a cancerous system,
not producing antibodies to fight the cancer
that profits at the expense of the very system it is feeding from,
by not honoring the fact
that all needs matter.

Parenting routinely includes a “do what I say, because I said it” attitude.
Cheating spouses honor their needs at the cost of their partners’.
Our corporations routinely embody a policy to maximize profits
Regardless of social or economic costs.

Meeting one set of needs at the expense of another,
is no different,
than when a man takes his pleasure
at the cost of a woman.
We call this rape.
When a thief takes possessions
at the cost of the owner,
we call it a crime.

Each time you, or I,
or any individual, pair, group, organization or country
don’t honor the fact
that all needs matter,
we cultivate a cancer
whose only possible outcome,
is sure and systemic death; the demise of everyone:
As we continue to engage power-over,
we feed off our planet,
seeking profit and gain
regardless of the cost of the system.
The consequence of the needs we’ve ignored,
is that now even our planet is failing.

We must interrupt this insidious habit,
And refuse participation in any system that engages the habit,
Of profiting regardless of the cost to others, society, or the environment.

The only way we will all survive,
is through a relentless practice
to abide ONLY
strategies and solutions
that account for all needs on the table,
and to adjust those strategies and solutions to account
for unforeseen needs that surface.

There *are* simple ways to honor all sets of needs.
It takes practice.
It takes patience.
It takes receptivity to ingenuity.
The capacity to honor all needs,
At the expense of NONE,
is absolutely available to us.

The key to our survival
Lies in a simple commitment to this:

“I relentlessly hold
That all core values (needs) matter,
and all get accounted for and attended to –
I will choose ONLY strategies or solutions
That honor this.”

The key to our survival
Lies in each one of us being willing
To relentlessly live
Only in line with strategies
That honor all needs at all levels.

This is the only way the inhabitants of spaceship Earth
will ever be free to thrive, or even to just SURVIVE,
Not as slave laborers in perpetual debt,
Not as silent witnesses to the degradation of the Great Mother that feeds us,
But as partners to ourselves, each other,
And the Cosmos.

“What activities am I knowingly engaging in, now, today,
that operate at the expense of some other need?
What can I choose instead that would honor them both?
Who can I ask for ideas?”

Enlightenment For All

We say, “Money isn’t an issue…
Until we don’t have any,
Then money is THE issue.
People divorce, kill, and die over money.”

While we’re on that way of thinking –

In Evolution of Consciousness, Enlightenment, Awakening as a Human Race
to our Highest Potential,
Personality issues aren’t an issue –
There are many ways to Re-alize and Re-member
Who we most Deeply Are.
There are many ways to Know Love, Light, Bliss and God.
Until personality issues come up.
Then personality is THE issue
Habits of blame, shame, guilt, and finger-pointing keep us in pain and retribution.
Arguments with our loved ones keep us distracted.
Scrambling to make ends meet keep us exhausted.
Community in-fighting divides and separates.
Many still scramble and die for water and food
While 5% of the human race is fat and over-consuming, arguing over dogma.
Humanity won’t awaken to our highest potential while we are still
so unresolved at this practical, rubber-to-the-road descendant level,
that we still do “war”.

How do we deal with pain?
With fear?
With our deep, driving yearning to express our visions and capacities
as Creators?

When it’s not dealt with, Personality is THE issue.
Not only for individuals,
But also
Descendant /Personality issues within relationships.
Within families.
Within Groups. Organizations. Cultures.
For the human race at large.

If we are to realize Enlightenment as a race,
We need to get awake to,
and get skilled about dealing with,
practical, descendant issues.

For more info, see or work with one of us at .


There Is A Need To ROAR
by Elizabeth Kelly

So, where do we go to ROAR
Where do we stand and stomp and shout
Where do we clench our fists and bubble like lava
There’s no place to ROAR but this white flat page
(which chars at my touch)
To ROAR with such power and rage and anguish
that people run, windows break
rocks leap, and trees grip the earth
To ROAR with such ferocity and fangs and spit
that the jagged ripples wreck and wreak havoc
Sidewalks split, buckle and grind to dust
Cars flip and collide like toys, asphalt melts and returns
to its prehistoric liquid pit in the earth
To ROAR and vibrate with every angry molecule who already
exists aching for expression
Summon volcanos and earthquakes
tidal waves and tornadoes who wait for just this moment
Join the universal burn
the need to ignite, to change, to start over, to cleanse
Open your mouth wide
because there is a need to ROAR.

Thank you Love!

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