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A Silly Starter Vibrational Physics Reading List

Structures, Principals and Behaviors

  • (structure of…) The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy – the Three Initiates
  • (as “light”) Universal One – Walter Russell
  • (as electromagnetics) Tesla
  • (as electromagnetics) Ed Leedskalnin –
  • (as sound) Cymatics
  • (as form, math) Sacred Geometry
  • (as creation, gematria, consciousness) see QBL below
  • (as electromagnetic cosmos) Thunderbolts Project ex: here
  • (applied to cellular medicine) Rife – here or here
  • (applied to medicine and environment) Wilhelm Reich – The Orgone Accumulator Handbook – James DeMeo
  • (cosmological physics, toroidal dynamics) – Crossing the Event Horizon – Nassim Haramein
  • (as radio waves) John Hutchinson ex: demo here
  • (in military breakthrough energy tech) Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
  • (in use in military antigravity and propulsion projects) Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion – Dr. Paul LaViolette
  • (in use in cold fusion) The Universal Order of Creation of Matters – (and books 2,3,4) – M.T. Keshe

Amplifying Energy

  • (Microcosmic orbit, inner smile) – Montak Chia – Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao: The Taoist Secret of Circulating Internal Power, Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
  • (deliberate creation) – Abraham-Hicks
  • (conscious healing) – Reiki
  • (subtle body theory) – Theory of Everything – Ken Wilber
  • (subtle body expansion practices) – David Deida
  • (practice) – The Middle Pillar – Israel Regardie
  • (practices) – The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Consciousness and …

  • (stages) Dragon’s Play – Charles Belyea and Steven Tainer
  • (quads, levels, lines, states, types) Integral Psychology – KW, or Integral Spirituality
  • (developmental demographics) Spiral Dynamics – C. Graves
  • (?) Course in Cosmic Consciousness – Walter Russell, or The secret of light


Related Misc
Movies: The Secret (documentary), The Sphere
Esoterica – Crowley, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism
Subject Overviews by Manly P. Hall
Quantum mechanics
Rodin math
Schumann Resonance
Binaural beat meditations – toroidal yin yang

Wow. Ma'at Mathematics

What a find.

Here’s a YouTube video overviewing, at mind-bending speed, the connections between concepts attributed to the West (like math, logic, and physics) and ancient Egypt:


I then followed the rabbit hole back to the originators of the video, here:

Holy Cats Batman. Did you *see* the news headlines and books there??

I seriously need to learn to speed-read or something.

They’re connected to this site I was surprised to see:

I don’t know how or why, but all roads seem to keep leading me back to the same core batch of topics – Egypt, the ancient wisdom, sacred geometry and mathematics, structures of the universe and of consciousness, 2012, UFOs, cymatics and vibrational dynamics at large.

I emailed the owner of ACE and recommended Cymatics and other connections. I hope we’ll build a connection.


In deep gratitude,

Cymatics: Sound –> Matter = Creation?

Hey y’all – How are you?

Check this out!!

I started getting interested in this after watching a video on Cymatics – and how it was totally intertwining with my Nassim Harrimein contemplations …which btw is also integrating with what I’m learning about Rogue Waves (the way waves can come together to spontaneously create single, unexpected, ginormous waves….and wondering how that could be applied with sound…and how that could then become an engine/energy source…

Anyway I’m TOTALLY Intrigued by the subject of Cymatics. I also notice this happens in a 2D context (sand on a plate) – what would it look like in 3D space???

Could we learn ways to play with sound in ways that literally transform physical matter?

What do you think of all this??


Thank you Love!

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