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A Dream of Bipartisan Resolution

WE…don’t resolve anything…like This.

WE…Resolve things….when we sit Together….side-by-side…and ask,
“What do you Value?”.

Notice I didn’t ask, “What do you WANT?”  Because if you ask a CEO what he Wants, and he says he wants a million dollars, well what if we don’t Have a million to Give him?  We’re stuck and fighting again.

We ask, “What do you VALUE?”

Now if INDEPENDENCE is what he values, now we can find out ways to do That in a way that works for Everyone.

We Sit Down, and we Figure It OUT…


Don’t tell me anything,

Until you’ve told me Everything.

Don’t ask me to explain it,

The Mysteries are made to be Discovered.

Foodies! Gluten-Free StoveTop FlatBreads

So if you’re going gluten-free like I am (or mostly, anyway), then you may like this.

I found a base for stove-top flatbreads and pancakes that I’m now making almost daily.  They whip up in 5 min each side. They also help support metabolic stability by including proper nutrient-dense fat-fiber-salt-protein balance and resistant starches.  I Love that finally I have a GF bread-pancake-cookie base that keeps my blood sugar steady.

Hope you find this useful!

Sharing my joy and love ❤


Gluten-Free Flat Bread Combos

Base – 50-50% dry to wet batter
Wet = full-cream coconut milk (canned, not the liquidy boxed stuff – BPA-free cans)
Dry = flour of choice (see options I’ve tested and love, below)

These can be made savory or sweet. For savory, add spices or garlic with salt. For sweet, add vanilla extract and cinnamon and maple syrup or raw honey or eurithritol. They can also be made more spongey by adding binder (ex: egg or xanthan gum or flax-seed-hot-water binder).

Just maintain the 50-50 ratio. Ex: If you add in an egg or maple syrup, be sure to add in the same amount of whatever dry ingredient you used.

DIRECTIONS: Mix batter (see options below). Pour a thin pancake into a hot ghee-buttered ceramic/nonstick pan, cook approx 5min each side on medium to medium-high heat on the stovetop (cook until both sides are dry and center is almost or fully cooked through).


TEFF Flat Bread 50/50
1 part Teff flour (available at Ethiopian places or online)
1 part coconut milk

ARROWROOT Flat Bread 50/50

1 part arrowroot
1/2 part hemp seeds
1/4 part chia seeds
1/4 part coconut flour
2 parts full fat coconut milk

BUCKWHEAT Flat Bread 50/50

1 part ground whole buckwheat grouts
1 part full fat coconut milk

KUDZU MAKA Flat Brad 50/50

1 part ground whole Buckwheat grouts
1 part ground flax seeds
1/2 part ground kudzu root
1/2 part ground black rice
1/4 part maca root flour
1/4 part coconut flour
3 1/2 parts full fat coconut milk


Big Changes – an Update

Hi 🙂  How are you?

Well, I’ve not posted in a long time, and there was a gap between my last post and the ones prior.

In short, there are big changes afoot, and nothing has seemed post-worthy to me in a long time.

What changed?  Why, thank you for asking!

In short (again?), I spent 20 years of my life trying to contribute to the evolution of consciousness.  “Let’s change the world for the better!” said my eternally optimistic idealist.

Then something shifted in me.

I realized that Great Order revels in Experience, and in that, All colors of the rainbow are going to manifest and express themselves.  Trying to change the world is like trying to force the whole rainbow to get yellow instead of being what it is.

Suddenly, there’s nowhere to go.  Nothing needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘changed’.  Evolution Is.  Great Order, Is.

“What about dying babies and mass murderers,” you ask, aghast?  Sure.  What about Corporate abuses of power, Political corruption, human corruption for that matter?  What about Nibiru and the coming Ice Age and devastating freak weather threatening our crops, our food production and our very survival?  What about that awful Rap music?!!

