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Reading – Pronoia

D’wave, Qbits and AI

A Silly Starter Vibrational Physics Reading List

Structures, Principals and Behaviors

  • (structure of…) The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy – the Three Initiates
  • (as “light”) Universal One – Walter Russell
  • (as electromagnetics) Tesla
  • (as electromagnetics) Ed Leedskalnin –
  • (as sound) Cymatics
  • (as form, math) Sacred Geometry
  • (as creation, gematria, consciousness) see QBL below
  • (as electromagnetic cosmos) Thunderbolts Project ex: here
  • (applied to cellular medicine) Rife – here or here
  • (applied to medicine and environment) Wilhelm Reich – The Orgone Accumulator Handbook – James DeMeo
  • (cosmological physics, toroidal dynamics) – Crossing the Event Horizon – Nassim Haramein
  • (as radio waves) John Hutchinson ex: demo here
  • (in military breakthrough energy tech) Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
  • (in use in military antigravity and propulsion projects) Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion – Dr. Paul LaViolette
  • (in use in cold fusion) The Universal Order of Creation of Matters – (and books 2,3,4) – M.T. Keshe

Amplifying Energy

  • (Microcosmic orbit, inner smile) – Montak Chia – Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao: The Taoist Secret of Circulating Internal Power, Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
  • (deliberate creation) – Abraham-Hicks
  • (conscious healing) – Reiki
  • (subtle body theory) – Theory of Everything – Ken Wilber
  • (subtle body expansion practices) – David Deida
  • (practice) – The Middle Pillar – Israel Regardie
  • (practices) – The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Consciousness and …

  • (stages) Dragon’s Play – Charles Belyea and Steven Tainer
  • (quads, levels, lines, states, types) Integral Psychology – KW, or Integral Spirituality
  • (developmental demographics) Spiral Dynamics – C. Graves
  • (?) Course in Cosmic Consciousness – Walter Russell, or The secret of light


Related Misc
Movies: The Secret (documentary), The Sphere
Esoterica – Crowley, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism
Subject Overviews by Manly P. Hall
Quantum mechanics
Rodin math
Schumann Resonance
Binaural beat meditations – toroidal yin yang

Draft – Foundational Physics

As I wrote in this post, I’m studying and experimenting with science informed by many thinkers, scientists and disciplines, and attempting to cohere what I find, learn and understand here.

This is my preliminary attempt at a foundational physics statement that integrates all I am learning into one unified theory.

I recommend you read it like a movie: just scan the words and let the text wash over you, like art.

(You can see pictures of the geometry here.)

Let your subconscious do the work rather than “trying to understand it” (although some will actually cognitively understand it).

If you do understand some or all of the physics references I write about here, and especially if you are adept at higher math and physics math (trig, wave functions, etc.), I’d love to talk and possibly collaborate; I’d love to see this draft integrate the actual mathematics, and while I have leads and know where to look, I don’t have the full mathematics skill yet so I could use some help.

You can email me at mayagayam at gmail.


Space, comprised of active consciousness (historically referred to as aether), is a non-empty field of vibration and activity, whose activities tends to cohere, under the influence of rhythmic vibrations consonant with Phi, pi and sacred geometry, into ordered bodies aligning along a predictable grid lattice framework revealed by the geometry of the cube octahedron, tetrahedron, and the subsequent two-frequency geometry revealed in the 64-cubeoctahedron, also known as the Tantric Terra Prana Star, known in its 2-D form as the Sri Yantra.  

Coherence originates in the form of waves, spin / spiral and subsequent apparent toroidal and resulting spherical forms that appear at our scale of observation to be solid holonic forms (atoms, photons, phonons, particles, planets, galaxies, etc.).  However we know form to be an illusion of solidity, as we know the atom is not truly solid, nor is a galaxy a solid holon even though a picture of the galaxy might demonstrate an identifiable area of coherent activity.  

Under the influence of vibration consonant with Phi, pi and sacred geometry, basic spin and toroidal architecture dynamics cohere in predictable geometric patterns and frequencies revealed by the icosahedron, vesica pisces, and subsequently the geometry of a 2-frequency geometry (called what?) whose 2-D form is called the Seed of Life and the 3-frequency geometry (called what?) whose 2-D form is called the Flower of Life.  

All elements are made of the same fabric of space / active consciousness, cohered into varying combinations of spin and charge.  

Charge is our way of referring to various bi-polar, bi-directional field dynamics emerging from spin. Charge dynamics are properties of spin in the same way a north and south axis is an emergent property of the spin of a gyroscope.

All forms in spin carry at least four dimensional properties, which we observe as spin effects, each with a bi-polar manifestation (charges). These four dimensional properties and the related observable effects are most observable to us at 90-degree angles from each other; two in transverse wave effects and two in longitudinal wave effects.  