*sigh*  Do what you need to do, until you can’t do it anymore.  If you need to resist gays, or Republicans, or Liberals, or fear of death or whatever, then you haven’t yet learned that what you resist persists.  That’s ok.  Keep doing what you need to do until you can’t do it anymore.

Me, I’ve realized that the Face of Love (God, Source, Emergence) has universal core values under every Creation, and I’m more interested in seeing how Emergence chooses to Express Herself/Myself and to grok the underlying core value (and support That, which obsoletes distorted expressions) than to push against things in the ever re-cycling “revolution” attitude where the oppressed become the new oppressors.

Yes, it’s true that not all of Creation is Life Serving.  Yes, it’s true that I still tend toward Life Serving choices for the most part.

But I also see that nothing is universally “right” or “wrong” – even water can kill you in certain contexts.  I do what I can to interrupt “should-ing on” myself or others, and look instead to support the Core Values.  In those Expressions of Self I see only Love.  Sometimes, Life makes Love As War.  It just Is.

So instead of should-ing or pushing against it, I now see all of Great Order in terms of Her vibrationally opposing sine waves, antinodes and nodal points.  Nothing is fixed, everything is in motion, evolving, being magnitized toward its resolution (nodal point) or into more vivid Autonomy and Experiencing and Self-Expression and Uniqueness (anti-nodes).

We don’t have to push the river to get it to bend a certain way – the river will find her own resolution.

Does that mean I sit on the couch all day and eat BonBons?  No, I knit.  Ha just kidding.  No, I’m not advocating non-action.  Chop Wood / Carry Water still applies.  My 3D aspect still earns income to direct 3rd Dimensional energy as I wish.  I still actively engage my 4th Dimensional and Long Body growth / evolution.  I still act, when needed, in protective use of force if that is called for.  If I’m cornered I still pull out Kali to Kick Ass.  I still create when I am moved to create.

However, I also don’t add to the ambient noise of human activity just because my immature shadow-aspects have a knee-jerk reaction to spit forth.  I’m more aware of the ambient field, the scattered noise, the distortions, and the reality that all Expressions are inherently full of Distortion (points away from the nodal point, looking for resolution).

So now my choices are coming out of a different Being.

Thank goodness.  It’s way less stressful here.

And if this doesn’t make sense to you, that’s ok.

So yeah. That’s where I’m at.


– Maya

True Definition of Compersion – A Rant

In 2005 I was invited to speak at a polyamory conference.  I was new to the whole concept of ethical non-monogamy, and at that conference I learned and experienced this definition for this word:

Compersion – the joy one feels from witnessing another’s joy.

This moved me so deeply.  We see compersion on children when one kid smiles radiantly while witnessing another kid’s joyful play and fun.  I enjoyed compersion routinely as a coach, when I saw clients go from a place of struggle to a place of freedom – I felt profound joy when I saw them experiencing the joy of their newly discovered freedom.

I thought, “Ohhhhhh…Thank Goodness…the world is learning to tap into a more abundant source of our shared joy and delight…”  I had hope that this word would influence the mainstream and help awaken all of humanity to more of our Divine Hearts, our Christ Consciousness, our Spiritual Essences having a Human Awakening.

But somehow, in the last 10 years, the definition of Compersion on the Internet has become sexualized, twisted, and impacted by flagrant reductionism.

Now when I search for “define compersion” – I get these kinds of definitions:

– The joy a lover feels when his lover is having sex with another.

– A feeling of joy when a loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship.

– The feeling of joy associated with seeing a loved one love another; contrasted with jealousy.

Wikipedia, For Cripe Sake, in its most brilliant coup of massive irresponsibility that I’ve seen yet, redirects “compersion” to “polyamory”, as if one was synonymous with the other!  JEEZ.

Compersion, people, has Nothing To Do with Sex.  It also has Nothing to do with Polyamory, Jealousy or Relationships.  The term “compersion” came alive in common use in poly circles because people who Love Joy – Feel Compersion – Often.  But that doesn’t make Compersion any more about polyamory than using the word “computer”, which poly folk also use often.

Compersion is about face of Appreciation – anyone who has the capacity to open their heart to appreciate the joy of another human being is capable of experiencing compersion.

One might be standing on a corner, see a total stranger across the street dancing in great joy (see also, Ellen Dance Dares) – and feel compersion – the joy of witnessing the other person’s joy.

One might be babysitting a toddler, see the toddler squeal in happiness over a toy, and feel compersion – the joy of witnessing the toddler’s joy.

One might be with a sibling, talking about his or her passion for photography, and feel compersion – experiencing joy for the sibling’s joy.

“I’m so moved and happy that you’re so happy.”  When this statement is true, it’s a reflection of Compersion.

Yes, it’s true that folks who are living responsible committed plural relationships experience compersion about their Beloveds’ joys – but any monogamous person with emotional maturity will also Experience Joy when their Loved Ones Have Joy.

Compersion can happen in sexual and plural-relationship environments, but Not Only in sexual and plural relationship environments.

So please, folks, let’s stop reducing life and joy to The Sexing and let’s remember the full breadth of our Divine Nature to Appreciate and Love, please?

Compersion – The feeling of profound Joy one experiences while experiencing another human being in Joy.

I hope for all of us to experience more Compersion, Every Day.


The Indignant Face of Love



Quality QEG Starter Links

I’m excited about what I’ve seen from this conversation, so I want to collect and share quality links here:








Bits and Mini-Rants

– The body is made up of communities upon communities of intelligences.  A man, having had heart surgery, suffers a (very well-documented) 2-week depression.  He’s convinced it’s not “his depression” emotionally, but that it’s his body’s depression, his body’s emotional response to the damage.  Another example: we’re now learning that one of the most useful acids in the intestine, butyric acid, is a by-product of certain intestinal flora.  Feed that community properly and you lose weight and lose inflammation.  Treat that community badly and you gain weight and suffer a host of intestine-related diseases and byproducts, including heart disease.  If you suppress cravings for food or an activity, you damage your relationship with the host of communities that are your bodily system, and you will pay a price for that unkindness.  Matt (Eat For Heat) encourages honoring cravings and avoiding the stress-response that comes from ignoring cravings.  When I think about the perspective that the body has a host of communities attempting to communicate with us, I think it’s criminal how mechanized we make the body, perceiving it as an object to be ignored and driven like an obedient slave while ignoring its natural (and subtle) forms of communication.

– Many in the integral community prefer the ascended path over anything descending.  Rob McNamara says “authentic relating betrays us” because it takes us away from the ascension path.  I think that’s crap.  It’s a beautiful singular permutation of perspective, which I value, but I also think it’s crap if it’s pretending to be Integral Wisdom.  Great Order is made up of both paths, and there’s nothing to resist.  In fact, I experience very vividly how the descending path is a direct path to God, as much as ascending into meditation, witnessing and observation are a path to God.  When we become masters of relating to our own feelings and needs, we begin to discover the expression of the Face of God that is the unique manifestation that is the self.  We find the cell in the body of Creation that we are.  But if you can’t identify your own feelings and needs and attend to them, how can you ever learn to discern which sets of feelings/needs are actually a face of the Divine, and which ones are actually residue pleading for resolution and release?  More, what you can’t do yourself you can’t do with others – anyone who can’t relate masterfully to their own feelings/needs and inner community can’t possibly relate with compassion to someone else’s feelings and needs.  Anyone who can’t navigate attending to a plurality of needs on the table can’t possibly negotiate living with the plurality of simultaneous needs that is natural in a relationship, and more so in an intimate relationship.  As a woman, I have experienced God many times in profound intimate Communion with Lover, which isn’t possible with someone who is hungrily escaping into ascension or devoid of the presence that comes with personal intimacy with the emotional (subtle and physical) aspects of inner community.  Descending is as valuable as Ascending – they are both parts of Great Order and Both are paths to God…and both are part of the infinite cycle of One Voice that is Involution and Evolution.

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