These four dimensional effects/properties are:

  • The Magnetic Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently toward and apparently away from, or gravity and antigravity/lift). The magnetic effect is actually made up of one activity – push – in dual directions with a neutral zone between them, occurring in transverse wave/spiral/toroidal coherences which, depending on which effect is dominant, we refer to as North, South or neutral magnetic charge (poles). We can also consider this the property of height, the x-axis.
  • The Electrical Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently positive or negative charge). The electrical effect is actually made up of one activity (thrust) in dual directions (spin up / spin down) with a neutral state (transition zone) between them, occurring in transverse wave/spiral/toroidal coherences which, depending on which activity is dominant, we refer to as positive, negative or neutral charge. We notice electricity and magnetism most visible at 90-degrees to the magnetic N/S, in other words, by way of east and west. We also call this width/breadth, the y-axis.
  • We notice electricity and magnetism most visible at 90-degrees to each other because they are actually complementary and counterbalancing twins of the transverse wave dynamic (current).

  • The Scalar Effect (which manifests as apparently dual/bipolar activities of apparently inward or outward impact). The scalar effect is actually made up of one activity (impact) with a neutral center between forward/back oscillations, which occur in longitudinal wave/spiral coherences which, depending on which activity is dominant, we call outward or inward impact. Sound is related to the scalar effect. We also refer to this dimension property as depth, or the z-axis.
  • The Time Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently before and after). The time effect is actually made up of one neutral activity, Now/infinite, with an apparent bidirectional past and future, which occurs in longitudinal wave/cyclical/spiral spin coherences which, depending on the focal point in reference, we call before and after or cause and effect.
  • We notice time effects from scalar wave experiments because they are actually complementary and counterbalancing twins of the longitudinal wave dynamic (shock wave).

Any equations attempting to describe fundamental physics while omitting one or more of these dimensions is inherently incomplete and flawed at best, misleading at worst.  

There are other properties/effects belonging to local coherent bodies, such as temperature.

There are other environmentally-related properties as well, including (speed of rotation) and (speed of) revolution, which are inversely proportional to each other, and can be predicted and calculated in relationship to distance.

Energy is the manifest result of these dynamic effects.  

Mass is merely the perceptive illusion of solidity comprised of complex coherences of these 4 effects.

Each local coherence/body (apparent mass) expresses in predictable, apparently finite gradients determined by the cumulative effect of its coherence and its interaction with neighboring activities, but whose scalar dimension communicates its information instantly and infinitely through time.

A complete understanding of these fundamental topics, as is now emerging, allows for predictable and replicable frequency-based manipulation of formerly impossible topics such as anti-gravity/levitation, matter transformation, matter transmutation, local element generation and free energy (where free energy is defined by work performed by scalar wave dynamics previously unknown to the mainstream, but studied under such labels as zero point, dark energy, energy from the vacuum, etc.).

Furthermore, mastery of these fundamental physics reveals great power relative to spiritual, personal, interpersonal, and creative topics. Thoughts are things, specifically, vibrational things with the same properties of all wave forms (coherence or lack thereof, magnetic effect or repulsion, polarity where others may take opposite positions, communicative impact – scalar – effects or lack thereof, and relationship to sequence and time).

Where we are geometrically (Phi) consonant emergent properties of the rhythmic “thinking” of consciousness, we are given free will in that we have the capacity to choose to create out of what is not consonant with the perfection and order of sacred geometry, so that we may enjoy the fullness of Experience in all its permutations, informing consciousness itself, before we dissolve again into the fabric of Great Order. In this we are organs of Creation, perceiving experience and digesting it for use by the morphogenic field.

More spectacularly, we are truly hands of the Creator, in that we are capable of thought and emotion, and all thought and emotion are comprised of vibration, and all vibration impacts the field.

For example, emotions consonant with sacred geometry include love, bliss, and gratitude/appreciation. Meditation and resolving pain are acts that allow these natural emotional and subtle states to arise in us. Research shows that actions and creation performed from these resonant frequencies influence the environment in ways that contribute to life’s harmony and thriving.

Emotions inconsonant with sacred geometry include distain, disrespect and loathing. These are most often the product of unresolved pain and related anger, which pinches us off from the other more normally dominant states (children are not born disdainful, cynical or angry). Research shows that actions and creation performed from these disrupted frequencies influence the environment in ways that contribute to life being unbalanced, in disharmony, distorted, disrupted, or terminated.

Ultimately, our understanding of whole physics can seed a population tangibly informed as to how our choices as Creators impact and contribute to the reality we experience.

With this conscious awareness, we are empowered with the Divine opportunity, and choice, to partner with Creation itself.

Free Energy – The Future Here Now

This is a must-see video.  It’s a TED talk.

In awe and gratitude,


The Story of One

This is a story inspired by Grace.

If you’re an illustrator and would enjoy collaborating with me to create this as a published children’s book, please email me at mayagayam@gmail dot com.



The Story Of One

In the beginning was One.

One was. So really there was no beginning. Nor an end. But let’s just say it.

In the beginning One was.

One was omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

One wanted to play. As one would.

Where is there to play when you Are there?

One wanted to play.

One wanted to see.

What is there to see when you Are One? What is to see when you are both the seeing and the seen all at Once? To see, you need a seer and a seen.

One wanted to see.

One wanted. To see. To play. To be with. To taste.

And suddenly Was Two.
“It’s like falling. All you do is choose to forget.”
Forget that you are One.

And then was Two.

Having forgotten, the Second gave himself a name. Not rock. Me. Not water. Me.

One forgot one became Two. So one of the Two named as me. Me, Second.

Then one day the Second who is me had a bad day. Second had pain. Second cried. It was not a fun day.

But worse, Second had forgotten being One, and Second suffered. Pain turned into suffering. It was really not a fun day.

Second didn’t remember being One. Second had forgotten. Second forgot choosing to become Two.

Having forgotten, Second believed in separateness, and forgot OneSelf.

Having forgotten, Second looked to the Heavens and asked for help.

(The funny thing, is One wanted to forget so that One could be Two! Remember?)

So hurting and suffering, Second asked for One’s help.

Second asked, but couldn’t hear. Second wanted One’s guidance. But Second had forgotten Self As One.

Second thought separate and wanted guidance.

So Second wanted to be loved by One. Second thought, “Maybe if One loves me I will be guided. Maybe if One loves me I won’t feel pain.”

So Second tried to earn One’s love. Second tried hard to be good. Second had forgotten that Doing Your Best is Already Good. Second forgot that One Is Good, and so is Two.

So Second tried hard to please One. Second asked One for love and for help and for forgiveness.

Second even tried to be good by praying to One every morning and every night and on every Sunday.

(Really Second was praying to One’s original Self. But Second had forgotten, as One wanted. It was all perfectly intended. Remember?)

Second studied and Second learned and Second met other Seconds.

Second didn’t like some Others.

Some Others did things Second didn’t like. The Others, too, had forgotten Oneness and The Choosing. The Others too, had pain, and Second didn’t like the way the Others behaved in their pain.

But they too, were One, playing Two. Experiencing. Reaching. Learning. Living. Growing.

The Others too, were One, taking One experience where One had not been before.

Remember? One wanted to play. Remember?

But Second didn’t remember Others were all One playing.

So Second tried not to feel pain. Second tried to avoid feeling hurt. The trouble is, the more Second tried to resist feeling pain, the more Second suffered. It was all very confusing!

Second wondered, “Why is this happening to me?”

And believing separate from One and separate from Others, Second felt terribly lonely. Lonely, Second suffered even more.

So Second prayed and prayed some more. Sometimes Second screamed, “Why have you forsaken me?” and “Why have you forgotten and abandoned me?” But really it was Second who had forgotten.

Because One was Second, remember?

Then one day with a Start, Second forgot to forget, and Second remembered. Second really remembered!

Second laughed, as One wanted. One wanted to laugh, remember?

Second said, “I Am That. I Am!”

Second laughed and said, “I suffer my own hell – of MY own creating! I forgot, and having forgotten, I suffer!” Second laughed and laughed. One laughed and laughed.

Second heard One guiding from within, and remembered. Second felt One, while also feeling as Second.

Second saw One saw Second seeing One.

It was all just as One wanted, remember?

Second laid back in the grass, remembering One.

One smiled, remembering Second remembering One.

Second said, “*I* am making? Oh! Yes! *I* am making.” Second remembered.

Second said, “*I* can choose? Oh! Yes! *I* can choose. In fact I *did* choose!” Second remembered.

Second said, “*I* do that? Oh! Yes! *I* do that.” Second remembered.

Second laughed. And as Second, One also laughed.

The next day, Second remembered One again, and chose. But this time Second wasn’t forgetting, second was remembering! Second was seeing One, seeing Second!

And Second Chose. As Second, One also chose.

And One played. As Second, One also played.

Tra la la la! Second, remembering, remembered to play. Second remembered creating. Second remembered to create real-world magic, and play. Remember? One wanted to play!

It was all so so sweet!

And one day Second learned not to try to resist pain. One learned to let pain flow and go, like the ocean. Like breath, in and out. Like the wind passing through.

And Second learned that even pain can be sweet, like growing pain, or like stretching pain. It hurts but it’s not dangerous. Second let the pain flow like breath – in and out. Second relaxed, remembering, “This too shall pass.”

And Second suffered far, far less.

Suffering less, Second remembered Oneness with Others, and hated less.

Suffering less, hating less, Second forgot less, and experienced Oneness more. Second experienced Oneness in Others more, too.

Suffering less, Second saw One. As One wanted, to be seen. Remember?

One Is
One Chooses
One Forgets
One Suffers
One Remembers
One Chooses again.
One Laughs

You! Reading! You too are One. Remember? Can you see it?

Those Others around you too are One, too. Can you see it? Can you laugh with One about it?

Let’s laugh the laugh of play together now.

You too are One.
Those too are One.
It All Is.
We all are.
Can you remember?

Let’s play.

Copyright (c) 2009 Maya Gail Taylor and Lifestyle and Prosperity, LLC. All Rights Reserved. For info, call toll free 1.877.535.5438 or email the address above.

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